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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 318: Fusing With The Great Spirit! Bahasa Indonesia

I’ve been the Vessel of the Great Spirit of Harvest and Farming for a while now. However, I have never truly completely fused with her or even infused her into my own body. I know she was weakened and all, but I just had to gamble!

Aquarius was powerful, but I just needed another push! So why not fuse Aquarius with the Great Spirit of Harvest and Farming while I have them infused, right? Spirit Fusion and Infusion… If I am a Spirit as well, why can’t I fuse with them completely?!


My body suddenly began grow in size as countless branches emerged from my hands and legs, a crown made of branches with beautiful flowers and leaves emerged from atop my head, as a third eye emerged in the middle of my head, and even I even got a second pair of arms!

“I can’t believe you’re doing this! Uuggh!”

“This power… We are one, Lady Great Spirit!”

I heard the Great Spirit complaining for some reason, and Aquarius hugging her tightly. I guess Spirits really respect the Great Spirits, even if they’re from a different element than them.

“I have to use this power, I am sorry Great Spirit!”

“Ugh, fine! But I was hesitant about this due to the backlash, your soul’s going to hurt even more after this is done! Taking on my full power is not something you’re ready for yet!”

“I don’t care about it… I have to protect the forest- no, even my world now! If I let him do as he pleases, everything I love might be taken away from me…! The same way… the same way Mark was almost killed in front of my eyes. I cannot let that happen once more!”



The Demon King slowly began to stand back up from his Phantasmal form, like a monstrous ghost, his body continued expanding further and further, as I saw the souls of the trees being sucked by his powers.


He roared furiously, his eyes shining bright red.

“And I am… a MOTHER!”


I rushed forward as I sensed both water and nature obeying my will. An enormous amount of water poured from the jar, fusing with my own body.

I stretched my arms, as they suddenly became enormous water currents, and then with just my imagination, they shapeshifted into ferocious dragon-like heads!




The enormous Water Dragon Jaws, as I will call this technique, bite through the Demon King’s Phantom furiously, shattering pieces of his soul!

“NNNGGH..! I-Impossible! You’re piercing my soul?!”


[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma’s Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 2% of its total HP!]

Eh?! What?! It lost HP from the real thing? But how…? Is this because I am damaging his soul directly while his powerful high level physical body is all the way inside his Dark Continent?

It feels like I cannot waste this opportunity to get rid of him right now! His soul, despite being so strong, is comparably weaker than the actual physical body of his!

Then… I have to try it out!

“It is useless!”

The Demon King waved his phantasmal hands, as enormous black claws tore apart my Water Dragon Arms and then corrupted them with his Miasma, turning them into monstrous Miasmic Dragons!



So he can just do that?!


The two dragons impacted my body, but I quickly swung my sword!

Yes, I made right on the spot, an enormous sword…

Or more like a shovel!


The enormous shovel was created through the power of the Great Spirit’s [Nature Embodiment] Divine Ability, making a Shovel out of the strongest wood I could imagine wasn’t hard at all!

My actual weapon turned into the Jar, and it was overflowing with Rainbow Spring Water that generated countless of currents, impacting the Demon King at the same time as I defeated the Miasmic Dragons made out of my own Water Dragons!


“T-This damn water…!”

“[Nature Embodiment]!”


Suddenly, enormous hands made of trees and plants emerged from the floor, wrapping around the Phantasmal Body of the Demon King! Normally, phantasmal beings can easily ignore physical attacks, but these hands were obviously different, coated with Spiritual Essence of the richest quality, they were able to easily grasp the Demon King’s Phantom.



The Demon King began raging in fury, but I nodded.



I quickly kicked him in the soul directly with my legs, making the entire surroundings tremble, the ceiling began crumbling once more, as my kick alone sent a wave of green and blue spiritual energy against him!


Currents of spiraling water impacted his body at the same time, throwing his soul away into the distance!



[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma’s Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 5% of its total HP!]

It lost more HP now!

“Uunnggh…! Hahhhh… Hahhhh… T-This is impossible…”

The Demon King began struggling, his soul withering in agony. He could just run away now and save himself from taking more damage… but he was insane and prideful, I knew he wasn’t going to escape from this fight.

“This is IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

His body suddenly shaped as a furious Black Dragon, with Scales as hard as Steel and enormous jaws, his red eyes opening all across his body as gigantic wings emerged across his body.

“T-That form…”

Titania looked at the distance, as I heard her voice.

“That’s Silver Fang, the Hero’s Dragon! So he devoured him…” Titania cried. “Oh, poor Silver Fang…”

“Silver Fang?!”

I remember fighting one in the Mushroom Hero Dungeon, but if the Demon King could transform into him, it means that Dragon we found was probably something like an offshoot made by the Dungeon, or even worse, something like a memory of the dragon.

“Face the might of the Ancient Dragon I once devoured! Anything I devour becomes part of my power!”

The Demon King opened his draconic jaws, unleashing a powerful dragon breath!



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