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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 334: Purifying The Forest With Bombs?! Bahasa Indonesia

Acorn instantly covered an incredibly wide area in mere seconds, enough time for all of us to quickly weaken over a hundred Miasmic Treants and restore around 5% of the forest back to its original life and splendor. However, he ended using all his bombs in the process.

“Ah… I am out of bombs now.” He sighed.

“Eh?! I-I guess you didn’t made enough.” I sighed.

“I only had twenty, but they were all used right away. Each bomb covers around an area of fifty meters, so I guess we covered a big amount of the forest with this, but the rest is still shrouded with so much miasma I can only see black goo everywhere…” Acorn sighed. “But I can make more… I can do Alchemy anywhere now too!”

“Eh?! You can?!” I asked.

“Yeah, I recently acquired the [Instant Creation] Skill, it allows me for the creation of items anywhere as long as I’ve made them before and I have the materials inside my Inventory.” Acorn said. “But I lack the primary ingredients…”

“Interesting, I really want that Skill now!” I sighed. “But here, for now, store this inside your Inventory!” I quickly gave Acorn tons of my branches, fruits, and leaves. It shaved off my HP quite a lot, but it quickly restored as the terrain healed me. We were all set now.

“Alright, I’ll start making them now!”

Acorn summoned a large window as the hologram of a boiling cauldron appeared. Much like an actual video game, he had to drag the item icons inside the cauldron, which had several slots, each slot was an ingredient slot, which was a maximum of 9.

“Three Hamadryad Leaves, One Long Hamadryad Branch, a Shard of Crystalized Spirit Essence, Hamadryad’s Fruit… THERE!”


Suddenly, Acorn created ten bombs at once.

Wow, that was efficient!

“I’ll keep throwing bombs, so Lady Planta can concentrate into purifying the frontlines and also- WOAH, a big one’s coming from the front!” Acorn panicked.

“Eh? AH!”


An enormous, dozens of meters tall golem made by the combination of over fifty Treants together emerged. The monster was way beyond Level 70, and charged a giant fist with Miasma, which it quickly sent towards us like a rocket punch!


“This one’s mine!”

Lily jumped off Huginn boldly, as she raised her new hammer, a Crystal Hammer she got made by Acorn just some minutes ago. He made it through Alchemy inside the cauldron by fusing several crystal monster materials. Of course, the hammer is actually Lily’s old wooden hammer.

He said he couldn’t make me a new weapon without an actual weapon to use as a base, which he used materials on top to upgrade it into a new one. And his limit was around C Grade weapons for now.

“Rock… HAMMER!”

Lily’s Crystal Hammer suddenly was covered by countless rocks and crystals, growing to an insane size as she swung it directly against the rocket punch coming from the golem in the front!


The attack came charged with Lily’s Mana, as an enormous explosion erupted from within the fit, which gained several cracks already, blowing up into pieces!


Lily smiled triumphantly, only before beginning to fall from the skies…


However, Silver quickly caught her up in midair, well done!


The golem didn’t gave up, suddenly summoning a hundred spheres made of darkness and launching them all at us like deadly, explosive projectiles!


“Let me take care of this…! Ice Spirit Magic Rapier Arts: [One Hundred Freezing Strokes]!”


Nieve naturally flew in midair as she swung her Ice Rapier named Skadi. An overflowing spiritual and divine power emerged from that mystical rapier, as she suddenly froze all the projectiles in place gracefully!

“And now…”



All the frozen spheres of darkness shattered into pieces, falling like ice spikes over the Miasmic Treants pilling up below us.


The Golem felt perplexed, only to suddenly look behind itself, finding Rita flying over her Bat, which had evolved to the size of Huginn now!

“Think fast, big boy! [Void Rend]!”


Suddenly, Rita gathered a quarter of all the Malice she had accumulated and channeled it into an overpowered spell, as usual. An enormous distortion in space happened as a gigantic black void in the form of a slash appeared out of Rita’s staff!



The golem was suddenly sliced in half!

But that wasn’t all.

Both halves suddenly began to be distorted in midair, exploding into countless of pieces!


So many explosions!

But damn, Rita’s overpowered! She’s really our strongest magic attacker.

Meanwhile, even more explosions happened below us. Acorn was constantly throwing the bombs he was making using my materials, ten at a time.


Each explosion spread shockwaves of Life and Spiritual Essence, constantly purifying the trees that had yet to transform and were resisting the corruption, while severely weakening the Miasmic Treants as well.

“We need to circle around the entire forest before we get to the boss, that way the tree and the demon king within will be severely weakened!” I said, having the idea of purifying most of the forest before clashing with the Demon King again.

One of the things I learned when I fought the Demon King 1v1 was that he relies on a lot in his Terrain! The more he corrupts and infects his surroundings into a Miasmic Terrain, the stronger he grows. However, the least it is corrupted, the weaker he becomes.

He’s a lot like me, he needs to set up a powerful Terrain with his element to actually show his truest strength. Without his Terrain to save him, he’ll be weakened and we could actually beat him for real!

“Sure thing Lady Planta!”

Acorn quickly agreed to the idea, as my familiars quickly began to move across the skies, circling around the forest was the plan! We have to do this in less than an hour though!


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