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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 329 Bahasa Indonesia

“Is that really Loki? I have never seen him like that before. Not even in my entire life that I can see a glimpse of that beauty,” Baldur asked as he gulped and couldn’t keep his eyes away from Loki.

“Neither do I,” Thor responded. “It’s like he has been hiding his true self from us, but he showed it to Mykel and that means a lot,” Thor continued.

Hel once saw how beautiful Loki could be, and it was one time when Loki met Sigyn. Loki’s wife, and saw how Loki head-over-heel toward her because of how beautiful she was.

Loki thought that he wouldn’t be able to get her because she was engaged to one of Odin’s warriors. So, he used his most beautiful appearance as a woman to bewitch her. It was a success, and that was when Hel saw her father in that beautiful body and face.

Loki manipulated his dress and turned it into shiny silver armor with his hair tucked on both ears to show off his beautiful and sharp green eyes. His red plump lips with a gentle smirk were shown to Mykel. He then turned the spear into a double-edged sword as he blew the hair that blocked his left eye.

“I will get what I want,” Loki said as he swiftly moved like the wind toward Mykel.

Loki attacked and disappeared almost at the same time, and it was a bit troublesome for Mykel to deal with him. Every time he blinked his eyes, Loki was already in a different direction and position, and he had to keep his eyes open.

Mykel landed a lot of hits on Loki, but it only made Loki multiply more and more. One second, he dealt with two Loki, but the next second he dealt with four Loki, and the next second he was dealing with three Loki again.

Mykel used the [Sacrilege Flame] on his body and created a heatwave to send Loki away from him. Loki managed to teleport away from him, but a small part of his sword and armor melted.

“That’s unfair,” Loki said as he frowned.

“Then use what you have under your sleeve,” Mykel said with a smirk, and then dashed forward toward Loki.

Loki sighed and then disappeared before Mykel could burn him alive.

Everyone looked around for Loki, but they couldn’t sense his presence anymore. Mykel didn’t bother to look around as he tried to extinguish the [Sacrilege Flame] on his body.

A loud growl was coming from above the clouds, and they could see Nidhoggr wiggle his tail. The growl turned into a roar, and it tore the sky as something ginormous came down that was enough to threaten Nidhoggr.

They looked up and saw the greenish-white scaled body of a serpent come out from the thick dark clouds. Sharp fins on both sides could be seen on its tail.

“Is he being serious to bring that thing down here?!” Freyja asked in disbelief.

Thor grabbed his Mjollnir on his waist and Gungnir on his back. He was ready to fight it because it was his destiny to fight it if he encountered that serpent.

It was Jormungandr with a wide face and glowing green eyes that could be seen descending from the sky so slowly. Compared to Nidhoggr, Jormungandr was bigger and longer. Nidhoggr wouldn’t stand a chance against the world’s serpent himself.

Mykel didn’t expect Loki to bring Jormungandr down to Niflheim. He was thinking about something else, and now he has to deal with a creature that could bring about the end of Aesir.

Not only Jormungandr, but Loki also brought Hatii and Skoll with him. The two powerful wolves and the sons of Fenrir. Hel squinted her eyes and saw two men riding the wolves, and realized they were Narfi and Vali, Loki’s sons from Sigyn.

“Mykel!” Freyja shouted.

“I know,” Mykel said as he stared at Jormungandr.

Loki could speak with all creatures in all the nine realms, and that included Jormungandr, but he couldn’t control him. Although it looked so obvious which one of them was the real threat to them, Mykel was more worried about Hatii and Skoll.

Heimdall stabbed his sword and opened portals to summon all the races to help them fight Jormungandr. It was Thor who ordered him because this would be a sign of Ragnarok, and they didn’t want Surtr to join them or it would be over for all of them.

“Loki! You need to stop this!” Thor yelled.

Loki didn’t say anything as he descended at the same time as the wolves. He didn’t say anything and kept his eyes shut until a bright light appeared behind him. A red-haired woman wrapped in red cloth to cover her breast and hips, hugging Loki from behind.

Mykel was deep in thought, and no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t handle all of them or everyone else. He then decided to bring in someone that could help him deal with the situation.

