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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 331 Bahasa Indonesia

“Who… are… you,” Thiazi asked as he tried to lift his head.

Mykel was surprised that Thiazi could speak even under a [Judgement] skill.

“That’s none of your concern. Right now, I want to verify if you’re willing to follow my words or not because if you don’t, I will make you submit,” Mykel answered as he sat down and looked at Thiazi. “Although, I really don’t want that since I promise your daughter to bring you back to life and not to harm you,” Mykel continued.

Thiazi slowly turned his head toward Skadi who was on all four and tried to stand up.

“As you can see, your daughter has become a friend with Aesir, and Thor has become the king of Asgard both Gungnir and Mjollnir on him,” Mykel said as he looked at Skadi who struggled to stand up. “You have been asleep for a very long time, and everything has changed. So, will you sit tight and listen or will you fight and die again?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows raised.

“I’ll… listen…” Thiazi answered in a trembling voice.

“Good, because everyone here doesn’t want to fight you. I will give you anything you want in exchange for your cooperation,” Mykel said as he deactivated his [Judgment] skill.

Thiazi groaned as he slowly lifted his body up, and then sat down with his legs crossed. He didn’t say anything, and he surprisingly listened to Mykel.

“You haven’t told me who you are,” Thiazi said.

“I’m just a God from another world,” Mykel answered as he looked at Skadi and walked toward Thiazi. “Nothing less, nothing more,” Mykel looked up at Thiazi as Skadi sat on Thiazi’s lap.

“If you still have a grudge against the Aesir, I think you need to rethink who was messing with you in the first place. It was Loki who picked a fight first, and he was the one who proposed to you to bring Goddess Idun, and he was also the one who stole Idun from you, no? So the Aesir really has nothing to do with you,” Mykel explained.

Thiazi hummed in agreement. “So, where’s that trickster?” Thiazi asked.

“We have the same question as you. We don’t know where he is, and we are also looking for him since he almost brought Ragnarok,” Mykel answered.

Thiazi looked confused and then looked at Skadi for confirmation. Skadi nodded her head and explained what had happened earlier.

Thor, Freyja, and Skadi explain what Thiazi missed after his death. It was as Mykel said that everything had changed, and Thiazi was a bit surprised that Odin was dying because of the conflict between him and Mykel even though it wasn’t Mykel who did it.

Thiazi joyously laughed at what had happened to Odin. He didn’t care about anything else, and slowly he forgot about his grudge against the Aesir. Of course, that included Skadi forcing Loki to make her laugh by sacrificing his testicles.

“You said that I owe you my life, but I don’t think I can agree with that,” Thiazi said as he looked down at Mykel.

Hera, Freyja, Skadi, and Beldathiel stared at Mykel. They saw Mykel smiling, and that was enough to make them nervous.

“Of course, I’m just messing with you,” Mykel answered. “As I said earlier, this is just a deal that I made with Skadi. I already did my part, and now all she has to do is to do her part,” Mykel continued.

“What kind of a deal did you make with her? If you put my daughter in danger, I will not hesitate to kill you,” Thiazi replied with a serious expression.

“Nothing like that, I only need her support, that’s all,” Mykel answered as he put his hands in his trousers pockets. “With that being said, if she didn’t do that, I would be the one to hunt you both, and kill you two the moment I see your face,” Mykel stared back at Thiazi.

Thiazi was about to stand up, but Skadi stopped him.

“He’s too powerful, father. We are no match for him even if all the Aesir join hands with us,” Skadi said as she put her hand on Thiazi’s chest. “Let’s not do that,” Skadi looked Thiazi in the eye.

“If you respect me, I will do the same. It’s that simple,” Mykel said as he walked away. “Since I have nothing else to do here, I have another place to be,” Mykel said.

Mykel looked at Hera and Freyja. He then nodded his head and warped to meet with Lyneth.

The moment Mykel arrived with Freyja, Hera, and Beldathiel. Mykel looked at Beldathiel and realized that she seemed troubled.

“What’s wrong?” Mykel asked.

Hera and Freyja looked at Beldathiel with their eyebrows raised.

“I think I lost all my powers, Mykel,” Beldathiel said as she pressed her chest and stared Mykel in the eye.

Mykel looked so confused and then he immediately checked Beldathiel’s [Character]’s status screen. He was shocked when Beldathiel told the truth, and she lost everything including her level. She became level 1 with no skill but one, [Dice].

Beldathiel slowly fell to the ground in disbelief, but Mykel grabbed her body. She seemed to be in shock, and even Mykel was shocked by it as well.

“Is it because of the after effect of using that ability?” Hera asked.

“Yes. I bet on everything, and that means everything, but I still have my wings,” Beldathiel answered as she stared blankly at the ground and chuckled in disbelief. “What’s going to happen to me, Mykel?” She was in a panic attack, and she couldn’t breathe normally. Her whole body started to tremble.

“Shh, everything is going to be fine. I will figure things out, I promise,” Mykel said calmly into Beldathiel’s right ear as he hugged her tightly and stroked her head to calm her down.

Mykel looked at Hera and Freyja as he tilted his head. They both nodded and then left those two alone.

Beldathiel was so scared and it was so unusual for Beldathiel to break down like that. Mykel didn’t bother by it since he knew that she lost all her skills including [Archdemon], and it made her mentally unstable and easily shaken by anything like a normal human being.

Beldathiel hugged Mykel so tightly, and she didn’t want to let go because she was so scared to be left alone.

“I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere,” Mykel said as he kept stroking her head. “I have something in mind that can fix you back,” Mykel continued as he slowly leaned back to look Beldathiel’s eye.

“You’re going to turn me into a human?” Beldathiel’s asked as her eyes started to water.

“Yes, and I’ll fix it, I’ll fix everything,” Mykel nodded his head.

Beldathiel nodded her head so slowly.

Mykel immediately turned Beldathiel into [Human], and the first thing he did was make her his [Recipient]. Beldathiel followed Mykel’s instruction and didn’t bother to ask anything since she trusted him.

Mykel abused his skill by giving the [Benefactor Exclusive] skill to Beldathiel, and then replaced it with the skills that she needed the most at that moment. He could only [Modify] it twice since he was already out of charges, and gave [Mind Control] and [Body Enhancement].

Beldathiel and Mykel were sitting on the edge of the river bank. Mykel explained everything that she needed to know about becoming an Awakener.

“It’s not much, but how do you feel?” Mykel asked as he closed the screen in front of him. “I will raise your level and do something else when it’s midnight,” Mykel said.

“I feel a lot better, but there’s something else that you forgot, Mykel,” Beldathiel answered, and she looked worried. “The power that I took from Glasya. I lost them as well, and doesn’t that mean she’s the same as I am?” Beldathiel asked.

Mykel rubbed his face as he exhaled in frustration. He fucked everything up, and there was no turning back to bring everything back since some of their skills were exclusive to themselves and no one had them.

Mykel sighed as he pulled his hair back and stared at the river.

“In that case, I will make Glasya a human and make her my Recipient as well,” Mykel nodded his head as he sighed. “I will bring you into towers to raise your skills,” Mykel said as he looked at Beldathiel.

Beldathiel nodded her head with understanding.

“I’m sorry,” Mykel said.

Beldathiel was surprised when she heard Mykel say that word. It somehow made her so happy, and couldn’t help but hug him as she chuckled softly.

“It’s okay,” Beldathiel replied with a smile on her face.


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