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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 346 Bahasa Indonesia

“So, uhh… Is this how are you going to wear from now on?” Rozan looked at Nagy wearing a black mask to cover the bottom half of her face. She wore a hooded robe with a fit metal full plate armor underneath. She covered everything except her eyes.

“Yes, I feel comfortable in this, and this armor is in fact the best since it doesn’t make any noises because it was specially made for my body, and strong enough to withstand cuts,” Nagy answered. “Also, what’s underneath this mask, there’s a poison powder under my nose that I can inhale whenever I needed,” Nagy continued as she pointed at her mask.

“You sound like a junkie,” Lillith said as she chuckled.

Nagy chuckled softly, and then she pulled her fanny pack from her back to the front. She grabbed a lot of test tubes filled with different colored poisons and then gave one to Lillith.

“This one is for you. Use it when you’re in a dire situation. But remember, don’t use it when you’re already dying, use it beforehand,” Nagy said as she gave a light blue colored test tube.

Lillith grabbed the tube and looked at it with curiosity as she hummed to herself. Nagy then gave everyone one tube and told them the same thing.

They were amazed at how Nagy changed so drastically in such a short time compared to the others. It was as if she was the only one that appeared to be using her time to become stronger and smarter.

Rozan looked at the test tube in his hand and thought that he might be able to create the last dragon that could breathe poison. He planned on asking for Nagy’s help when the breakout ended, and he could teach her [Alchemy] in return.

“Crown Prince, everyone has been positioned on their post as you commanded,” Degardyn said with dozens of Royal Knights behind them. “The people are also safely secured far away beyond the mountain with Bryndel,”

“What about the Emperor and the Empress?” Brynhilde asked.

“They stayed in the palace, and will not move. They are going to join us in battle, Crown Prince,” Degardyn answered. “Also, his majesty has a message for you, Crown Prince,” Degardyn said as he offered a scroll to Brynhilde.

Brynhilde opened the ribbon and read the content of the scroll. She was shocked and immediately looked at Degardyn in disbelief.

“As the Crown Prince can see, you are now the Emperor of the Aersland. Although it is unofficial, but both the Emperor and the Empress have given their consent, and now all the knights are yours to command,” Degardyn said and then went to his knee as he lowered his head.

All the Royal Knights and Lord’s Knights went to their knees. Alberta and the others were also going down to their knees.

“Why? Why did his majesty decide to give up his position?” Brynhilde asked with a confused look.

“After hearing the situation about what is going to happen. His majesty and her majesty thought it would be unfortunate if the Crown Prince couldn’t taste how it feel to rule the empire. His majesty decided to give up his position now and passed it down, so even if the Aersland will be destroyed, the Crown Prince could at least lead all of us for once,” Degardyn answered.

“Isn’t that only giving me more pressure?” Brynhilde chuckled in disbelief. “But I believe in Mykel and everyone that’s here with me. I will protect this world even if it costs my life,” Brynhilde said as she looked everyone in the eye.

“Stop right there, Hilde. Mykel said specifically to protect the people of Aersland, and that includes you. So don’t ever think of dying,” Jeanne said with a serious expression.

“Aren’t you a part of us as well, Jeanne?” Brynhilde asked with a smile on her face. “You should hear your own words too then,” Brynhilde chuckled.

While they were talking, the sky suddenly turned dark, and the red full moon appeared. Everyone went quiet and their hearts skipped a beat when that happened. They all looked up and could feel the heavy atmosphere slowly descending and filling the air.

[You have failed to clear Lucifer Tower, and now the demons are coming to your world and trying to conquer it!]

[Protect Aersland from the demons! All the Constellations are watching and praying for your success!]

“Here they come. No more unnecessary words coming out of all of your mouths. Save your breath to fight those demons, and make sure Luciel doesn’t notice that the whole place is empty,” Agnez said as she slowly transformed into Mazikeen.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Sven said as he rested his scythe on his shoulder.

(In front of the Lucifer Tower)

“So this is how it feels. How unnerving,” Vixelleth said as she stared at the moon.

Before the demons could leave the tower, they saw a bright light coming down from the sky. The same bright light that everyone saw during the second breakout.

The light looked like a falling star, and it struck the top of the Lucifer Tower. Although it landed on top of the tower, the shockwave was so strong that it reached the ground and pushed them back a bit.

The entrance gate of the tower slowly opened itself, and then they saw it. The long handleless sword and the long shiny silver hair and eyes came out from the tower.

“Lo-long time no see, sister,” Glasya said nervously as her heart pounded really fast.

Luciel’s sharp gaze was pointing at Glasya, and it was enough to make her cower in fear. Luciel then slowly walked down the stairs with the sword getting dragged on the ground. The blade was cutting the ground like butter and made a clean cut even though she only rubbed the tip of the blade on it.

Luciel slowly lifted her sword and slashed the air diagonally. Beldathiel and the others were surprised when Luciel opened a portal in front of them. They could feel a lot of strong presence coming out of the portal.

“What are you doing, Luciel,” Beldathiel mumbled to herself as she pulled out her dice.

Beldathiel and the others’ eyes were wide open when they saw demons coming out of the portal. Not just any ordinary demons, nor the Demon Lords, those were the Demon Princesses, their own sisters.

“Hmm… so our job here is just to kill everyone?” Lilith asked as she walked out of the portal. “Hmm? Look what we have here,” Lilith smiled from ear to ear as she stared at Beldathiel and her other sisters.

“Lilith, Deviatris, Nefarath, Kiersha, Sapphira, Frigna, and even Nephilim is here…” Zherlthsh said as she held her whip so tightly.

“Everyone is here? Looks like we are going to have some fun again, Lilith,” Mazikeen landed in front of Beldathiel and the others as she stared at her sisters in front of her.

Lilith gritted her teeth as she clenched her fist, but then Nephilim stood in front of her with he massive dark red left bat wing and black right feather wing on her back. She had long and shiny black and dark red hair like her wings, and she held a giant mace and a book in her hands.

“We still have unfinished business, Mazikeen. We have never decided which one is the stronger. You or me,” Nephilim stared at Mazikeen with her gold eyes.

Mazikeen chuckled and started laughing so hard.

“Fine! I will fight all of you by myself!” Mazikeen said as she grabbed the pouch from her waist. She then put it above her mouth as she shook the pouch down.

Mazikeen ate at least forty gemstones from the pouch and immediately transferred all the magic powers inside her body into brute strength with [Brute] skill. She then transformed into her true form with the overwhelming power that ran through her body.

Mazikeen didn’t hesitate to ask Agnez to activate [Harmony]. Her powerful aura was so overwhelmingly strong that Luciel and the others could feel how Mazikeen’s power could be equal to Luciel’s. Even Beldathiel and the others were shocked by how powerful she had become.

“Now, who wants to fight me?” Mazikeen’s voice echoed.

Luciel activated the [False Daemon] and flew up as high as Mazikeen’s head.

“I will be your opponent,” Luciel said as she swung her sword.


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