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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 234 Bahasa Indonesia

“What?! You’re removing Odin? Why?” Nyx asked with a surprised expression.

“He tried to kill Mykel, and I warned all of you to not touch him unless it’s me who’s doing it. Since he didn’t listen, there’s no need to keep him,” Lucifer answered as he walked to his throne and put his sword back into his ribs.

Nyx was so confused and stared at Lucifer with a puzzled look.

“What’s wrong with killing him? It’s a good thing that Odin tried to kill him because there won’t be any obstacle to our plan,” Nyx tried to calm down because Luciel had been staring at her the moment she raised her voice at Lucifer.

“That’s what I thought before,” Lucifer answered as he sat down on his throne. “But after I brought him here, we had a deal. That deal made me realize there would be a chance for us to fight her,” Lucifer continued as he leaned on his throne and crossed his legs.

Nyx didn’t question Lucifer’s decision because she believed in him. She did realize if both Lucifer and Mykel had decided to focus on the same goal, they might have had a chance to fight Mara. The only thing that bothered her was Lucifer trusting Mykel, and she didn’t want him to get tricked into Mykel’s scheme after knowing how cunning and sly he was, especially with Loki on his side.

“Do you think it was Mykel’s plan?” Nyx stared at Lucifer from the corner of her eyes.

“Getting himself in that situation? No, I don’t think so,” Lucifer said as he stared at the red carpet in front of him. “It’s all just a pure coincidence and even so it was a coincidence, he gained a lot from it,” Lucifer sighed as he closed his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, maybe we can get someone else to replace him. What about Ra? We can try and use him since he’s similar to Odin,” Nyx asked.

“Do you think you can do it?” Lucifer asked back with his eyebrow raised.

Nyx opened a portal next to her with her left hand.

“I will try,” Nyx said, and then entered the portal.

Luciel just stood there and didn’t say a word, she then looked at Lucifer who was thinking about what had happened back there.

“What do you want to say, Luciel?” Lucifer asked as he rested his head on his left fist.

Luciel shook her head. “If you need me, I will be in Gehenna,” Luciel said as she left the palace.

“Why do you want to go down there? This place is better for you,” Lucifer asked.

“To see my sisters,” Luciel answered as she turned her head to look at Lucifer.

Lucifer furrowed his forehead and stared at Luciel with a puzzled look, but he didn’t say anything as he watched Luciel leave Empyrean World.

(In Folkvangr)

Nobody was cheering even though they sent Lucifer away because Odin, their king was dying. They were worried about him, and their only hope was Jord who had been trying to stop his bleeding, but the wound wouldn’t heal.

‘We have to bring him to Urdarbrunn lake…” Jord said as she stared at Odin who was slowly weakened by his condition. “It’s the only place where he can rest and feel no pain. We can’t do anything else but wait until he’s fully recovered,” Jord explained as she rubbed Odin’s cheek gently.

“The three Norns,” Thor said under his breath.

Mykel glanced at Thor the moment he said the three Norns. The three Norns were the ones who controlled the thread of fate, and he talked about it with Hera and Loki a long time ago.

Freyja wrapped her arms underneath Odin’s back and legs. She lifted him up and flew away to where the lake was. Thor followed her from behind because he was worried about him while Baldur stayed behind because he couldn’t fly.

“You, how are you still alive after getting struck by Gungnir?” Baldur asked as he stared at Mykel.

“The only answer you can get is from Odin himself, he must be surprised by how much I spent to stay alive,” Mykel answered calmly as he stared at the sky. “I guess we should go there as well, Loki. She forgot her necklace,” Mykel showed the Brisingamen to Loki.

Loki raised his eyebrows and looked at Mykel with mild shock because he thought Mykel would be taking it since it was a powerful item that someone like him could get. But he didn’t say a word and brought Mykel to Urdarbrunnr so he could give back the Brisingamen to Freyja.

The moment they arrived, Mykel was surprised to see the whole place was nothing like he thought it would be. It was a cave made of roots. He knew that the lake was underneath the Yggdrasil’s tree and located in one of the roots, but never thought it would look like that.

They could hear the splashing sound and the sound of something that was being rubbed like a sheet far inside the cave as they walked deeper. When they took a left turn, they saw a small lake and everything was all white because the threads were covering the whole area.

Mykel watched Freyja slowly put Odin down into the lake. She then slowly removed her hands from Odin and let him bathe inside the lake. His whole body slowly turned white like milk, and he sounded so relaxed by listening to his long sigh of relief.

It was said in Norse mythology that the water from Urdarbrunnr lake was holy water that fed the Yggdrasil tree itself. It could say that the water of Urdarbrunnr was the water that provided life, and anyone who drank the water could live for thousands of years without sickness.

Mykel looked at the three Norns who were busy threading the thread as they hummed with their beautiful voices. They ignored their presence and kept doing what they were doing like a robot programmed to run a system. They even didn’t bother with their surroundings because almost their bodies were covered in threads.

Freyja took a glance at the threads around her because she wanted to know how long Odin’s life would last.

“He will be fine,” A dark brown-haired woman and bright yellow eyes in full plate armor with a dagger on her waist said.

Goddess Skuld, was the one who decided everyone’s future and including their deaths. She was a Valkyries, like Freyja, and she was believed to be the best tanker who raised her shield and blocked hundreds of thousands of blows.

Freyja was so happy to hear that from Skuld, and she couldn’t describe how happy she was.

“But everyone has to die someday, and that day, he will die in this holy lake without even tasting the soil, the fresh air, the bright sky, and the starry night,” Skuld said as she kept staring at the thread in her hand.

“Does that mean he won’t recover from this? He will spend the rest of his life here?” Thor asked with a worried expression.

“It is how it is,” Skuld answered in a flat tone.

Freyja’s hands trembled as she gently touched Odin’s cheeks. Odin who listened to Skuld couldn’t do anything but accept his fate. He didn’t say a word or make any expression, he accepted it like how the Valkyries accepted their deaths.

Thor clenched his fists, and then he looked at Loki and Mykel who had been listening and watching them from the other side of the lake.

Mykel touched the water and it was cold, but it felt so freshening and comfortable like how he felt when he flew up in the sky. He approached Freyja and slowly opened his right hand to show the Brisingamen on his palm.

Freyja looked at the Brisingamen and then lifted her head to look at Mykel with her teary eyes. She wanted to ask for his help, but her mouth was shut as if her mouth was being sewn by thread and needle. She then grabbed the Brisingamen and put it around her necklace as she stared at it.

Skuld glanced at Mykel and clenched the thread in her left hand.

“Don’t play with the fate of other beings,” Skuld said.

“Who are you to judge? You should reconsider what you’re about to say next, or I will cut your fate of thread,” Mykel stared back at Skuld with a serious expression.

Skuld smiled as she continued threading the thread. “Brute force would eventually conquer the divine forces of heaven,” Skuld said.


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