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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 330 Bahasa Indonesia

“Mykel!” Beldathiel spread her wings and flew as fast as she could since she saw a pool of blood on the ground around Mykel’s body.

Beldathiel landed right next to Mykel, and she couldn’t see his face since he was facing the ground. She flipped him over and saw the wound on his chest, but it was slowly healing the wound. She then looked at Mykel’s face and saw the blood on both his cheeks running down to his chin.

Mykel groaned as he slowly pulled himself up, but he kept his eyes closed. Although his eyes were back, he could still feel the pain. It was his brain that tricked him since it was the most unpleasant experience he ever had. The sound, the feeling, and the pain were something that would take a while to get rid of.

“I’m fine,” Mykel answered as he slowly opened his eyes.

Mykel’s vision was still blurry, but he slowly got his vision back to normal. He looked at Beldathiel who breathed heavily and stared at him with a worried expression.

“Do you think I will die just from that?” Mykel asked with a smile as he gently put his left thumb and middle finger on his eyelids with his eyes closed.

“Why did you let him do that? You could do other things to stop him, but you decided to give yourself to her?” Beldathiel asked in disbelief as she helped Mykel stand up.

“I already know what he wanted, and I’m curious about it as well, so I let him have it,” Mykel answered as he buttoned up his shirt. “Did you see what he did after he took my eyes?” Mykel looked at Beldathiel.

“She swallowed them before she disappeared,” Beldathiel answered. “Why would she do that?” Beldathiel asked with a confused look.

“Those creatures that you saw earlier. Those came from him, and he wanted to create something with my eyes. That’s why I let him take my eyes,” Mykel answered as he saw Thor and the others come back.

Everyone gathered around Mykel, and they were all worried about his confidence, especially Freyja and Hera. They didn’t know what had happened, and Mykel didn’t tell them anything since he wanted to keep it a secret from them.

“So where did Loki go?” Freyja asked.

“Who knows,” Mykel answered even though he knew where he went by checking Loki’s location. “Right now, there’s a more important thing to do,” Mykel said as he put on his blazer.

“Did one of you see where Nidhoggr went?” Mykel asked.

“Folkvangr. It’s a mess, and you’re the only one who can stop him,” Freyja answered.

Mykel warped and brought everyone to Folkvangr.

The forest and the buildings were in ruin because of the Yggdrasil Tree’s branches that Nidhoggr chewed. The Valkyries were protecting the people from falling branches.

“Stop!” Mykel said as he stared at Nidhoggr chewing the Yggdrasil Tree.

Nidhoggr listened to Mykel’s command and stopped chewing the Yggdrasil Tree. He slowly flew away from the tree and started roaming around as if he wanted was whining and begging for Mykel to let him destroy the Yggdrasil Tree.

“Boss! What’s that thing!” Gunnar asked as he came out of the forest.

“Come down here and don’t make a mess. I will let you chew the roots once we are back,” Mykel said as he kept staring at Nidhoggr and ignored Gunnar’s question.

All the Valkyries were on guard and ready to fight Nidhoggr, but Freyja ordered them to stay put. Vincze and Sven came out of the forest as they stared at Nidhoggr slowly flew down toward them.

Nidhoggr carefully landed on the ground and circled around. Folkvangr looked like it was surrounded by tall mountains because of Nidhoggr’s body.

“You can say that’s my pet,” Mykel answered as he looked at Gunnar.

“Th-that massive thing is your pet?!” Sven asked with his eyes wide open and pointed at Nidhoggr who seemed to be yawning.

“You wouldn’t understand even if I tell you. Go back to your training,” Mykel said. “You too, go back to Niflheim, and you can chew on the roots again,” Mykel said to Nidhoggr.

Nidhoggr growled and it created a heavy earthquake.

“I will bring you outside of Niflheim, from today onward. So stop whining and go back already. What did I say about not making a mess?” Mykel asked as he stared at Nidhoggr in the eye which was miles away from him.

