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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 133 Bahasa Indonesia

“You came to the wrong world, motherfucker!” Rozan pointed his staff and created a massive wall of fire surrounding the tower. “Let’s see if you can get out from that wall unscratched,”

“I’m not letting this motherfucker breathe,” Rozan lifted the ground around him and reshaped them into boulders then he threw them all toward the gate. He didn’t care about the damages, all he cared about was killing the demons that came out from the tower.

Gunnar was staring at Rozan with his eyebrows raised while the Awakeners and soldiers were watching Rozan’s magic with their eyes and mouth wide open.

“Did something happen? You look so pissed,” Gunnar asked as he enjoyed the view. “Constipation?”

“Don’t joke around, dude, let me concentrate!” Rozan said as he stared at the sky and formed dark clouds on top of the towers.

Rozan’s [Magic] and [Anti-Magic] had combined and became [Magi], it made him able to control all elements and made it his own. He could use the enemy’s magic and use it against themselves instead of making them unable to use magic. Not only that, the magic he produced was only one rank below [Arcana Magic] which was really amazing.

Thunder bolts struck the demons and disintegrated them before they could even try to get out of the wall of fire. He didn’t stop there, he cast tornados all over the tower and made them walk through the fire that created flame tornados.

Not a single demon could be seen coming out from the wall of fire, but they all could hear the roar and the scream of pain that came from behind the fire. Rozan turned them into ashes and flattened them to the ground with the boulders like it was nothing to him.

Mykel smirked as he watched Rozan from the small window in the void, he was proud of Rozan because he didn’t hesitate to go all out. Rozan was a cocky character but his cockiness didn’t mean he would underestimate the enemy, instead, he would massacre them all with his amazing magic without mercy and hesitation.

(In District 3)

Kastor and Asmond with all the Awakeners from the Fraternity Association were standing in line while the soldiers used the newly developed weapons on the demons. It was a plasma canon and the soldiers shot the canon from the distance with the cannon bolted to the ground.

The plasma was enough to explode the demons into pieces and they were all amazed by how powerful the cannon was. Unfortunately, the cannon was still a prototype so they could only shoot a dozen times before it malfunctioned or overheated.

“Save the cannon for last! Let’s use the bombs and air supports first!” Kastor said to the Major who was standing in front of the plasma cannon.

The Major nodded in agreement and then called the air supports for them.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth were just leaning on the rail with their head resting on their hand as they watched the demons get bombarded and blasted by bombs and bullets. They weren’t amazed by it because they had seen something more destructive that even a few demon lords were dead because of it.

“So far everything is going as we expected, and I hope it will keep that way,” Lyneth said with her hands clenched.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth smirked as they stared at Lyneth, but they didn’t want to spoil the fun for her.

“I see that Barika shared his world’s technology with us, I should thank him properly next time,” Mykel said with a smile on his face.

(In District 7)

Lillith charged toward the demons with bullets flying past her from behind while Gerrard gave her cover from the distance and took care of the demons with explosive arrows. She wasn’t bothered by the bullets because she could sense every single bullet that came from behind her and easily dodged them if the bullets curved toward her direction.

Lillith used [Harmony] as soon as she got close to the demons and started to jump into the middle of the horde. She swung her daggers toward the demons, she decapitated and mutilated them as a butcher and nothing could stop her.

Gerrard stood on top of the semi-truck with hundreds of quivers ready behind him, quivers with specially made arrowheads in them. He used the [Blessed Damascus Steel] for the arrowheads and it was strong enough to penetrate a meter thick steel door.

Gerrard shot the arrow at the crowds of demons around Lillith, and the arrow penetrate the demons’ heads until the arrow was stuck on the ground and was covered with blood. Lillith looked at Gerrard with a smile on her face while Gerrard gave her a thumbs up.

Those two could handle the demons on their own so the Major ordered the soldiers to stop firing and save the bullets for later. The Awakeners decided to join Lillith on the battlefield and it gave them a morale boost after watching those two handled the demons so easily.

Little did they know that it wasn’t the demon who was easy to kill, but it was Lillith who was too strong for the demons.

(In District 9)

Vincze led the Awakeners into the battle, he was far at the front and already clashed with the demons as he thrust his spear at the demons. He had prepared dozens of [Stamina Potion] in his backpack, and he could use [Soul Strike] skill over and over without worries.

Vincze thrust his spear and it was enough to make a giant hole in the demons’ bodies a few meters in front of him. He thrust his spear over and over that making the other Awakeners a bit scared to get too close to him because they didn’t want to have holes in their bodies.

They were so focused on Vincze including the demons that they didn’t notice Nagy was walking past the demons undetected because of her [Stealth] skill. She walked all the way to the front and stood in front of the entrance of the tower.

Nagy watched hundreds of demons inside the endless hallway, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the demons walked past her. She activated [Harmony] and entered the tower on her own then started to decapitate two demons’ heads.

Nagy swung and thrust her katars as she jumped from one demon to another that she didn’t even touch the ground and kept herself on top of the demon’s body. She stabbed the demon’s heart, neck, and head based on the [Signum] skill she had to see the demon’s weaknesses.

“I have never been able to be by myself, it feels weird after spending time together with them and ending up here on my own again. But this, this is how I supposed to be,” Nagy said as she stared at dozens of headless demons behind her.

(In District 10)

Sven was laughing and screaming in excitement as he cut the demons in half with his massive scythe while the other Awakeners looked at him with concern. He charged into the middle of the horde like Lillith, the demons were no match for him, and adding [Demon Bane] on the demons, it made things a lot easier for him.

“Now this is what I’m talking about! Come on!” Sven said as he relentlessly swung his scythe and the demons who were blocking his path as he went toward the gate to lure the demons back toward him.

Sven was on his own but his presence was enough to overwhelm the Awakeners and gave them courage after watching how crazy he was. They knew that they weren’t as strong as him and they had been warned by Lyneth that the demons weren’t something they could fight head-on.

The Awakeners fought side by side and dealt with one to three demons at a time to reduce the risk of getting killed. They were fighting the demons on the sides while the soldiers dealt with the demons and gave them covers from the distance.

They were all doing their job properly and everything was organized even though the demons were stronger than them, they were at advantage and slowly pushed the demons back.

(In District 11)

Jeanne and the awakeners watched the demons getting slaughtered by bullets, bombs, and missiles. She didn’t want to risk the Awakeners’ lives, so she let the soldiers handle the hordes first since the demons were still able to be taken care of with bullets, bombs, and missiles.

“Let’s just stay here and watch, I want you to see what kind of demons that we are dealing with. I want you to learn their moves, how fast they react, and how strong those demons are,” Jeanne said as she looked at them.

“Yes, we are paying attention and ready whenever you give us an order, Miss Jeanne,” A woman Awakener said as she looked at Jeanne with admiration.

“Good, that’s what I want to hear,” Jeanne nodded her head and looked at the demons struggling to survive.

(In District 13)

Agnez stretched and cracked her neck with her face and sword were covered with demon blood. Everyone had no idea what to do because she took care of all the demons already and the whole place was filled with demon corpses.

[Y?u ha?e a??ained a n?? ski??!]

[Yo? h?ve atta?n?d [Demonic Possession (?)] S?ill]

[Demonic Possession (Active/Toggle) (?): All?w the User t? possess th? power ?he demon th?t re?id?d inside the U?er body (Can only be used once and ??? ??? ??? ??? ???)]

“What the fuck is this bullshit?” Agnez closed the notification and ignored it as she waited for the next horde of demons.


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