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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 320: A Desperate Struggle Bahasa Indonesia


The Demon King once more hit the ground, only for his body to begin to dissolve!

“W-What the…?!”

“No… I won’t fall here…! I will never… I WON’T!”


He flew towards me and then began to grasp all over my body as if he was trying to possess me!

“I will make YOU my Vessel! I will take over your body and soul! I will use you… to destroy them all!”

“Unnggh…! S-Stop! STOP!”


An enormous aura of Spiritual Essence flowed from my body like a shockwave, as Poseidon unleashed its fury as well, lightning, nature, and water hit the Demon King’s soul, trying to exorcize him out of my body!

“Get away from me!”

“I WON’T…!


I ended falling into the ground, as he continued trying to take over my body. It felt extremely creepy and horrendous!

“HAHAHAHA! This body, this delicious soul! You’re the perfect Vessel!”

Suddenly, I felt as if a deep darkness tried to take over my mind. It was attempting constantly to devour my very self. My memories, everything that made me my own self, it was trying to eat me whole.

The memories of my childhood.

Of that high school I meet all my friends, from Rita to my husband.

The memories of all the adventures I had with my friend Rita.

The memories of when I fell in love with my husband, with that goofy Otaku I always found so cute.

The memories of marrying him…

Of giving birth to my daughter.

The memories of all I love.

The memories of him… falling sick.

Of him looking at me with a smile, even in his last moments.

I don’t want to forget this!

It always makes me cry when I remember it but…

They’re my precious memories, every single last moment of his life.

If he disappears from my memories, everything will be for naught…

As long as he’s within my memories, I know for sure he’s still living within me!

I won’t let him…

I won’t let him take away everything important to me!

“POSEIDON! Hit me as hard as you can!”

Poseidon obeyed my will, as he quickly pierced through my body!


His lightning began to spread through my entire body, as I was being electrified!

The agonizing pain made me scream.



However, it also made HIM scream!

I had to hit myself very hard to get him off me!

“I won’t let you… take away my precious memories!”

I gathered all my power within my body, as the Spirit Fusion was already reaching its limits and was about to end…

“Aquarius… Great Spirit! One last time!”

“Very well!”

“Take the last of my strength, Planta.”

Water and Nature converged together within the core of my soul, as I unleashed everything against the Demon King’s soul! Rays of green and blue light emerged out of my body, piercing through his black soul!


“[Primordial Spirit Sanctuary]!”


The light suddenly shaped as if it was a beautiful palace, a sanctuary of holiness.

The light pierced through the Demon king’s soul, every single bit of him was purified from my body, as he squirmed in agony and despair!

“T-This can’t be…! T-This can’t… BE! No… NO…! NOOOOOOO!!!”

The Demon King gave a last scream of agony!


[You have directly hurt the Demon King of Miasma’s Soul!]

[The Demon King of Miasma withers in pain! It has lost 20% of its total HP!]

I did 20% of damage to its HP!

But it doesn’t say its dead yet?!


Suddenly, my entire body began crumbling apart, and Poseidon lost its light, falling into the ground.


“Uuggh… Pwahh!”


I broke through the enormous pile of wood and water that was my body, as I crawled outside. I felt extremely exhausted. The Great Spirit was right, this was horrendously painful! It felt like there was a thousand needles piercing my heart…

“Uuggh… Hahhh… Is he really gone?” I wondered.

“I… I can’t sense him anymore.” The Great Spirit said.

I quickly looked around, realizing my shovel was not in my hand nor my inventory, until I finally found my weapon.

“No, my weapon…”

It was all shattered into tiny pieces, completely destroyed beyond salvation.

Agh… Well, I can still get a new one eventually but this one was really my favorite for a while.


Oh right, the Water Spirit I made through Spirit Fusion! Where is she?

“Huh? Where’s Aquarius?” I wondered.

“She’s gone. Spirits you summon are only temporary allies, remember? She must have gone back to the Spirit Realm.” Said the Great Spirit. “Unless you make a permanent Soul Pact with them like you’ve done with me, they can’t stay with you.”

“I see…” I sighed. “Ah! Titania!”

I quickly decided to store the light less Poseidon inside my Inventory, and it worked. It seems he had ran out of Spiritual Essence and became powerless, but still remained as a physical object.

I began looking for the Fairy Queen and found Titania taking care of Nieve and Acorn. The two were being healed and seemed to have become stable now. Their wounds were gone as well and Nieve was not about to die from overusing Mana, something that people of this world could actually die from.

“Planta… that was incredible, the Demon King’s presence is completely gone… The Evil Miasmic Treants in the surface seem to have become less, some turned back into normal trees.” Said Titania.

“Then… he’s really gone?” I wondered.

“We have to quickly hurry and go back to the surface before anything else.” Titania said.


Silver and my other Familiars ran towards our side. They were all fine it seems, and they were all safe too.

What a relief…

I wrapped Acorn and Nieve around the back of Belle using vines and then conjured a Spiritual Barrier over the two of them for maximum protection.

“There’s something that is worrying me though…”

However, Titania suddenly flew towards the temple in the underground, where everything started.

I saw her approaching this ancient temple where the tree of beginnings roots were located.


I followed her while snacking on fruits and veggies from my Inventory to restore my health and mana, and also my exhaustion.

“Ah, the Tree of Beginnings… Planta, hurry! The Demon King might be gone but if something happens to the tree…!”

I followed Titania as we desperately ran across the empty underground ruins, quickly finding the main hall.

It was completely sealed with a magic door.

“It seems to be fine!” I said.

“N-No…” However, Titania’s face said otherwise.

The floor right below the magic door was covered on Miasma squirming and pulsating.

And from across the door, a dreadful presence began to grow stronger and stronger…

Almost as if it was timed with me defeating the Demon King’s Phantom.


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