Nidhoggr slowly lifted his head and body, and then he flew around and went to the edge of the world to go down from the Yggdrasil Tree.

Everyone was still in disbelief that Mykel really could command Nidhoggr as if he was his pet. Even for Hel, she couldn’t order her own brother, Fenrir. Fenrir also couldn’t order his own sons, Hatii and Skoll. Even for Loki who could speak their languages, he couldn’t command them like Mykel commanded Nidhoggr.

“What about Jormungandr? Where he went to?” Mykel asked Thor.

“Luckily he went back to Midgard. There’s nothing to be worried about since he became quiet as he was supposed to,” Thor answered as he sighed in relief. “However, the fact that someone could send us away so easily, how is she could do something like that?” Thor asked as he stared at Beldathiel with golden wings on her back.

Wings were something that the Norse and the Greek fancied because they were so rare and impossible to have naturally. The Valkyries didn’t initially have wings. They were attached to their armor except for Freyja. Even the wings she had were bird wings, not as angelic and beautiful as what Beldathiel had.

“That’s how powerful she is. She could kill everyone in this place, or even everyone in the nine realms if she wanted to,” Mykel answered as he looked at Beldathiel and stroked her left wing gently.

Everyone was looking at Beldathiel in fear because it was Mykel who said it.

“That’s just an example of how powerful she is, and that doesn’t mean she would do it. Right?” Mykel stared at Beldathiel with his head tilted and gently tucked her hair into her left ear.

“Yes,” Beldathiel answered as she flapped her wings before she put it back inside.

“Since everything is fine now, I have the promise to fulfill,” Mykel said as he looked at Skadi.

Skadi raised her eyebrows and looked confused for a moment, but then she understood what Mykel meant by that.

“Yes, but didn’t you say that you need to be in a position of power first?” Skadi asked with a confused look.

“That’s true, but this way is fine as well,” Mykel answered as he looked at the remaining charges he had. He still had three charges and decided to use one on bringing Thiazi back to life.

“Wait, Mykel. You’re planning on bringing Thiazi back to life? When did this talk happen?” Thor asked as he walked toward Mykel. “You might not know this, but Thiazi is dangerous, and if he decided to take Idun with him, we will…” Thor said.

“What makes you think I don’t know about all that? I’ll handle it myself,” Mykel interrupted as he looked at Thor. “To think the Norse Gods are afraid of having wrinkles and becoming old is really funny,” Mykel said as he chuckled.

Thor was speechless, and then Freyja looked at him as she nodded her head.

“Looks like we are in agreement. Show me where they burned Thiazi to death,” Mykel said.

Skadi opened a portal to Jotunheim for Mykel, but Thor, Freyja, and Baldur followed them. Beldathiel had no reason to not follow Mykel, and she was sticking with him, and she didn’t hate it to be brought to different places.

Skadi showed Mykel where she found Thiazi’s dead body, and Mykel immediately brought him back to life.

A pale blue skin giant with a helmet and long white beard raised from the ground, and he was thrice bigger than Thor. His muscular body with leather armor wrapped around his massive body was enough to intimidate them.

“Am I…” Thiazi asked as he looked at his own hands.

“Father,” Skadi ran toward Thiazi with a huge smile on her face.

“Skadi, are you dead?” Thiazi asked as he leaned his body down to look at her.

“No, father. You’re back to life,” Skadi answered.

Thiazi was still a bit confused, but his doubt disappeared when they saw Thor, Freyja, and Baldur.

“Aesir…” Thiazi clenched his fists as he stood straight and looked down at them. “Now I remember what happened back then,” Thiazi said as he started walking toward them.

Thiazi turned himself into a giant black eagle and then started to fly toward them. Before he could reach them, he fell to the ground as if he lost all his powers. He was surprised, but then he saw everyone was on their knees as well, like him.

“Sorry to ruin your reunion with them, but I’m the one who brought you back to life, and that means you owe me your life,” Mykel said as he stood in front of Thiazi.


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