Beldathiel was summoned to Niflheim, and she was surprised to see all those powerful beings in front of her. She didn’t know what kind of situation she was in, but looking at everyone’s expressions, she knew that they were in trouble.

“I’m in a tight spot here, could you help me?” Mykel asked as he stared at Beldathiel who was in her sleeping dress and barefooted.

“What do you want me to do?” Beldathiel asked.

“Send everyone away from this world except for Loki,” Mykel answered. “You might need everything you have to be put on stake,” Mykel continued.

“Why not kill them? I can do that if you ask me to,” Beldathiel asked as she looked at Mykel.

“No, you will lose the bet. You did it in the original story, and you died because of it,” Mykel answered.

Beldathiel took a deep breath as she showed off her shiny golden wings. She called the dice and appeared right on top of her hands.

“If it’s a small number, I will lose everything including all my lives,” Beldathiel said with her eyes closed. “If it’s a big number, send everyone away from this world except for Loki,” Beldathiel continued, and then threw the dice on the ground.

Everyone watched as the dice roll on the ground until it landed on number four. They were all getting pulled by some unknown force, and they were all sent to random realms in the Yggdrasil Tree except for Loki.

Beldathiel collapsed and her wings dried out like dried leaves. Her body slowly decayed over time until there was nothing left of her.

“You died in a similar situation where you asked the dice to kill him. Even if you win, you will lose your life as well, but that might be impossible to win the bet. How mysterious this power is,” Mykel said as he used his [Admin] skill to bring Beldathiel back to life.

Loki’s eyes were focused on the dice, and he wanted to steal it while it was still on the ground. Unfortunately, Beldathiel came back to life and grabbed the dice from the ground, and kept it safe.

“Now I lost everything. How are you going to fix that?” Beldathiel asked.

“I will do something,” Mykel answered with a smile as he rubbed Beldathiel’s cheeks. “Do you want to go home, or do you want to stay?” Mykel asked.

“Did you do something to her? She looks like Vixelleth when she’s horny. Overwhelmed by lust and desire to possess something,” Beldathiel asked.

“Yes, and the only way to stop him is to give what he wants. Stay here,” Mykel said as he walked toward Loki.

Mykel looked up and realized that Nidhoggr got sent away as well. He was worried that Nidhoggr was somewhere in another realm, and would destroy the Yggdrasil Tree trunk rather than the roots which were more dangerous.

“Let’s think about that later,” Mykel sighed.

Mykel stood right in front of Loki who had been staring at him with lust. He then put his index finger under Loki’s chin and gently lifted it up.

“Were you trying to kill everyone?” Mykel asked as he stared Loki in the eye.

“You should have known that I would do anything to get what I want,” Loki smirked.

“Then I’ll give you what you want, except for my heart and my head,” Mykel said as he forced himself to put his right hand on Loki’s left cheek.

“Then…” Loki leaned his head forward and whispered into Mykel’s left ear. “I want to see you bleed, and I want your beautiful eyes as well,” Loki whispered.

Mykel didn’t say anything as he leaned his body away from Loki. He then removed his blazer and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Loki was staring at Mykel in excitement, and the moment Mykel showed his bare chest, Loki couldn’t help but touch it.

“You can stab my heart, but don’t take it,” Mykel said.

Loki was thrilled and his pupils shrunk as he breathed heavily. He then grabbed his dagger and stabbed Mykel in the heart without hesitation, slowly and carefully.

Mykel’s blood started to run down his body, and Loki put his hands on his chest, then rubbed them all over Mykel’s body and his own face. He was shivering and licked the blood on his fingers clean.

Mykel saw a notification, and he put his index finger right on the [Yes] button to heal himself. Loki suddenly grabbed his face and forced him to look at Loki.

“Now, I want these,” Loki said as he slowly gouged Mykel’s eyes with his thumbs.

Mykel’s finger started to tremble as he held the immense amount of pain. He suddenly got pulled by Loki and could feel the warm breath of Loki.

“I will make something with these, something that I’ll raise like my other sons,” Loki whispered and giggled, and then his voice faded away.


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