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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 335: The Unbeatable Army Of Familiars! Bahasa Indonesia

“Silver, Huginn, Saphee, Terra, Belle, Loki, Mimy! Attack with everything you’ve got! Destroy the Treants while they’re weakened by Acorn’s bomb explosions!”


Silver roared instantly, as she flew down into the surface and was greeted by hundreds of Darkness Bullets and Miasmic Beams, which she easily tanked using her scales.


Her scales shone brightly with rainbow divine light. I had heard that dragons were divine beings, so if Silver is really awakening her true powers, she might be already developing powerful defenses in her scales!

She was easily tanking the long-ranged magic the Miasmic Treants fired at her, all while she gathered Mana inside her throat and unleashed a deadly Dragon Breath of boiling water!



The boiling water came out in ridiculous quantities, blowing away over fifty Treants in an instant. Although the majority resisted and was able to come out of that alive… only to be frozen solid as with a mere thought, Silver used ice magic to freeze the water of her dragon breath!

I see, is this how water dragon’s fight?! That’s amazing!


The Treants frozen quickly shattered into pieces as Silver used her long tail to smack them into bits. But that didn’t lasted long, as an enormous Golem greeted her presence.


The golem roared loudly, quickly beginning to run straight towards her. It suddenly shapeshifted its arms into gigantic hammers, attempting to smash her to bits!



However, Silver quickly evaded the two enormous hammers coming her way, flying across the skies as if she were swimming in the air. Water quickly was summoned around her, pouring down into the golems head.



The entire golem was quickly frozen solid, as she gathered power within her tail and then unleashed countless slashing attacks. She was using her tail like a sword?! Well, that’s certainly new!



The entire golem couldn’t fight back against the sheer power of the dragon I’ve raised, frozen solid and broken down into bits, it fell off over the other Miasmic Treants below, crushing them in the process too.

Silver continued freely attacking anything she found while gaining EXP and leveling up, I guess she was having the time of her life there…

Meanwhile, the other Familiars were also attacking and fighting. I noticed Mimy had descended without even telling me. Her entire body was now covered by a giant black metallic armor.



And her enormous, black cursed sword which was also part of her own shell quickly swung rapidly, slicing apart the Miasmic Treants and unleashing shockwaves of cursed darkness. The Miasmic Treants were naturally resistant to her dark element, but they were still sliced apart and converted into firewood.


And then, Mimy unleashed a powerful aura of red color. The Miasmic Treants attacking us all directed their eyes at her out of the blue, rushing towards her. She used the Provoke Skill, a new skill she got, fitting for a tank as armored as she has become!

I can’t believe she is a Mimic though; she clearly looks like a giant and tall black knight. Well, if you look very closely in between the armor’s crevices, you can see her red flesh and tentacles.

And well, she was clearly showing she was one right now.


Her entire true body suddenly emerged from within the interior of her armor. Enormous tentacles started grabbing Treants and eating them like snacks by stuffing them inside a monstrous jaw.

A long and slimy tongue worked as another tentacle as well, grasping tens of Treants and also putting them inside her jaws.



She was really my little monster, isn’t she?

The Treants attacked her with everything they had but could barely hurt her. Even her exposed flesh was incredibly hard. And she occasionally swung her sword and sliced them apart by the dozens.


The sword, sometimes, would gather her mana and blow up her surroundings with black magic explosions, just to add more insanity to the entire battle.


Meanwhile, Terra, Huginn, and Saphee worked together to take down two Giant Treant Golems together. Terra seemed relaxed on top of Huginn, while Saphee simply flew around like Silver in midair. She didn’t had any skill to fly though, but simply coated her lower body with poison which she lifted through her magic, that can control poison. Like that, Saphee flew into the skies.



Terra giggled, suddenly opening her mouth as an enormous cloud of spores reached the two Golems. They suddenly smelled the entire spore cloud and… stopped moving.


The two golems fell asleep!

Wait, what?! Can tree monsters even fall asleep?

I guess Mark was right, this power of Terra’s really broken.


But she wasn’t done yet. Terra pointed her arms at the golems, as an army of mushrooms emerged from her cap, popping out of her body one after the other and swarming the golems all at once, infecting their woods and absorbing their nutrients like mushrooms usually do.

And to boot, the more they absorbed nutrients and infected the wood, they multiplied! Becoming a swarm of tiny walking and jumping mushroom monsters! They began swarming nearby Treants. Some were slain, well, a lot of them, but those that survived quickly proliferated, forming a relentless army that parasitized the Treants, wow.


Huginn seemed to roar furiously, imbuing Mana into his legs as he kicked the Golem in front of him. He still resembled a mix between a cock and a crow, so his quicks were as powerful as his previous evolution, blowing apart the golem into pieces!


As one golem was being blown to bits, the other one wasn’t having a particularly good time either. Saphee seemed to smile, as she started covering one golem with her poison, slowly beginning to melt the entire body of the wooden monster on the spot, mercilessly!



She was even laughing like Loki!


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