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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 288: New Titles And Many Level Ups Bahasa Indonesia


[You And Your Party Defeated [Shadow Vampiric Crimson Bat Queen: Lv45]!]

[You And Your Party Defeated [Giant Crystal Slaughter Mantis Queen: Lv50]!]

[You And Your Party Defeated [Aberrant Chimeric Miasmic Spawn: Lv55]!]

[Calculating EXP Earned…]

[You earned 450000 EXP!]

[You gained 250000 Gold]

[You acquired [Cult Member’s Black Cloak] x10, [Cult Member’s Shattered Miasmic Staff Fragments] x50, [Shadow Vampiric Bat Queen’s Red Pelt] x10, [Vampiric Bat Queen’s Deadly Fangs] x2, [Vampiric Bat Queen’s Eyes of Bloodshed] x2, [Vampiric Bat Queen’s Meat and Bones] x50, [Giant Crystal Mantis Scythes] x2, [Giant Crystal Mantis Ore Exoskeleton] x20, [Giant Crystal Mantis Rainbow Eyes] x2, [Crystalized Miasma Stone] x50, [High Quality Miasmic Core Shattered Fragments] x20, [Aberration Slime] x100, [Black Eyes of the Abyss] x10, [Crystalized Soul Fragment] x20, [Greater Potential Cube] x20]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Race, Job Class, and Subclass Level has increased from Level 45 to Level 50!]

[All Your Stats increased]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points]

[You acquired the [Purifier of Chaos] Title!]

[Player Name]: [Planta]

[Title]: [Legendary Warrior]

[Race]: [Hamadryad: Lv50/60]

[Job Class]: [Spirit Farmer: Lv50/60]

[Subclass]: [Novice Of All Trades: Lv50/60]

[EXP]: [40000/96000]

[Satiation]: [21/100]

[HP]: [1095/1095] -> [1220/1220]

[MP]: [3200/3200] -> [3500/3500]

[STR]: [540] -> [590]

[VIT]: [415] -> [465]

[DEX]: [476] -> [536]

[AGI]: [784] -> [874]

[INT]: [949] -> [1039]

[WIS]: [675] -> [750]

[LUC]: [440] -> [490]

[Race Skills: 10/10]

[Ancient Spirit of the Forest: Lv3], [Photosynthesis: Lv2], [Green Magic: Lv6], [Life Drain: Lv3], [Plant Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Daughter of Nature: Lv1], [Spirit Magic: Lv6], [Spiritual Barrier: Lv5 (Evolved)], [Plant Synthesis: Lv1] [Fairy Queen’s Protection: Lv3]

[Job Class Skills: 10/10]

[Spirit Agriculture: Lv3], [AGI UP: Lv1], [Tame: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Farm Animal Companion: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Fishing: Lv2], [Robust Body: Lv1], [Spirit Farming Tool Mastery: Lv5 (Evolved)], [Terrain Manipulation: Lv5 (Evolved)], [Soil Domain: Lv5 (Evolved)], [Great Spirit Vessel: Lv3]

[Subclass Skills: 3/7]

[All Trades: Lv3], [Cooking: Lv10 (Max Level)], [Mining: Lv10 (Max Level)]

[Stored Skills (Unequipped): 2]

[Race Skills]: None

[Job Class Skills]: [Crafting: Lv1], [Alchemy: Lv1]

[Skill Points: 611] [Stat Points: 75]

[Equipment]: [Spirit of the Forest Robes] [Bracelet of Nature] [Great Spirit Crown of Harvest and Nature] [Seed Pouch] [Mushroom Hero Ring] [Mushroom Hero Bracelet] [Heavenly Ring of Life and Souls]

I ended only leveling five times but my stats skyrocketed once more. The stat growths per level are fixed, and they increase over time depending in the Race, Job Class, and Subclass. Maybe having a subclass is enhancing my stats per level even more than if I didn’t had them, most likely.

Subclasses has a lot of technical benefits! Another of them would be giving an extra 5 Stat Points and Skill Points per level, that when summed with the others given by Race and Job Class makes a whopping 15 points per level.

Therefore, in just five levels, now I have 75 Stat Points and even more Skill Points! I should just add them all right now to get as strong as possible, and I’ll be increasing my INT this time, I need as much magical power to deal with Jeremias, and whatever he’s planning.


[You exchanged 75 Stat Points; you gained +75 INT]

[By raising your INT above 1100 Points, you acquired the [Grimoire User] Title!]

Huh? Another weird Title? What does this one even do?

[Grimoire User]

Acquisition Conditions: Increase INT by 1100 using Stat Points.

Equip Bonus: Grants the ability to learn Skills and Magic from Skill Books and Magic Books. Grants the ability to equip Grimoires as Weapons. Increases Grimoire Magic Damage by +20%. Equip Bonus Effects are active even when the Title is unequipped.

A Special Title given to those that desire to increase their Intelligence to learn more about the world of Magic.

Oh! I didn’t knew that by increasing INT with Stat Points a Title would be given… This game is filled with secrets. This one could be easily unintentionally skipped if I had grown stronger to the point my INT increased by 1k naturally… But thankfully I got it. Though I don’t know where to get Skill Books or Magic Books, so we’ll have to skip this for later. Maybe I could ask everyone else.

After defeating the aberration, we were forced to take a very small stop. We landed over the floor and then rested over the floor while sighing in relief. I quickly opened my Inventory, bringing out pre-made lunch boxes and fresh vegetables and fruits to restore everyone’s Satiation, HP, and MP.

That damn monster had a passive aura that drained HP and MP, so we were at the edge of our seats all the time while attacking it. It was overly unnecessarily hard! And Level 55 was ridiculous too!

Oh well, we are Level 50 ourselves now, but still…

“Ah, these apples are so fresh…” Titan sighed. “The oranges… are juicy too… I think the fruits of the game are tastier than any I could get from the convenience store.”

“They sure are!” I said happily. “Here, have some bento. Stuff it up quickly!”

“Thank you Planta, you’re really a life saver. Nobody here cooks as good as you do.” Titan felt relieved as he devoured the entire lunch box, with wood and all with his big wooden jaws.

“Without her I wouldn’t know what to do to be honest, she’s really our lifesaver!” Cried Achlys.

“Yeah, she is…” Sighed Lily. “Ah, I never thought overusing MP would tire me so much…”

“This game has quite the realistic settings sometimes. And other times it just complete nonsense.” I sighed.

“Yeah, happens.” Sighed Titan.

“Anyways, now that we are done, we should quickly push to the Root Forest and then catch hat ruffian of Jeremias as fast as we can.” I said while nodding. “Although, Titan do you know what’s Skill Books and Magic Books?”

“Skill Books and Magic Books?” Wondered Titan.

“Yeah, I just got the Grimoire User Title and I can use them now or something?” I wondered.

“Wait, you got that?!”

Titan seemed surprised.


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