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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 134 Bahasa Indonesia

While everyone was trying to defend the city from the demons, the sky suddenly turned dark red. Everyone looked at the sky and stopped attacking, the demons also stopped attacking and they suddenly roared, growled, and screamed in excitement.

“I don’t like this,” Gunnar looked at the red sky and then looked at the demons behind the fire who were screaming in pain that suddenly changed into excitement. “Is this it? The thing that Miss Edith mentioned about a powerful demon that came out from the tower?”

“I don’t know, but as long as the demons can’t get through my magic, there’s nothing to be worried about,” Rozan said as he opened the [Stamina Potion] and drank it immediately. “I’m prepared for it anyway, and we both haven’t used our [Harmony] skill yet,”

A loud banging sound could be heard from the tower, and they both were frozen still as their eyes stared at the gate. Something big came out from the gate and the silhouette of the demon could be seen from behind the fire.

“I’m not going to let you through,” Rozan said and activated his [Harmony] skill.

The dark clouds became thicker and the rumbling sound of thunder covered the whole district. Rozan decided to pour the rain and extinguished the wall of fire that he made, then everyone could see what lies behind the fire.

A horned demon that looked like a crown on its head walked so slowly toward them with its massive flame sword without a handle in its hand. The flame didn’t get extinguished by rain as if it was an eternal fire, and that alone was enough to tell that the demon wasn’t just any ordinary demon, it could be a demon lord.

“Let’s see if you can withstand this,” Rozan struck the demon with multiple thick bolts of lightning.

The demon wasn’t even flinched from the bolts as if the lightning didn’t hurt the demon at all. Rozan gripped the staff so tightly and started to strike the demon with all the lightning he could control at once.

It was deafening and blinding that everyone had to cover their ears and closed their eyes for a second.

“How the hell is that thing still moving?!” Rozan said as he threw a solid boulder of rocks at the demon then he turned the rain into sharp needles of ice and pouted them onto the demon.

Gunnar turned around and looked at the Major as he pointed at the demon. “We need air support and bombard this damn demon with everything you got!” he yelled as he glared at the Major.

The demon broke the boulder with its bare hand by just pointing its palm at the boulder. The demon then swung its sword with its muscular brown greyish arm and created a blazing wave that melted and evaporated the ice and rain around it.

“This demon is too strong, not even the demon lord servants that we had fought could easily break my magic,” Rozan said as he thought of a way to deal with it. “If we have Jeanne or Nagy with us, we might be able to find its weaknesses,”

The sound of jet fighters from the sky could be heard and the demon looked at the sky as if it knew that it was a threat to it.

“No! Tell them to turn around!” Rozan said to the Major.

Before the Major could tell the pilots to turn around, they heard explosions in the sky. They all looked at the fighter jets being destroyed by some kind of force then they looked at the demon with its hand pointed in the direction of the jets.

The demon looked at them and it smirked for a split second then it jumped so high toward those two. Gunnar looked at Rozan and pushed him away before the demon landed on top of them.

“Gunnar!” Rozan screamed as he tried to stand up.

Gunnar was blocking the demon’s sword with both hands but he was slowly getting pushed down to the ground. The demon roared at him but then bullets and missiles were fired at the demons including the plasma cannon.

Rozan created an avalanche on the ground that the demon was standing on and pushed him away from Gunnar.

“Gunnar! Are you okay?” Rozan ran toward Gunnar who was stuck on the ground.

“I’m fine, but I think I broke my ankles,” Gunnar groaned as he tried to get out from the ground. “I can’t move, can you help me?”

Rozan manipulated the ground and pushed Gunnar out from the ground then he pushed Gunnar to the far back so he could recover from his injuries. He looked at the demon and he was so pissed that he was helpless against the demon.

“Thank you for saving my ass, my preparation is done,” Rozan said as he looked at the dark sky and something shiny slowly descended from behind the cloud.

Everyone was shocked when they saw a giant block of ice that looked like an iceberg appear from the cloud. Rozan was collecting all the rain and created a massive iceberg and he didn’t hesitate to drop it down.

For an iceberg that was as big as a space rocket, he pushed it down so fast that it broke the wind.

The demon tried to hold it but it was too fast and only managed to break the tip of the iceberg while the rest of it crushed him onto the ground. The shockwave was enough to throw everyone away and the earthquake was strong enough to destroy the buildings near the tower.

“Yeah, block that you fucking shit,” Rozan said as he tried to stand up.

The heavy rain poured the ground again and the ice made a sizzling sound as it slowly melted away, but then they heard a crackling sound that came from the iceberg. They saw the flame sword come out from the iceberg, and then the demon slowly stood up and break the ice around it.

“You have to be fucking kidding me,” Rozan was speechless as he clenched his fists.

“Let’s deal with him together, Rozan,” Gunnar put his hand on Rozan’s shoulder. “I haven’t done anything yet,”

“Yeah, we have to deal with this as soon as possible, we have to help the others because they must be struggling as well,” Rozan nodded his head as he exhaled deeply. “We got this,”

(In District 3)

Asmond, Enma, and Kastor were standing in front of a demon with six arms with the bottom part of its body looking like a spider. Hundreds of Awakeners had fallen because they tried to fight the demon, and the plasma cannon couldn’t be used anymore because it was overheated.

“Asmond, your skill ran out?” Kastor asked as he held his left shoulder because he broke his shoulder.

“Yes, but I’m not going to let this demon walk past us,” Asmond said with blood covering the right side of his face. “If we can’t deal with this, nobody can. We are the only ones left,”

Enma groaned as she lifted her shield. “We manage to hurt the demon severely, we just need to finish the job,” she said as she held the shield with both hands.

“Yes, we can do this,” Asmond held his sword so tightly and readied his stance.

Both Kastor and Enma could see that Asmond’s hands were trembling and that his sword made a clattering sound.

“The three of you can stand back,” A woman’s voice could be heard from behind them.

They all turned around and saw Zherlthsh and Vixelleth walking toward them with nothing in their hands.

“Miss Zeth? Miss Vix? What are you doing here? This whole place is dangerous!”

“Dangerous?” Zherlthsh said with a smirk and eyebrow raised. “It’s dangerous for you, not for us,” she continued as she tightened the gloves.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth jumped over the three of them and Zherlthsh punched the demon in the face while Vixelleth kicked the demon in the stomach. The demon got thrown away quite far away and hit the wall of the tower even though they barely used any strength.

“So, you both are Awakeners?!” Asmond asked with his eyes wide open.

“It doesn’t matter who we are,” Zherlthsh watched the demon recover from the punch and slowly stood up. “For now, just stand back. We will deal with the demons from here and out,” Zherlthsh stared at them with a gentle smile on her face.

Asmond didn’t want to make another mistake by interrupting so he decided to leave with Kastor and Enma following him from behind.

Zherlthsh rolled her sleeves as she walked toward the demon. “You’re not that weak, Zegmath, use your true form already because we both won’t play around,”

“Princess Zherlthsh, Princess Vixelleth, you betrayed the demons!” Zegmath said with its vibrating voice.

“We are not betraying the demons, we are just rebelling,” Vixelleth said with a smirk on her face and started to chuckle mischievously.


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