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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 287: Going All Out! Bahasa Indonesia

“Here’s one of my strongest bombs! Eat it all up!”

Acorn quickly unpacked an incredible-looking bomb he had inside of his Inventory Ability. It looked like a pyramid, and it had four colors on it, red, yellow, blue, and green.

When I read the bomb’s description, I was surprised…

[Genesis Pyramid (A Grade)]

An incredible bomb created by combining over ten different Elemental Bombs together. It can cause Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Poison, and Status Effects type damage to a target. The more MP is infused into the bomb, the more damage it can deal when exploding with an addition to +1000% more damage. Ignores a foe’s 50% of their total defenses and all their elemental resistances or immunities.

One of the legendary treasures an experienced Alchemist can create.

That’s insane!


Acorn sent it flying right down into the monster using his Alchemy Throwing Skill. The bomb gained an aura of colorful rainbow elements as it flew, reaching the abomination’s body.

The monster seemed to not even notice the bomb by being so small… however, the moment the bomb reached the monster’s interior…


An enormous explosion was unleashed, as rainbow light spread in a pyramid-shape all cross the interior of the aberrant creature! A large part of its entire mass exploded into pieces, the monster’s HP quickly going down by 25% and taking damage constantly, as rainbow-colored flames covered all of its wounds.

Meanwhile, Nieve’s eyes were closed, as Florie was behind her boosting her Magic Power by touching her shoulders. Nieve’s rapier pointed at the monster below us as her icy aura spread further, but then concentrated right within the tip of her Magic Rapier.

“Spirit Ice Magic: [Ice Age]!”

Suddenly, several spirits of Ice emerged one after the other, converging within the tip of her Rapier, which served as a wand as well, and then she charged an enormous beam of frost and fired it towards the monster!


The ray reached the monster’s surface, suddenly freezing it on the spot!


The sound of ice spreading and growing as countless crystals of ice covered the monster echoed across the caverns. The monster was instantly frozen solid!

…However, not for long, the beast was shaking inside its ice prison, and might free itself any moment.


Rita called to me.

“Alright, let’s do something together!”

I quickly conjured the power of the Great Spirit, as I gathered it within my body and then connected it with Rita. As much as she lacked affinity with it, it didn’t matter. What mattered is giving her this powerful Spiritual Essence!

The Dark Spirits reacted to the rich essence, absorbing it, and boosting her power. I quickly conjured Dragon Vein Detection, summoning several elemental spirits, mostly Land Spirits with a few Sunlight Spirits and only one small Wind Spirit.

The Darkness Spirits somehow felt attracted to my aura as well, while the ones I summoned felt attracted to Achlys. With that, we conjured buffing spells that also converged the power of spirits!

“[Spirit Enhancement]! [Geomancy]! [Blessing of the Spirits]!”

“[Dark Chains]! [Spiritual Ritual]! [Spirit Boost]!”


The Spirits suddenly began dancing with one another, converging into a single mass of colorful spiritual power. And then, Titania flew towards it.

“Mind if I help you?”


And even stronger flash of bright light emerged, as the enormous new Spirit we created was made using even Titania’s Spiritual Projection!

[The power of the [Land Spirits], [Sunlight Spirits], [Wind Spirits], [Darkness Spirits], and [Titania, the Spirit Fairy Queen] have converged together to create the Powerful [Abyssal Underworld Butterfly Spirit]!]

A beautiful butterfly made of pure Spiritual Essence was created. Beautifully colored with purple, black, and red colors. Her butterfly wings had enormous red eyes, and the entire butterfly shone with a bright and menacing red aura!


The butterfly flapped her wings, as in an instant she reached the aberration below us, as if it skipped through space itself by how fast it was able to move!

Gently, the butterfly touched the tip of the ice statue, as an enormous amount of darkness and other elements converged together emerged, quickly taking over the entire abomination…

And then it exploded!


Crack… crack…!


We heard the Miasmic Core of the monster easily shatter, the rest of its HP quickly went down to zero in a flash!

The enormous explosion was so potent it created a gigantic cloud, as if that thing was somehow a nuclear bomb! We were all blown away by the enormous shockwaves sent by the explosion, as we saw with eyes wide open as the resilient monster was more than done for!

“W-We did it…?!”

My friend couldn’t believe that just did it.

“We did it!”

But indeed, that did the trick!


[You And Your Party Defeated [Shadow Vampiric Crimson Bat Queen: Lv45]!]

[You And Your Party Defeated [Giant Crystal Slaughter Mantis Queen: Lv50]!]

[You And Your Party Defeated [Aberrant Chimeric Miasmic Spawn: Lv55]!]

[Calculating EXP Earned…]

[You earned 450000 EXP!]

[You gained 250000 Gold]

[You acquired [Cult Member’s Black Cloak] x10, [Cult Member’s Shattered Miasmic Staff Fragments] x50, [Shadow Vampiric Bat Queen’s Red Pelt] x10, [Vampiric Bat Queen’s Deadly Fangs] x2, [Vampiric Bat Queen’s Eyes of Bloodshed] x2, [Vampiric Bat Queen’s Meat and Bones] x50, [Giant Crystal Mantis Scythes] x2, [Giant Crystal Mantis Ore Exoskeleton] x20, [Giant Crystal Mantis Rainbow Eyes] x2, [Crystalized Miasma Stone] x50, [High Quality Miasmic Core Shattered Fragments] x20, [Aberration Slime] x100, [Black Eyes of the Abyss] x10, [Crystalized Soul Fragment] x20, [Greater Potential Cube] x20]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Race, Job Class, and Subclass Level has increased from Level 45 to Level 50!]

[All Your Stats increased]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points]

[You acquired the [Purifier of Chaos] Title!]

[Purifier of Chaos]

Acquisition Conditions: Purify a powerful Miasmic Being made of Pure Chaos.

Equip Bonus: +30% More Damage Against Miasmic-type Monsters. Your Attacks drain 5% of the damage dealt as HP and MP.

A Special Title awarded to those who have vanquished and purified beings of great power made of the dangerous element of Miasma and Chaos.

I got a lot of EXP, Gold, and dropped items… And five levels in a row! Well, talk about being well rewarded.


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