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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 304: Defying the law. Bahasa Indonesia

305 Chapter 304: Defying the law.

“Are you seriously just going to chew on this thing all day?” Mykel asked as he sat on one of the roots and stared at Nidhoggr crunching on the roots.

Mykel watched Gerrard’s feed, and they were already on the nineteenth floor. They started to understand that the world they were in was all just an illusion, but they didn’t know that back then. They also just realized that everyone that lived in that world was all demons.

Agnez looked so pissed because she wanted to kill all of them in the first place, but the others didn’t want to kill innocent people. In the end, Agnez was the only one who was right after she let Mazikeen show the truth behind that world.

“It’s fun to see them struggle,” Mykel said as he scoffed and closed the screen in front of him.

Mykel modified [Meditation] skill and replaced it with [Quintessence]. He then used [Channel] to speak with Brynhilde.

“Hilde, it’s me, Mykel. I want you to go to the Mahazael Tower, and enter the Kastihel World,” Mykel said.

“God Mykel? Do you want me to go there now? Are we going to clear the tower again?” Brynhilde asked.

“No, just come there on your own, I want to test something. I will be waiting for you there,” Mykel answered.

“I’m on my way,” Brynhilde said.

Mykel stared at the [Quintessence] skill and read the description. He was deep in thought, and then he warped to the Kastihel World.

Brynhilde came to the Kastihel World on her own as Mykel ordered. She was in her full armor and had a bag on her back with food and potions inside. She looked around and couldn’t find Mykel anywhere.

“Come to Medelha Castle, you will find me there,” Mykel said.

Brynhilde hurriedly ran toward Medelha Castle, and she didn’t bother to check her surroundings. Once she arrived, she heard the Swan song again, but this time the sound was a bit out of tune and it was just the piano part.

Brynhilde could hear where the piano was coming from. She then walked toward the song and ended up in the chamber. She saw Mykel playing the piano, and then stopped the moment he noticed Brynhilde’s presence.

“Come here,” Mykel said as he turned around and stood up.

Brynhilde was a bit nervous because it was the first time she was being alone around Mykel. She would be lying if she wasn’t interested in Mykel, but she knew who she was, and didn’t expect him to be interested in her no matter if she was the crown prince.

“Sit down,” Mykel said as he pointed at the bed.

Brynhilde gulped as she sat down on the edge of the bed. She saw Mykel standing in front of her, and then he sat next to her.

“Don’t resist, let me get inside,” Mykel said.

“Huh?” Brynhilde asked and she looked flustered.

Mykel activated [Quintessence] skill, and he was outside his body. He looked around and saw Brynhilde’s face was so red as she stared at Mykel. He then went inside Brynhilde’s body, and the moment he opened his eyes, he was controlling Brynhilde’s body.

“Don’t panic. I’m just taking control over your body,” Mykel said.

Mykel stood up and his body was leaning forward. He just realized how breasts were so heavy. He knew that Brynhilde had a big breast under her full plate armor, but he didn’t know it would be that heavy.

“Let’s go to the portal,” Mykel said as he tried to adjust to Brynhilde’s body.

“What are we doing?” Brynhilde asked.

“I wanted to try to enter your world using your body. Even though I’m a God, I can’t visit unknown worlds,” Mykel answered.

“I see…” Brynhilde said.

“Are flustered? I can feel your body starting to get warm, and your heart is beating so fast. Also…” Mykel said, but he didn’t finish his sentence because he felt something wet under Brynhilde’s pants and realized what had happened.

Mykel stood in front of the portal, and then he entered it with confidence. He opened his eyes and saw he was in the endless hallway. The first thing he checked was his body, and he was still inside Brynhilde’s body.

“Let’s see what the Aersland World looks like,” Mykel said as he walked the endless hallway.

The moment Mykel left the tower, he saw the city with sky towers with high walls in the distance. There were blimps flying around the sky, and knights were guarding the entrance.

“It’s exactly as what I expected. Alright, let’s go back to the Kastihel World,” Mykel said after he memorized his surroundings.

“Back again? Are you not going to look around first?” Brynhilde asked.

“Yes, I’m done here,” Mykel answered, and then he went back inside the tower.

Mykel had to go back or his soul would be stuck in the Aersland World since his soul couldn’t find his body. It was a pain, but it was worth the try, and if it worked, it would be a good opportunity for him.

When Mykel went back to The Kastihel World, he left Brynhilde’s body after he told her to go back to her world. He flew back to Medelha Castle as he watched Brynhilde walk all the way to the other side. He then realized there was something that he couldn’t see with his eyes. He saw souls of the people of Kastihel were still wandering around the kingdom, or at least the ones who didn’t get consumed by the Dark Lord.

Mykel didn’t bother to talk to them, and let them be. He then entered his own body again and tried to remember the outside of the tower in the Aersland World. He used the [Warp Space] skill, and he went to the exact spot when he was inside Brynhilde’s body. He chuckled in disbelief and couldn’t believe it actually worked.

Brynhilde left the tower and walked the endless hallway. She was so confused why Mykel suddenly asked her to do something like that.

“What took you so long?” Mykel asked as he smoked his cigarette and leaned against the wall near the entrance.

“Mykel?!” Brynhilde was smiling so brightly when she saw him in Aersland. “Is this why you asked me to go back to Aersland after you entered my body?” Brynhilde asked as she approached Mykel.

“Yes, and it actually works, so here I am,” Mykel nodded his head. “Would you like to guide me to your world? I can see that you have a wonderful world, and it somehow resembles the Empyrean World,” Mykel looked at the terrain and the way they decorated the city.

“Yes! With pleasure!” Brynhilde answered excitedly.

Since there were only two towers in the Aersland World, and the towers were so far away from the capital city, they had to use the blimp. Before they went to the capital city, they were wandering around the city first. Everyone was staring at Mykel with curiosity since he was the only person with black hair, but since he was with Brynhilde, they didn’t dare to stare for too long.

“Wait, you’re saying that you can travel through time and space? And you have been using it to move around with your team. Doesn’t that mean you can bring all of them to the worlds that you have visited?” Brynhilde asked as she held an ice cream cone in her hand.

“Yes, I can bring Jeanne here if I want to. Your people would be mindblown to see the lost princess,” Mykel answered as he smoked his cigarette.

“Will you?” Brynhilde asked.

“I will, and I can bring you to my world as well, but not now. I don’t want to try and defy the law of the world,” Mykel answered as he stared at the bright blue sky.

“The law of the world? What’s that?” Brynhilde furrowed her eyebrows as she licked the ice cream.

“The Constellations have a ruler, she’s the Goddess of All. It’s too complicated to explain it to you, but the point is, I will be punished if I try to defy the law of the world. I might die, you know,” Mykel said with a smile.

“If there’s a being who’s so powerful to even control the Gods, then why this Goddess of All don’t stop this war against demons?” Brynhilde asked with a confused look.

“Hmm, I wonder why,” Mykel answered, and then chuckled softly.


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