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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 233 Bahasa Indonesia

“You’re going to pay for this, Lucifer!” Freyja said as she held her voice down and grabbed Brisingamen from Odin’s hand.

All the Valkyries readied their shields, spears, and swords as they protected Freyja and Odin from Lucifer. Half of them flew toward him while the rest of them stayed to protect Freyja who tried to lift Gungnir from his stomach.

“Baldur! Help me!” Freyja yelled as she stared at Baldur who was ready to join the Valkyries to fight Lucifer.

Baldur ran toward Odin and grabbed Gungnir with both hands, but the two of them couldn’t lift it up. They looked at Odin, he was struggling to survive from his own weapon and couldn’t help them lift it up.

The Valkyries were pointing their swords and spears at Lucifer, but then Luciel flew past Lucifer and swung her long sword at them all at once. The Valkyries were overwhelmed by Luciel’s power and got knocked back by her sword.

One of the Valkyries got slashed in the chest, and she felt an immense amount of pain. She had no idea what had happened to her until she noticed her armor and skin melted and it didn’t stop. She struggled until her whole body melted and turned into light particles.

Luciel’s sword was made to kill even with only a small cut. Mykel was fine back then because he prepared [Regeneration] skill before he fought her. Luciel herself got a drawback from wielding the sword, and she was constantly regenerating the wound when she held the sword because there was no handle or cover that could comprehend the sword’s power.

Heimdall had been watching them and decided to grab Gjallarhorn from his back and blow it. It was so loud that all the worlds in Yggdrasil could hear it loud and clear that a threat had appeared.

Heimdall stabbed the sword and created a portal behind him. It didn’t take long until all the Aesir Gods and Goddesses showed up with the High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, and the strongest Awakeners from Midgard coming out of the portal.

Luciel watched thousands of people in front of her, but she was still not showing any expression at all. She knew she could handle all of them on her own without a problem, and they couldn’t be compared to Mykel, even though there were thousands of them altogether.

A bolt of lightning struck the ground, and it was Thor who came down to Folkvangr with black and white mist following him. Loki and Sif appeared from the white and black mist behind Thor, and Thor was surprised when he saw Odin laying down on the ground with half of Gungnir in his stomach.

Loki’s eyes were wide open when he saw Lucifer with his sword in his right hand standing in front of Mykel. His pupils were shaking and he didn’t hesitate to pull his weapon Laevatein hidden behind his long hair.

Lucifer glanced over his right shoulder and then moved away before Loki appeared behind his back to stab him. Lucifer stared at Loki who looked furious, and he couldn’t help but smirk when he saw Loki’s expression.

“Are you seriously going to use that small dagger against me?” Lucifer asked as he stared at Laevatein in Loki’s right hand.

Loki didn’t say a word, and suddenly ice needles struck Lucifer from the sky, but he blocked it with his wings. Lucifer felt his wings a bit stiff after blocking the ice needles, and when he checked his wings, they were slowly swallowed by frostbite.

Lucifer tried to spread his wings to stop the frostbite, but Loki started attacking him again. He was a bit annoyed because Loki could strike and disappear simultaneously. Suddenly there were two Loki that appeared in between him. One with a dagger, the other one with a short sword.

The longer the battle, the more Loki appeared around Lucifer, and each one of them had a different fighting style and weapon that it was quite irritating for him to deal with all of them at once. Laevatein was a weapon without a form, and it could become anything that Loki wishes. It could also become a staff that allowed him to use powerful magic that was almost equal to Zeus, Ra, and other Gods who had [Arcana Magic] skill.

Thor was busy helping Freyja and Baldur lift Gungnir from Odin’s stomach. The three of them couldn’t even move it, not even a tiny bit. Odin was still trying to stay awake or he would die the moment he lost consciousness.

“What are you doing?” Jord’s voice could be heard from the ground.

The roots on the ground decided to come up to the surface, and they turned into Jord once the roots entangled with each other. She walked toward them, and the first thing she did was grab Odin’s right hand and put it on Gungnir.

“Now hold his hand and lift it up!” Jord said as she looked at Odin’s stomach.

They lifted Gungnir from Odin’s stomach so easily, and the moment Odin removed his hand from Gungnir, it became as heavy as thousands of mountains. It fell right next to him and nobody could handle the mighty Gungnir.

“Leave Odin to me, you have more important things to do,” Jord said as she looked at the three of them, and then she wrapped Odin in a root as she tried to heal the wound with her power.

Thor and Freyja watched the Gods and Goddesses get slaughtered by Luciel. They couldn’t win against her even though she was just a Demon Princess. Freyja realized that involving themselves with those two would only bring trouble and the fall of their worlds.

Before the three of them could join in the battle, the bright sun was covered with a giant moon that they had never seen before. A woman in a dark purple dress descended from the sky, and it was Nyx who came to aid Lucifer.

“Nyx,” Freyja clenched her fist as she glared at Nyx furiously.

Hel watched the situation and decided to join the fight as well. She spread her arms and the white mist spread around Folkvangry in less than a minute. The mist was so thick that nobody could see past it.

Hundreds of thousands of silhouettes appeared from the mist. Those were the warriors that were sent to her world, warriors who died in disgrace, and most of them were stronger than the warriors that Odin and Freyja chose.

Freyja looked at Hel and never thought she would join the battle because she thought Hel despised them since Hel was abandoned and sent to the underworld by Odin. Suddenly Loki appeared right next to Thor with a staff in his left hand, and Mykel wrapped around Loki’s right arm.

Mykel fell to his knees because the wound was still open and he was bleeding like a river as he kept spending Arcana Coins to heal the wound.

Finally, the wound was closing after Mykel spent half a trillion Arcana Coins. Freyja and Baldur were shocked that he was the first being who survived Gungnir’s attack.

Mykel stood straight as he stared at Odin trying to survive, and then he looked at Freyja as he opened his left hand at her. Freyja looked at him with a puzzled look and didn’t understand why he reached out his hand at her.

“Lend me the Brisingamen, and I will send those three away from your world,” Mykel said with a serious expression.

For some unknown reason, Freyja lifted her hand and gave the Brisingamen to Mykel without hesitation. She somehow believed in his words while Baldur and Jord stared at her in disbelief.

Mykel put the necklace on and then he patted Thor and Loki on the shoulder. “Let’s deal with Luciel first, she’s the real problem,” Mykel said as he stared at Luciel slashing her sword up in the sky with dozens of Valkyries and Gods fighting her.

“Let’s go, brother,” Loki said as he nodded his head at Thor.

Thor lifted his hand and a bolt of lightning struck his hand to bring his Mjollnir to his side.

“I’m ready,” Thor said as he nodded back at Loki.

Mykel flew up into the sky and activated the [Sunny Torch]. The night sky had turned into a day instantly the moment he produced the sun. Freyja was bewildered when Mykel could create something so magnificent compared to what she could.

Luciel, Nyx, and Lucifer stared at Mykel and the three of them were worried about the massive sun above his head. While they were worried about Mykel and the sun above his head, they heard the screams of hundreds of thousands of people from behind the mist. All of them were affected by the [Sunny Torch] since they were Hel’s followers, and Hel was Mykel’s follower.

Thor and Loki felt a tremendous amount of power flowing into them, and they were so excited with the power that they had never felt before.

Lucifer and Mykel stared at each other, and then Lucifer slashed the air to create a rift.

“We are leaving, there’s no need to fight them anymore,” Lucifer said as he walked into the rift.


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