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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 319: Creating A Spirit Weapon! Bahasa Indonesia

The beam reached me in an instant!

B O O O O O O M M M M!!!

However, I shielded myself by combining my new Spiritual yet temporary powers, combining Aquarius and the Great Spirit’s Spiritual Essence with my Spiritual Barrier Skill!


The barrier shattered into pieces, but the beam was successfully blocked!


The Demon King reached me from the skies, flapping his draconic wings to gain great speed and attacking me with all his fury. His claws began tearing apart my wood and water-made body with great speed and tenacity!


“Hahahaha…! You cannot win! You’re merely an ant asking for the power of spirits, mostly because you lack any on your own!”

The Demon King laughed at my way of fighting.

But honestly…

“I don’t find anything wrong with asking my friends for help when it comes to things like these! I won’t let you laugh at our friendship!”

I furiously began hitting him back, enormous fists made of wood and water began hitting his entire body, leaving enormous holes all across!



His Draconic jaws began gritting in agony as his shape started beginning to change once more, he was struggling to keep a proper shape!

“Now… [Primordial Flood]!”

The Jar of Endless Spring Water shone brightly with an aura of spiritual light of rainbow color. In a mere instant, an enormous amount of water impacted the Demon King, equal to a small sized flood!



The Demon King was thrown away by the water in high concentrations. The enormous force of the pressure of the water alone piercing through his body!


[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma’s Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 6% of its total HP!]


His materialized Phantasmal Body hit the ground, rolling around. His shapeless form changed from a monstrous aberration with tentacles to a dragon to then a lion-like beast.


He quickly rushed towards me with the fury of a giant beast!

“That form… That’s the Great Divine Beast, Lionel! A Beast King that once led the Army of Beasts representing the Ancient Beast Nation against the Demon King of Miasma in the past. I knew he fell in the Last Battle, so he was also devoured… His soul, much like Silver Fang’s soul, must be trapped inside of his body, Planta!”

Titania’s voice told me the origin of this enormous Lion.

“I see… I guess that’s just another reason why I must stop him right now, RIGHT HERE!”


The enormous black lion pounced towards me, leaping off the ground and then opening its jaws, while pointing its claws against me.


Its jaws quickly caught up into my arm, which I reinforced with tons of wood to take into the powerful bite!


The Demon King was losing his reason and even the ability to speak coherently, as he began tearing apart my arm, but that was just what I wanted!

His claws began slashing over my body, but that was also fine!

I had him just where I wanted.

Using my Jar of Endless Spring Water, I summoned an enormous quantity of Primordial Spirit Water and fused it with my Shovel, which was also made through Spirit’s powers.

One of the things I discovered that I could do using Spirit Fusion was fusing elements created by Spirits, they were also counted as if they were Spirits themselves. This giant Shovel and this Primordial Spirit Water were such “Spirit Materials”!

But I had more than that… I quickly grabbed several items straight out of my Inventory and threw them into the Fusion!

“Belle, use your Divine Lightning on me!”


Belle roared at the distance, his golden horns impacting my body!


With this…!




[You have merged [Primordial Spirit Water] x1 + [Spirit Shovel of Primordial Nature] x1 + [Elemental Crystal Scales] x10 + [Elemental Crystal Shell] x1 + [Elemental Crystals] x20 + [Crystalized Soul Fragment] x20 + [Heaven Goat’s Divine Lightning] x1!]


All Spirit Materials converged together into a brand-new item!

Made from the Spirit Water, the Primordial Nature, and several other materials I got from the monsters at the Crystal Caves, plus Belle’s Divine Lightning…

[You have created the [Heaven Piercing Lightning Storm Trident Spirit Weapon: Poseidon]!]

An enormous trident!


Lightning and the waves of the ocean converged together into a beautiful blue trident that emerged out of absolutely thin air. The enormous trident easily surpassed fifty meters of height, and I wielded it with my other two arms, pushing it upwards and piercing the body of the Demon King on his Lion Form!



The Demon King cried in agony, quickly jumping away from me, completely terrified as its body began crumbling apart. The Phantasmal Body of his started tearing itself into pieces!

Amazing… so this is the power of this Spirit Weapon I made!

“I-I can’t believe it! You can even do that with Spirit Fusion?!” Asked the Great Spirit.

“It seems she has combined her Crafting Skills with Spirit Fusion. She is a very smart girl!” Aquarius praised me.

“I’ll call this… [Spirit Crafting]!” I said with a smile. “But for now…!”

I jumped towards the Demon King without hesitating and then began attacking him with Poseidon, the powerful Spirit Trident began piercing through his body easily! He squirmed and attacked back, quickly shapeshifting into a dragon again and unleashing a dragon breath against me!


However, I suddenly realized Poseidon generated a barrier of ocean water and lightning, protecting me!

“Amazing, Poseidon!”


Poseidon couldn’t speak, but he could clearly unleash his fury against the Demon King, as he unleashed another Flood on top of protecting me from the Dragon Breath!



The Demon King groaned in agony; his HP was going down rapidly!


[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma’s Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 7% of its total HP!]

Just a bit more…!


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