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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 303: Obsession. Bahasa Indonesia

304 Chapter 303: Obsession.

“You want to use me to make all the Gods fear me?” Mykel asked as he held a cup of wine in the hall with the others staring at him.

“It’s just an idea, and if you say you don’t want to, then we can forget about this,” Hera looked Mykel in the eye.

“No, that’s a really good idea. I love it. Even if you don’t use me, those Gods and Goddesses already look at me with fear,” Mykel answered, and then drank his wine as he pointed his finger at the Gods in the hall. “So you will spread rumors about me?” Mykel put the cup on the table, and Dionysus filled it up immediately.

Loki sat on top of the table in front of Mykel with a smile on his face.

“Yes, and what kind of rumor do you want us to spread? A bad one, or a scary one?” Loki asked as he crossed his legs and rested his chin on his fist.

“Dionysus should know which one is the best for me since he should have been listening to all kinds of rumors about me,” Mykel looked at Dionysus who was busy plucking the grapes on the table.

“Me? You want my advice?” Dionysus asked as he chewed the grape.

“Since you’re famous among the Gods, you should know better than anyone else,” Mykel nodded his head.

Dionysus kept chewing the grapes as he stared at the Gods enjoying themselves. He was deep in thought, and then snapped his fingers.

“I know someone who’s good at making rumors. Although I have been listening to a lot of rumors, I’m not really good at making one. But I can easily spread rumors,” Dionysus said.

“Don’t tell me it’s Pheme?” Athena asked with her eyes squinted.

“Do you have anyone else in mind? She’s really good at making and getting rumors. If I just make her spill everything, I can make her create the best rumor ever about Mykel,” Dionysus replied.

The two of them started to argue, and then Mykel looked at Loki.

“What about you? You need to make one as well,” Mykel asked.

“I think we can use Ragnarok, and you already fit in perfectly in the prophecy. The God who tamed Nidhoggr, the serpent that will bring the end of the Gods,” Loki answered as he wiggled his right foot. “Freyja will agree with me in this, and I will tell Thor about this as well,”

Mykel looked at Freyja, and she nodded her head in agreement.

“Alright, I trust you in this,” Mykel said as he stared Loki in the eye.

“You know. I have been thinking,” Loki said as he jumped down and walked to the back. “I have been helping you a lot, and you have given me more than enough Arcana Coins that I needed. I want something else in return,” Loki continued as he tilted his head and stared at Mykel.

“Loki, you’re a man,” Aphrodite said, and she didn’t like where the conversation was going.

Loki giggled as he took a few steps back from Mykel. He then walked to the other side, and he had already turned himself into a woman’s body. Mykel looked at him, and Loki used Lyneth’s body size.

“I gave birth to some of my children, and what makes you think that I’m a man in the first place?” Loki asked as he stared at Aphrodite with a gorgeous smile.

Loki sighed as he sat on his seat.

“Don’t worry, I’m not asking such a thing to him. I know that he didn’t want that either,” Loki said. “I want to have a good match with him,” Loki looked at Mykel with a smile.

Everyone looked at Loki with confused looks.

“Speaking of that, I wonder what’s your Rank now, Mykel,” Loki said.

“I’m Rank 4,” Mykel answered.

“Rank 4? We know that she’s Rank 1, and he’s Rank 2, but who’s Rank 3? Someone who’s stronger than Mykel?” Ares asked.

“Nyx is Rank 3, her Authority level is 4 now. She just leveled up recently,” Mykel answered.

“How do you know that?” Themis asked with suspicion.

“I have my own way to know about the Gods,” Mykel answered. “If you want a match with me, you should give me the good news first,” Mykel said to Loki.

Loki smiled so widely as he jolted from his seat.

“Then I should be working now. I will meet your expectations, as always,” Loki said, and then disappeared.

Freyja looked a bit worried, and then she looked at Mykel, but before she could say anything, Mykel raised his hand.

“There’s no need to say it, I know what you’re going to say,” Mykel said.

Loki’s obsession started to get out of hand, and Mykel knew what Freyja was about to say. She wanted to warn him about Loki’s obsession, and once Loki was obsessed with something or someone, he would do anything to get it.

“The match isn’t what he’s after. He wants something else,” Mykel said as he tapped his fingers on the table. “Whatever it is, I’ll handle it,” Mykel looked at Freyja.

“Be careful, Mykel. I’ll try to find out what he wants while helping him spread the rumor,” Freyja said as she stood up. She then turned into a bird and flew away.

Everyone watched Freyja leave the hall, and they were a bit concerned about Loki. They were afraid that Loki would do something that might bring trouble for everyone.

“Mykel, are you sure you want to do this? Aren’t you afraid of her?” Gaia asked. “You should realize that if you try to make a name for yourself, and a reputation that might endanger her status as the Goddess of All. She would take you down, you know?” Gaia looked at Mykel as she pointed the cup at Dionysus for a refill.

“You’ll see,” Mykel said as he stared blankly at his own reflection in the wine.

Mykel checked Gerrard’s feed, and they managed to reach the eighteenth floor. He didn’t want to waste time by answering the same questions over and over, so he decided to leave and strengthen his bond with Nidhoggr.

“What do you want to play this time?” Mykel asked as he stared at Nidhoggr lazily resting his head on the ground. “I never thought you would be this lazy, but I guess I should realize that by now since your only job is to chew the roots of the Yggdrasil Tree,”

Nidhoggr hummed, but Mykel didn’t know what he was trying to say. For some reason, Mykel could guess what Nidhoggr was trying to say.

“You’re bored?” Mykel asked.

“You know that he can’t speak our tongue, right?” Hel walked toward Mykel. “If you want to speak with him, I can ask Fenrir to talk with him,”

“Really? Then, please. I want to try to communicate with him,” Mykel said as his eyes followed where Hel was going.

“My father is able to speak with all creatures in all the nine realms, but he keeps it a secret from anyone. Only Odin knows about it,” Hel stood next to Mykel and stared at Nidhoggr. “Speaking of him. There’s something that I want to tell you,” Hel looked Mykel in the eye.

“Don’t say it if it’s going to make him angry. Let him do what he wants, I will be careful,” Mykel said with a smile.

Hel looked at Mykel and then sighed as she nodded her head with understanding.

Mykel already knew what Loki wanted since he checked Loki’s [Character] story already. Loki wanted a part of his body, a hand, an eye, or even his head so Loki could stare at it whenever he wanted. Loki had a really weird obsession with possessing something just because he liked it or because it amused him.

“So? What did Nidhoggr is trying to say?” Mykel asked.

Fenrir came back and howled at Hel, and she looked at Fenrir with her eyebrows raised.

“I’m impressed. You were right about it. He’s bored, and he’s asking if he can chew on the roots again because he has been obedient and did what you told him,” Hel said as she looked at Mykel.

“Is that so? Looks like I start to have a bond with him even though I only played with him once,” Mykel asked as he stared at Nidhoggr. “Alright, go and do what you want,” Mykel stared at Nidhoggr’s eye and then tilted his head toward the roots.

Nidhoggr flew away and started to chew on the roots.


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