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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 336: Unlocking More Skills! Growing Stronger! Bahasa Indonesia

And talking about Loki… at the other side of the battlefield, the mischievous mass of vines had over fifty Treants below her mercy! She spread her vines through the entire battlefield and began catching the Treants by making her vines surge from the ground, and dragging them all the way into her jaws, where she enjoyed the snacks.

I guess the Miasmic Treants can be eaten! I didn’t knew that but good for them, I suppose. Usually when a monster is directly eaten by familiars, they don’t turn into materials. So I have to be careful if I ever wanted some drop from a monster. Ah, well, that’s not important right now.



Suddenly, Loki spread a giant vine and swept it through her surroundings. Dozens of Miasmic Treants were blown out of the ground, and then crushed by vines surging from below. She had them all completely at her mercy.

And as if things couldn’t get any worse for the Miasmic Treants, Belle was shooting lightning from the skies while I mounted her, causing chaos everywhere! This is the might of the divine goat!

However, I had to do something myself. I was still spreading my Terrain thanks to the aid of Acorn. It seems those bombs were somehow part of my own body, when they exploded and purified their surroundings, I gained Tiles for my Terrain, which kept expanding.

Perhaps the reason why they could expand so much is thanks to Terrain Expansion, the skill that increases Terrain Tiles by +10 every 1 Terrain taken, quickly spreading the influence of my Terrain everywhere.

I knew the Demon King of Miasma would weaken once his Terrain was more and more purified, so my plan was that, purify his surroundings and then trap him around my Terrain. He was always evading it when we fought, so he’ll probably have a hard time moving forward.

He’s also enormous, so he’s moving incredibly slowly. But I can tell where he’s trying to go.

“The Giant Tree, where is it trying to go?” Asked Rita while feeling irritated. “Now that all of this damn game is real I feel like I am worried tons of people are about to die!”

“Well yeah!” I sighed. “It is rather obvious, but the guy’s moving to the Luminous Kingdom. It is near the forest and is where the hero was born. It was also the place where Jeremias originated from. He probably has some sort of wish to destroy that place. I guess the Demon King will gladly accomplish such a wish.”

“S-So he’s trying to avenge his previous death against the Hero and at the same time make the wish of Jeremias come true?” Asked Acorn while panicking. “I’ve heard that Kingdom has like a million humans! If he gets there… so many people will die…”

“We can’t let that happen, right?” Nieve said. “I am worried about Lady Titania, but Planta, you said she’s okay?”

“Yeah, she has sent me telepathic messages. The Players are helping the Kingdom survive against the horde of Treants.” I sighed in relief. “Meanwhile, the Gnomes and Squirrel-kin are alright as well. The corruption of the tree has made the Brownies weaker, but the gnomes seem hardier… But even then, with everything we have right now, this enormous quantity of monsters is too much. And they get in the way of the purification by trying to spread miasma around…”

“Can’t you gather tons of Spirits?” Asked Rita. “Like you did before?”

“I don’t know if I can, I would need to get to the ground first. I can’t really produce spirits in midair because air itself doesn’t have a terrain. But if we go down, we’ll slow down our pace a lot. And the range of my skills cannot reach the ground from the altitude we are. And even if we flew in low altitude, we would get swarmed quickly.” I sighed.

Wait, I have an idea… seeing the Skill Tree I have, maybe if I…

“Guide! Is it possible to unequip the Taming and Summoning Skills but keep the Familiars?” I wondered.

“Yeah, once a Familiar is summoned, you don’t need the Skills to be equipped, however, if you want to summon more later, you’ll have to equip them again. However, by unequipping them you lose the stat boosts your Familiars get…” The Guide said.

“That’s fine, I’ll make up for it with buffs!”


[You’ve unequipped the [Plant Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Tame: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Farm Animal Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)] Skills!]

[The Stats of your Familiars has lowered!]

“Everyone, stop fighting and come back here!” I quickly called all my Familiars back into the skies, as they obeyed rapidly and were not caught in any monster in the way.

“What are you planning?” Wondered Rita.

“There’s some Hamadryad Skills I have yet to acquire. Those sound very important to be honest. This whole time I’ve been wondering where all the power was the Hamadryads were said to have. The thing is, I have yet to get all their Skills! So let’s try that right now!”


[You exchanged 100 Skill Points!]

[You Learned the [Forest’s Guardian: Lv1] Skill!]

[You Learned the [Geomancer: Lv1] Skill!]

[You Learned the [Plant Absorption: Lv1] Skill!]

[You Learned the [Nature’s Assimilation: Lv1] Skill!]

[You Learned the [Farm Spirit Protection: Lv1] Skill!]

[The [Forest’s Guardian: Lv1] Level has increased to Level 10!]

[The [Geomancer: Lv1] Level has increased to Level 10!]

[The [Plant Absorption: Lv1] Level has increased to Level 10!]

[The [Nature’s Assimilation: Lv1] Level has increased to Level 10!]

[The [Farm Spirit Protection: Lv1] Level has increased to Level 10!]

[You have equipped the [Forest’s Guardian: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Geomancer: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Plant Absorption: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Nature’s Assimilation: Lv10 (Max Level)] [Farm Spirit Protection: Lv10 (Max Level)] Skills into the [Subclass] Skill Slots 7/7!]

[You have unlocked all available Skills within your two current Skill Trees!]

[As a reward, you’ve acquired +2 Skill Slots to your Race and Job Class Skill Slots]

Eh?! That’s a thing? I had no idea…

Then let’s re-equip the Familiar Skills!

[You equipped the [Plant Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Tame: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Farm Animal Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)] Skills!]

Well, whatever’s the case, with this, it is more than enough!


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