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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 232 Bahasa Indonesia

“Give it back!” Freyja yelled at Mykel with her worried and scared expression because Brisingamen was something precious and hard to get, or at least for her.

Mykel smirked as he raised his eyebrow and stared down at Freyja. “Why? You can sleep with all the dwarves again so they can make you a new one. Isn’t that how you get this necklace?” Mykel asked with a mocking smile.

[Brisingamen: When equipped, the User will attain a [Sunny Torch] skill]

[Sunny Torch (Active/Passive): Allow the User to create a replicate of the sun. When the sun radiates, it gives the User and their followers [All Status Resistance (Lv.10)], [Body Enhancement (Lv.10)], [Recovery (Lv.10)], [Might (Lv.10)] for as long as the sun radiates the light. (Can only be used once a day. The duration depends on the User’s [Magic] and [Stamina])]

“Valkyries!” Freyja shouted as she pointed at Mykel. “Bring me back my necklace,” Freyja said as she gritted her teeth and glared at Mykel furiously.

All the Valkyries rode the pegasus and flew toward Mykel at full speed while Mykel smirked as he watched them and put Brisingamen in his pocket. He didn’t care much about the Valkyries since he got the opportunity to possess Brisingamen.

(In Valhalla)

Thor, Loki, Hel, and Sif were standing below Odin who was drinking his mead. They stared at him enjoying his drink and lazily sat down on his throne as carefree as a small child. They knew that he knew they were coming since every living being could be sensed as soon as they entered Valhalla.

“Father,” Thor said as he walked closer and rested his right leg on the first step of the stairs.

“Compared to the children that I have, you’re still my favorite,” Odin said as he gulped the last mead in the cup. “I was never planning to make you nor any of my children takeover my seat as the king of Aeris,” Odin continued as he wiggled the cup to ask the servant to refill his cup.

Thor and Loki squinted their eyes when they heard what Odin said.

“I have told you the stories about my brothers, when Fenrir ate them,” Odin said as he sighed and stared Thor in the eye. “The ideal of becoming a king is to be lonely. Becoming lonely, you would be selfless and would care for the people around you, and the people that love you. It would become the most precious thing that you will feel, because of it,” Odin continued as he stared at his own reflection in the mead.

Thor furrowed his forehead with a confused look on his face while Loki understood what Odin meant. He stared at Thor who was still figuring out what Odin was trying to say.

“When you’re loving or being loved, there will always be jealousy. You can’t satisfy everyone, and if you want to be a king like me who has ruled from the beginning you should eliminate those who would or might be jealous of you,” Odin explained as he tapped his fingers on the armrest.

“If you really want to sit here, you should prove it to me that you’re worthy to take the seat from me,” Odin said.

Thor clenched his hand, and he was so prepared for the thing that Odin was going to say.

“Say it, how should I prove it to you, father?” Thor asked as he stared Odin in the eye.

“Kill all your brothers and loved ones. After you managed to kill all of them, then we can fight and find who’s the strongest God,” Odin said as he stood up and crushed the cup in his hand. “Come back to me when your hand is covered in the blood of your loved ones,”

The presence of the true king, the All-Father made everyone who was present in the hall terrified.

“All of you came here and forgot your place of who made your life so easy and peaceful. I will forget this moment and ignore this stupidity,” Odin said as he stared at all of them who were lowering their heads in fear. “If there’s nothing else you want to say, leave,” Odin said as he stared into the distance as if he was seeing something other than the walls and pillars in front of him.

Odin transformed himself into dozens of raves and flew away so quickly that all those ravens looked like shadows that tried to avoid the light.

(In Folkvangr)

Mykel stood in front of the unkillable Gods and Valkyries. They were still trying to get Brisingamen from his hand, but it was impossible to do that because Mykel was superior to them after he activated all his skills.

“Looks like I will be adding more collection for myself,” Mykel said with a smile as he stared at Brisingamen in his right hand.

Before Freyja could say anything, they heard the sound of ravens’ wings flapping in the sky. They looked up and saw dozens of raves flying down and combined together. They turned into Odin and his left hand was holding a spear, and that spear couldn’t miss and would always kill its target, Gungnir.

Odin threw Gungnir at Mykel, and it was the same exact feeling when the lightning struck him during his game with Beldathiel’s dice. He couldn’t react, and he was already impaled to the ground with a golden long spear right into his chest.

[Would you like to use 500,000,000 Arcana Coins to fully recover all the wounds?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

[Would you like to use 500,000,000 Arcana Coins to fully recover all the wounds?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel was a bit confused because the notification came again, but he tapped the [Yes] button again without hesitation.

[Would you like to use 500,000,000 Arcana Coins to fully recover all the wounds?]

[Yes.] [No.]

At that moment he realized that his life was depending on the amount of Arcana Coins that he had. He kept tapping the [Yes] button as he watched Odin slowly walk toward him and stared at him with curiosity.

“You came to my world, corrupted my son, and now you took Brisingamen from the woman I love? You bite off more than you can chew,” Odin said as he leaned down and grabbed Brisingamen from Mykel’s hand.

Mykel tried to pull Gungnir off his chest, but it wouldn’t budge. He knew that only Odin could use it, and so he decided to wait until Odin pulled Gungnir off his chest.

“I’m amazed that you’re still alive,” Odin said as he squinted his eyes and stared at Mykel who didn’t even panic or get scared. “Looks like you really have something under your sleeve. Let’s see for how long you can survive,” Odin continued as he grabbed Gungnir and pressed it down more.

Mykel started coughing blood and covered his eyes with it.

“Look at you, bleed like mortals,” Odin said as he put his right foot on Mykel’s chest and rested his arms on Gungnir.

Mykel ignored Odin as he used [Admin] skill to modify the amount of the Arcana Coins he had. Suddenly he heard a sighed in his head, and then he paused for a moment to make sure he did hear something.

The blue sky turned white as the blinding light covered Folkvangr. Mykel smirked as he tried to chuckle but ended up coughing more blood.

“You just made a huge mistake,” Mykel said with a smile on his face as he stared at Odin.

Lucifer descended right next to Mykel and stared down at him with a disappointed expression. Luciel was there with him as well, and she didn’t even show any expression when she saw Mykel being helpless on the ground.

“Lucifer, what are you doing here?!” Odin asked with a surprised expression.

Lucifer averted his gaze toward Odin and instantly slashed his sword at him right into his chest diagonally. Odin was taken back and took a few steps back in disbelief and confusion at the same time.

“He’s mine, didn’t I say that clearly?” Lucifer asked calmly as he slowly pulled Gungnir from Mykel’s chest as if he was trying to enjoy it while it lasted.

“I don’t need someone who didn’t take my words seriously,” Lucifer said as he threw Gungnir back at Odin and stabbed him in the stomach.


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