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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 305: Aersland. Bahasa Indonesia

306 Chapter 305: Aersland.

Mykel and Brynhilde took the blimp, and it was quite fast like a bullet train. It was quite the scenery to look at the Aersland World from above, and the air felt so fresh when it hit his face. A medieval fantasy world with advanced technology and knowledge.

Brynhilde was still thinking about the law of the world that Mykel mentioned. It bothered her, and the more she thought about it, the more confused she became.

“You said that everyone in the Capital City knows about me? As a God?” Mykel asked as he looked at Brynhilde with his arms crossed.

“Yes, they know. Unlike the people here, they didn’t really know much about what was going on. I think everyone will start to worship you if you ask them to,” Brynhilde answered.

“Why would I want to be worshipped, it’s a pain and I’m done with attracting too much attention,” Mykel answered as he looked at the city down below through the open window.

A notification appeared in front of Mykel. Agnez and the others had cleared the twentieth floor of the Samael Tower. He then donated 500,000 [Arcana Coins] to them, and it felt like his [Constellation Points] didn’t increase because the requirement was too high.

“A hundred and fifty thousand out of a million,” Mykel said as he sighed and closed the screen in front of him.

“Is it really okay for you to meet the emperor? I know that you’re here just to see the world, but I feel like I’m asking too much,” Brynhilde looked at Mykel with a bit of guilt.

“It’s fine, I have no other plans either. Might as well meet the emperor and introduce myself,” Mykel answered.

Mykel spoke with Gunnar, and told them to rest because he knew they were tired, and the next tower they were going to clear was going to be hard. The Satan Tower was always brutal, similar to the Lucifer Tower. The demons were strong and they breed like crazy from the souls they took in the world they conquered, and they would be fighting an entire army of demons in there.

“We are here,” Brynhilde said as she stood up and picked up her bag.

They both walked out of the blimp, and they were in the airfield with so many people coming up and down the blimp. One thing that made them stop moving was to see Brynhilde. They were all bowing their heads and down on their knees.

Brynhilde couldn’t do anything to stop them from doing that because it was the law itself made by the emperor. The only thing she could do was to keep moving forward as fast as she could because they were bowing on their knees under the hot sun.

“Welcome to Celeste City, the capital city of Aersland,” Brynhilde said as she pointed at the tall buildings, castles, towers, and skyscrapers in front of her.

“I think your world would be a lot better with Shelly’s knowledge,” Mykel said as he looked at the city’s structure. “I will bring her here, and introduce her to you,”

“I can’t wait to meet her then,” Brynhilde replied with a smile. “Oh, and looks like someone informed my arrival already,” Brynhilde looked at a dozen carriages made out of gold with the empire flags with a symbol of a floating island.

“Your excellency, we came to pick you up,” One of the Royal Knights said.

Brynhilde didn’t say anything and waited until all of them noticed the person she was with. All the Royal Knights glanced at Mykel and suddenly recognized his face. They all immediately bowed down and lowered their heads.

“God Mykel, welcome to the Aersland World!” All the Royal Knights shouted, and made all the people around them notice who came into their world.

All the people bowed their heads to Mykel, and even though he said that he didn’t like the attention, it felt nice.

“Bring us to his majesty,” Brynhilde said as she walked into one of the carriages.

Mykel looked out the window and saw people bowing their heads as they went on their knees. All the way to the palace, all he saw was people bowing.

“So, how did they know? It’s not like a description of my appearance would be enough to tell them who I am,” Mykel asked.

“Do you remember when we were in the Lucifer Tower? I brought painters with me, and I told them exactly to depict your face and appearance as precisely as possible. That also applies to Jeanne, Agnez, and all the others as well,” Brynhilde answered.

“I also have the original painting of you, in my bedroom,” Brynhilde said, and she was flustered when she said it.

Mykel rested his head on his fist as he hummed and stared at Brynhilde with a smile.

“Have you found someone special?” Mykel asked.

“No, I don’t think I will and neither of them believes there’s someone to be worthy to stand by my side,” Brynhilde answered. “Why do you ask me such a question?”

“Am I not allowed to ask?” Mykel raised his eyebrow as he kept staring Brynhilde in the eye.

Brynhilde looked nervous and flustered that she couldn’t help but look down. Her face turned red, and she nervously scraped her gauntlets to overcome her nervousness. Suddenly the bell rang, and it snapped her back to reality.

“Oh, we have arrived,” Brynhilde said as she looked out the window.

They both got off the carriage, and hundreds of maids and servants were standing on the sides with their heads bowed down. They all had the same blonde hair and blue eyes. They both then walked into the palace, and the first thing they saw was the Emperor and the Empress standing in the hallway.

“God Mykel, welcome to our humble world,” A man that appeared to be the same age as Mykel with his long and straight white hair bowing down.

“Your world is more beautiful than mine,” Mykel answered.

“We will remember your praises, God Mykel. Please, come and join us. We have prepared a feast, and we hope it would be enough for you,” A woman with short white hair said.

“Then I will enjoy it,” Mykel answered with a smile.

Emperor Bryndel and his wife Empress Hildegarde, both of them were the best in swordsmanship and magic. Although they looked young, they weren’t that young since they were already in their mid fifty. Their appearance stopped aging the moment they reached the peak of their appearance.

“I will take a bath first, and then I will join later,” Brynhilde said.

They both looked at Brynhilde and then nodded their heads with understanding.

“Please, follow us,” Bryndel said as he pointed at the big door made of gold.

Mykel followed them into the dining hall, and there were dozens of maids and servants standing in front of the walls. They were all ready to serve him whenever needed.

“Is our food not to your liking, God Mykel?” Hildegarde looked worried.

“No, the wine is too good that I almost forgot about the food,” Mykel shook his head as he looked at her. “Now that I heard from Brynhilde. She said that you don’t believe there will be anyone to be worthy to stand by her side, is that true?” Mykel asked.

“Yes, we even think that our sons aren’t worthy enough to be by her side,” Bryndel answered.

“Right, Degardyn and Gardel. Where are they?” Mykel asked.

“Did Brynhilde tell you about her older brothers?” Bryndel asked.

“No, I know about them, you, your ancestors. I know everything,” Mykel answered.

“Brynhilde did tell us about that,” Hildegarde nodded her head. “Now that you mentioned it. We are curious about our ancestors, and the world they came from, the Empyrean World. Is it alright if we ask you such a question?”

“Every knowledge will always have a price to pay. It’s either awareness, consciousness, or even it might lead you to your demise. So, are you really want to know the answer?” Mykel asked with a serious expression.

The both of them looked at each other for quite a while, and then Bryndel looked at the head servant. The head servant bowed his head, and then he left with the rest of them, leaving Mykel with Bryndel and Hildegarde alone in the hall.

“Yes, we are ready to pay for that knowledge,” Bryndel answered.


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