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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 338: Incredible Max Level Skills! Bahasa Indonesia

And then there’s this!

[Plant Absorption: Lv10 (Max Level)]

As a Hamadryad, you’re able to not only protect your forest, but also absorb their nutrients and life to boost your own and better protect it from threats. You can absorb surrounding plant life to fuse them with you and acquire their abilities temporarily, plant-type monsters included.

While absorbing Plants, HP and MP is restored accordingly to the quality and nutrients of the plants, and stats increase up to a maximum of +100% temporarily. The more Plants are eaten, the stronger one can grow. However, the effects are not permanent, and will fade away after 30 Minutes.

Additionally, plant-type monsters absorbed that are Familiars of the user will be separated after 30 minutes. Depending on the type of plant-type monsters, different transformation, stat boosts, and skills can be acquired. The user can fuse with only one Monster Plant at a time, but there are no restrictions with normal Plants.

I had been able to control the plants I touch through Plant Manipulation, I believe. But never anything close ton this insane ability. With this I can absorb plants and get a quick power up! And my appearance can even change depending in which plants I absorb… this seems like the ultimate survival Skill. Maybe if I swim underwater, I can absorb a seaweed and be able to breathe just fine, or if I absorb a cactus, I can survive in a desert. The possibilities are endless!

But that’s not all, I can even fuse with my Plant-type Summons if I wanted… this is pretty great, maybe I should summon my other Plant Companions while I am at it? Agh, but they’ll come out super weak, that’s a bit of a hassle now that I think about it. For now, Loki and Terra are the candidates. Yeah, Mushroom-type Monsters count as Plant-type as well in the game as well.

Wait… doesn’t that mean that even the Mushroom Brigade could work? Well, they’re protecting the villages right now, so I cannot really count on their help here.

[Nature’s Assimilation: Lv10 (Max Level)]

As a Hamadryad, you’re able to assimilate your life and soul within your Forest. You’re the Heart of the Forest, its Guardian, and also its Body and Soul. Grants the unique ability of assimilating with the Nature of your surroundings. If they are influenced by your Terrain, this assimilation becomes faster yet more overwhelming for the user’s mind.

While assimilating with Nature, your body become part of Nature and can regrow from any point within your Terrain. Large quantities of MP, Satiation, and Spiritual Essence are spent through this method, however. If the user overuses this Skill, their mind might black out.

Additionally, Stats and the automatic recovery of HP and MP can increase through this process, alongside the enhancement of Skill Effect and Damage, and Spell conjuration speed, damage, and effects up to a maximum of +1000%. However, the closer the user is from this number, the higher the consumption of energy becomes.

And this is even more insane than Plant Absorption. I should use this one cautiously and when I most need it. The amount of energy it drains must be insane at my current level. I might need to level up some more to increase all of those energy-related stats before I can keep this up for more than a few little minutes. But it might come in clutch very soon as I confront the Demon King. This is an ideal Skill.

And in fact, it can work at any time, a mere command and I suddenly felt as if my own consciousness was transferred into the trees I’ve purified. There seems to not be any limit in range as long as it is within my Terrain Tiles or near them. But for now, I’ll pull back and think about how to use this power efficiently, if possible.

[Farm Spirit Protection: Lv10 (M a x Level)]

As a Spirit Farmer, the Spirits you Farm will always hold you within their hearts. Spirits you summon or sprout from Spirit Sprouts will naturally protect you from most damage with their lives on the line and without doubting for a second.

The natural amount of Spirit Sprouts you can farm from your Spirit Ranch increases by +20. Spirit Sprouts Stats increase by +10% once sprouted into Lesser Spirits, with an additional 10% chance for the Spirit Sprouted to be a High-Ranking Spirit or above.

The range in which you can control Spirits and make summon them through Terrains and Spirit Sprouts and Dragon Veins increases by x20.

Additionally, there’s a 1% chance every time you summon a Spirit to summon the [High Farm Spirit], a special High Rank Spirit that is in ch arge of the Farms of this world, which will automatically support you in both defense, healing, and offense for 5 Minutes before disappearing.

And the last yet not the least… This is like making all the Spirits I summon into my suicidal bodyguards. The moment I am about to get hit hard, they’ll come out to my aid, although it will probably cost MP for them to come out, right? It is not something I can use leisurely. Nonetheless, it is a passive, so it activates automatically. I’ll have to bear with it for now and well, use it to my advantage as well.

It has tons of effects, including the greater chances of getting high ranking spirits randomly, to the range expansion of my spirit summoning, which was originally of around 10 meters, which is now 200! And the last effect, the 1% to summon a High Farm Spirit… is this like the little brother of my own Great Spirit? Well, I hope he or she shows up eventually, though that 1% chance is a bit… iffy.

Anyways, with the amazing buff in range of x20 that this Skill and Geomancer offers, there’s literally no point in not starting…

I won’t hold back, I’ll charge ahead and fight.


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