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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 337: A New Evolution Quest! Bahasa Indonesia

After getting those skills and rearranging the equipped skills, I looked into my status for a few seconds:

[Player Name]: [Planta]

[Title]: [Legendary Warrior]

[Race]: [Hamadryad: Lv50/60] -> [60/60]

[Job Class]: [Spirit Farmer: Lv50/60] -> [60/60]

[Subclass]: [Novice Of All Trades: Lv50/60] -> [60/60]

[EXP]: [–/–]

[Satiation]: [150/150]

[HP]: [1470/1470]

[MP]: [4100/4100]

[STR]: [690]

[VIT]: [565]

[DEX]: [656]

[AGI]: [1054]

[INT]: [1294]

[WIS]: [900]

[LUC]: [590]

[Race Skills: 11/12]

[Ancient Spirit of the Forest: Lv3], [Photosynthesis: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Green Magic: Lv6], [Life Drain: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Daughter of Nature: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Spirit Magic: Lv6], [Spiritual Barrier: Lv15 (Evolved) (Max Level)], [Plant Synthesis: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Fairy Queen’s Protection: Lv3] [Terrain Expansion: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Plant Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)]

[Job Class Skills: 12/12]

[Spirit Agriculture: Lv3], [Robust Body: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Spirit Farming Tool Mastery: Lv15 (Evolved) (Max Level)], [Terrain Manipulation: Lv15 (Evolved) (Max Level)], [Soil Domain: Lv15 (Evolved) (Max Level)], [Great Spirit Vessel: Lv3], [Spirit Ranch: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Spiritual Infusion: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Elemental Spirit Seed: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Spirit Fusion: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Tame: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Farm Animal Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)]

[Subclass Skills: 7/7]

[All Trades: Lv3], [All Stat Super Boost: Lv10 (Fused Skill)] [Forest’s Guardian: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Geomancer: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Plant Absorption: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Nature’s Assimilation: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Farm Spirit Protection: Lv10 (Max Level)]

[Stored Skills (Unequipped): 5]

[Crafting: Lv1], [Alchemy: Lv1] [Fishing: Lv2] [Cooking: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Mining: Lv10 (Max Level)]

[Skill Points: 237] [Stat Points: 150]

[Equipment]: [Spirit of the Forest Robes] [Bracelet of Nature] [Great Spirit Crown of Harvest and Nature] [Seed Pouch] [Mushroom Hero Ring] [Mushroom Hero Bracelet] [Heavenly Ring of Life and Souls]

[You have reached Max Level. You can now begin a Quest to Evolve and Rank Up your Current Job Class and Subclass]

[The Race Evolution and Job Class Rank Up Quests have been merged with the Current World Quest!]

[A Unique Requirement for a Special Evolution has appeared!]

[Summon 1000 Spirits: 49/1000]

[Defeat 300 Miasmic Monsters: 208/300]

[Purify 2500 Miasmic Terrain Tiles: 537/2500]

[Summon a Legendary Grade Weapon: 0/1]

[Acquire a Branch of Yggdrasil: 0/1]

Huh?! What? Special Evolution?

I… where the heck can I get a Branch of Yggdrasil though?

Well, whatever, I’ll sort this out later, I can’t even evolve yet because evolutions and job class rank ups are tied to special quests, and such quests ended merging with the current one. I guess that’s convenient, but at the same time it means I cannot get stronger than this…

And that’s why I acquired these four new Skills, let’s check them out, I have a hunch they’re just what I needed.

[Forest’s Guardian: Lv10 (Max Level)]

As a Hamadryad, you’re not only the Heart of the Forest, but also its guardian. While fighting to protect your Forest against your foes, all your stats increase by +50% and your HP and MP Recovery Speed is increased by x2. You can naturally tell where dangerous things are happening within your Forest, and you’re also able to detect evil presences, while also being able to connect with the Forest more easily.

Additionally, you’re capable of selecting 1 Additional Guardian for your forest, which will gain the same stat boosts and a new and strengthened form depending on their Race, Job Class, and Skills.

Guardians: 0/1

Woah, this Skill’s amazing! Is this why I suddenly felt my stats skyrocket out of the blue? My strength, magic, everything! I feel so strong. Probably the reason why I am overflowing with a powerful Aura.

And I can… assign a Guardian? I think I have an idea who could that be… But I wonder if it could work, seeing how he’s not waking up. I might as well give it a try.

[Geomancer: Lv10 (Max Level)]

Only Spirit Races are capable of connecting with the Earth. The art of such techniques and spells is known as Geomancy. With Geomancy, the user is capable of connecting with the ground within a wide range and see through its Rivers of Mana and Dragon Veins. The earth itself will respond to the user and aid it in a variety of ways.

Spirits will listen more carefully and their stats will increase by +25% when summoned from Dragon Veins.

Your stats increase by +20% while touching the earth with your body, and the amount of MP restored per second is doubled.

Learning Earth Spirit Magic becomes possible.

Additionally, a Connection with the Terrain is possible through this Skill, enhancing the range in which Skills can affect the surrounding Terrain by x20.

This is it! With this skill the range in which I can summon Terrains is increased by x20! I’ve calculated now and my normal attacks to make Terrains have a range of around 4 meters, if this is multiplied by x10, then I now have a range of… 80 meters?! Woah… like this I can easily do it above the sky! And it seems that much like Lily, I can learn Earth Spirit Magic, seems interesting, although I don’t know how I can actually do that right now.

[Plant Absorption: Lv10 (Max Level)]

As a Hamadryad, you’re able to not only protect your forest, but also absorb their nutrients and life to boost your own and better protect it from threats. You can absorb surrounding plant life to fuse them with you and acquire their abilities temporarily, plant-type monsters included.

While absorbing Plants, HP and MP is restored accordingly to the quality and nutrients of the plants, and stats increase up to a maximum of +100% temporarily. The more Plants are eaten, the stronger one can grow. However, the effects are not permanent, and will fade away after 30 Minutes.

Additionally, plant-type monsters absorbed that are Familiars of the user will be separated after 30 minutes. Depending on the type of plant-type monsters, different transformation, stat boosts, and skills can be acquired. The user can fuse with only one Monster Plant at a time, but there are no restrictions with normal Plants.

And then there’s this!


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