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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 135 Bahasa Indonesia

“Who are they? They’re like Mykel,” Enma asked as she saw both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth standing in front of Zegmath with its body torn apart. “Are there really people like them out there that we still don’t know about?”

“Let’s not talk about how strong they are first,” Kastor said as he was being treated by the medic. “Did you see that demon transform itself into something terrifying? It had wings and its body went twice as bigger than before,”

“If they’re not here with us, does that mean our death is imminent?” Enma looked at Kastor and Asmond with fear written all over her face.

“Yes, we are saved again, for who knows how many times,” Asmond said as he walked away because he didn’t want to be saved, he wanted to save people. “We live behind these people’s shadows and we can’t keep on living like this,”

Kastor and Enma looked at Asmond and they were worried because he had changed and started to act weird. He was blinded by his hatred and inferiority that he forgot about all the achievements that he got, and it made Kastor realize that he had to do something about it.

“Just die, Zegmath,” Vixelleth said as she put her left foot on top of Zegmath’s body. “If Mahazael is being generous, he will bring you back to life,”

Zegmath chuckled with its weird vibrating voice. “Princesses, your life is in danger because the eldest Princess has spoken and it’s better for my lady to stay away from the Lucifer tower,”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Vixelleth squinted her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows.

Zegmath was about to open its mouth but then its body was burned into ashes so slowly as if someone or something prevented Zegmath from telling them about what happened.

“His tower? Should we go and check, sister?” Zherlthsh looked at Vixelleth who was deep in thought.

“We should, but we do still have another clue that we need to get from the other demons,” Vixelleth said. “Let’s check the Beelzebub tower and see if we can get something,”

“Hmm, never mind, the demon has been defeated. Interesting,” Vixelleth said as she looked at the north.

(In District 4)

“Eat this you demon!” Gunnar jumped toward the demon and swung his axe down vertically.

The demon blocked Gunnar’s axe but it surprised the demon that Gunnar could push him back. Gunnar had used everything to fight the demon but it wasn’t enough, but Rozan had prepared for the worst.

Gunnar went berserk and swung his axe even though he looked like a chicken compared to the demon but he was able to stand equally with him. His axe was in the brink of destruction and it happened when he swung his axe for one last time with all his might.

“Rozan, I hope you’re ready,” Gunnar said as he threw the handle and used both of his hands to hold the shield.

Rozan was focused on his magic that he didn’t respond to Gunnar’s words.

Gunnar was caught and the demon tore his left arm off then threw him away by a single swing of the demon’s sword and shattered his shield into pieces. Rozan saw it happening and immediately used his left hand on the ground that the demon was standing on. He moved the ground while the demon wasn’t paying attention and created a giant hole.

The demon fell down deep inside the ground as Rozan pushed his right hand downward and this time there was one small ice needle as big as a pencil that came down from the dark clouds. It made a loud noise as it moved as fast as the speed of sound and struck the demon right on top of his head and his body exploded into pieces.

The ice was denser than anything in the world because he compressed a giant iceberg into that small size which weight a few tons. The ice itself was made from Eternal Ice from [Frost] skill, and it was hard to make it happen so it was unable to be melted or destroyed.

Rozan saw Gunnar use the gauntlet to regenerate his arm before he collapsed and fell unconscious because he used everything that he could.

(In District 7)

A serpent with wings as its legs slithered toward Lillith and the Awakeners behind her. It sprayed a venomous purple gas that was enough to melt and decay everything in an instant.

Lillith and the others had to fall back while Gerrard and the soldiers were blasting the serpent with arrows and bullets. Unfortunately, the skin was too thick and they couldn’t do anything about it because the serpent’s wings produced the dust that did the same thing as its venom.

“This is impossible to deal with!” Lillith said as she slowly backed away while the serpent was getting blasted with plasma cannon.

“The air support is coming! Run away from the demon!” The Major screamed at them. “Covering fire!”

Lillith and the others turned around and ran as fast as they could but the serpent managed to bite three Awakeners and pulled them back. Everyone was for themselves and they all were risking their lives so they didn’t bother to help since it was going to kill them if they tried to save them.

The sound of fighter jets was heard from the distance and emptied their gatling guns at the demon. The demon got pushed back and the bullets were exploding the Awakeners’ bodies that were still alive and trying to free themselves.

The jets released the napalm bomb right in front of the serpent and the gas that the serpent produced reacted to the flame. The serpent’s body was in flame and it wiggled its body to put out the fire but the soldiers didn’t let it happen. They kept emptying the magazines and the plasma cannon was shooting the plasma over and over until it finally overheated.

It was all quiet, only the sound of blazing fire could be heard. They looked at the sea of fire and saw the serpent was still alive as it wiggled its body.

The serpent went up vertically and something was moving from inside of its body while everyone was watching. The bottom part of the serpent was torn apart and they saw massive scythe-like legs and arms come out.

“Is it the serpent’s true form?” Lillith asked as she watched the serpent tearing its skin and flesh.

The serpent wings were falling down with the skin and a pair of massive black wings came out from its back. The serpent had turned into something terrifying because of the transformation, but when the serpent tried to flap its wings, the fighter jets made holes in the demon’s wings and made it impossible to fly,

Although the serpent couldn’t fly anymore, it still has legs and arms that looked like a scythe. It could move so swiftly with its massive body and to their surprise, the demon could jump high enough when the fighter jets decided to go down low.

The serpent sliced the jet into half with its scythe-like arm then grabbed another with another. The jets were loaded with bombs and missiles, Gerrard used the opportunity to use the explosive arrow and shot it at one of the bombs.

The bomb exploded and was followed by another, it was like a chain reaction and was enough to blow up half of the demon’s body. Everyone was cheering until the demon sprayed its own body with the gas and it healed the wound on its body completely.

“That’s bullshit, we can’t get close to it and now it could heal itself?!” Lillith said as she stood next to Gerrard.

Since there was nothing else they could do, everyone started to run away because the demon was invincible. Lillith and Gerrard watched them all running away,

“What now, Gerrard? There’s nothing we can do,” Lillith asked.

Gerrard looked at the empty quivers below him, he then shook his head because he didn’t know what to do.

While they were running away and made covering fire so everyone could leave, they saw a helicopter come from the city’s direction and fly toward the tower. Everyone turned around and looked up, they saw two women standing on the skids.

“That’s Zeth and Vix,” Lillith said as she looked at those two chilling on the skids.

Both Zherlthsh and Vixelleth jumped down from the helicopter and they were high enough to get injured when they landed on the ground.

The serpent looked up and saw both of them were coming down on top of its head, and before it could spray the gas toward them, Vixelleth threw a dagger on the demon’s head. It was enough to give them time to axe kick the demon’s head and land on top of the demon’s head.

“You’re still the same, Gargos,” Vixelleth said as she stared down on at the demon. “It’s a disgrace to see a demon lord like you be easily beaten by humans,”

“Princess Vixelle-” Before Gargos could finish the sentence, Vixelleth crushed the head with her heel and killed it instantly.

“There’s no point asking him because he won’t open his mouth anyway,” Vixelleth said as she lifted his heel with the demon blood covering her foot.


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