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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 302: A prophecy. Bahasa Indonesia

303 Chapter 302: A prophecy.

“What a majestic creature. I wonder who created you,” Gaia said as she slowly walked toward Mykel and stared at Nidhoggr’s head resting on the ground with his breath enough to create a blizzard. “Can I touch her?” Gaia asked Mykel.

“You want to pet him? I think you should show your true form if you want to pet him,” Mykel replied as he stared at Gaia from the corner of his eyes.

Gaia hummed as she used the material around her to be devoured into her body. That included the roots of the Yggdrasil tree that Nidhoggr chewed. She kept growing bigger and bigger so that Loki and the Norse Gods couldn’t believe how a Goddess could grow infinitely.

Gaia went to her knees, and she was three times the size of Nidhoggr’s head. She finally was able to pat Nidhoggr’s head, and she looked so happy about it.

“You said there’s another serpent like this in one of the realms? And you want to tame it as well?” Gaia asked.

“It’s still a plan, and I haven’t tamed this one yet. I need to spend a lot of time with him if I want him to see me as his master,” Mykel answered as he patted Nidhoggr’s nose tip.

“If you want to tame an animal, you should be able to play with them. But, knowing that you’re too small, I don’t think you can play with him,” Hera said as she looked at Mykel with a pitiful expression.

“A mortal God, he can’t turn himself big like most of us,” Gaia said as she chuckled.

“No, but I can do this,” Mykel said as he activated [False Daemon], and then he flew away.

Nidhoggr who was lazily resting his head on the ground suddenly lifted his head. Gaia got knocked back by the pure brute strength of Nidhoggr, and then she looked at Nidhoggr who started to fly away to catch up with Mykel.

“I can’t believe it. He’s playing catch with Nidhoggr,” Loki chuckled as he watched Nidhoggr try to catch up on Mykel.

Gaia left the vessel she used and appeared right behind Hera.

“Isn’t he something, Hera? Now I realize why you’re in love with him,” Gaia said as she chuckled. “He’s nothing like Zeus, isn’t he?” Gaia asked as she wrapped her arms around Hera’s neck from behind.

Hera was flustered, and Gaia was resting her head on Hera’s shoulder as she kept smiling at Hera.

“I, I don’t know, but if that’s how you see me, then I guess you’re right,” Hera answered.

“Although, you’re not the only one who loves him. Him or Her, and her,” Gaia said as she pointed at Loki and Freyja.

“I know that Freyja also fell for his charm and masculinity, but Loki? Are you really into …” Hera asked, but before she could finish her sentence, Loki giggled as he nodded his head. “I see…” Hera said as she raised her eyebrows.

“But, I don’t want to force him. Making him comfortable enough to be around me is already good progress. I remember him shivering when I was too close to him,” Loki said with a smirk as he stared at Mykel flying around with Nidhoggr.

“Speaking of Mykel, what are your thought about him impregnating that woman?” Loki asked as he walked around Hera.

“Good for her, and if it wasn’t because of her, I don’t think I would be able to meet Mykel. It was the only time that Mykel came to ask for a favor, and it was something that I would never forget, and neither is he,” Hera answered.

“I’m envious,” Loki chuckled as he looked at Fenrir who seemed to want to play as well. “Anyway, you should fill in the blank to Gaia. It’s been a while since I play with my own son,” Loki said as he walked toward Fenrir and rubbed his mane.

Hera told Gaia about Mykel’s plan, and the reason why he was having so many Gods support him. Gaia knew the gist of it, but she didn’t expect Mykel to try and pry Mara, and not only that but to get rid of the game that Lucifer and Nyx were playing.

“Then, does that have something to do with your decision on reforming the Pantheon?” Gaia asked.

“No, it’s just something that I have been wanting to see. The bloodbath, vengeance, and suffering that happened in the past, I want it to end. A fresh start for everyone,” Hera answered.

“Are you talking about the Gods, or about yourself?” Gaia asked again as she looked at Hera with a pitiful smile.

Hera went quiet, and she didn’t say anything as she kept facing forward and stared blankly into the distance.

“You don’t have to answer that, but you need to understand that those three are our traditions. You can’t change that no matter how much you tried. It will repeat itself, forever, until there will be nothing left,” Gaia said with a serious expression.

“There’s no definite end for us, but for them, they have a prophecy. The prophecy that ends the age of the Gods, and that’s why they have been so careful to do anything to avoid the prophecy from happening. That’s why they’re different from us,” Gaia explained as she glanced at Freyja who was watching Fenrir.

“If that’s the case, I will make a prophecy that Mykel will be the one that can end the age of Gods. Not only us, but all the Gods that exist,” Hera answered. “I will make it happen so they will start thinking about the consequences of their own actions,”

“Do it,” Loki said as he walked toward them with Freyja next to him. “I like the idea of that. He showed us what he was capable of and what he did to Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon,” Loki continued.

Hera and Gaia turned around to look at Loki. They both were surprised that someone was eavesdropping on their conversation.

“That’s quite a habit of mine, eavesdropping. But I really love that idea, and you can use it to achieve your goal,” Loki said to Hera.

“I will speak to him once he’s done,” Hera said as she looked at Mykel who was still playing with Nidhoggr.

“Hmm, a schemer just like Hermes,” Gaia said as she stared at Loki. “Oh, speaking of Hermes, don’t you think he would become a real trouble if you let him be a part of the new Pantheon?”

“That’s already been taken care of. Mykel and I had a talk about Hermes, and we both have a plan for him, and of course, it’s to show the other Gods how dangerous he is,” Loki answered with a mischievous smile.

Hera and Gaia stared at Loki with suspicion, but then suddenly something flew right next to them and hit the ground really hard. They were startled, and then checked what it was, but it turned out it was Mykel. He was lying deep on the ground with his messy hair covering his eyes.

Nidhoggr growled as he slowly descended and carefully rested his head on the ground. Mykel then stood up as he groaned and massaged his right shoulder.

“Looks like someone is happy to be able to catch me,” Mykel said as he jumped from the ground and then landed in front of Hera.

“How did he catch up on you? He’s not even that fast,” Loki asked.

“I was distracted by something else, and then got hit by his massive body,” Mykel said as he stared at Jeanne’s feed.

Jeanne and the others were already on the seventeenth floor, but they were struggling to find the way because of the thick fog that couldn’t be gotten rid of. The demons were pretending to be humans, and they couldn’t tell which was a real human or a demon.

“I can see why,” Hera said as she checked on Agnez’s feed. “Samael is really something, just like Belphegor,” Hera continued. “Are you going down there to guide them?” Hera looked at Mykel.

“No, they will be fine, and if not, I can just bring them all back to life. I have a more important thing to do here, and I’m planning to spend my time here to tame him,” Mykel answered as he looked at Nidhoggr. “I need to focus on this while I have time,”

Hera hummed with understanding.

“Mykel, do you have time? There’s something I want to discuss,” Hera said with a serious expression.

Mykel raised his eyebrow as he fixed his hair and then nodded his head. “Sure,”


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