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Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest – Chapter 286: Against The Miasmic Aberration! Bahasa Indonesia

However, four more of those were coming, I couldn’t intercept them all at the same time, but everyone else seemed to be working on something.


Titan roared, as he quickly flew into the skies using one of his flying beast spirits. His wooden arms shaped into enormous pickaxes as he used the Mining Skill, also at Level 10!




Two powerful swings of his enormous and wooden arms were enough to completely shatter a gigantic crystal in midair, turning the item into pure particles of tiny crystals which suddenly disappeared into pixels, the same as the one I destroyed.

They became dropped items, in resume!

“I can also join the fray!”

Rita boosted her physical strength using her Specials Racial Skill, which allowed her to imbue Malice and Shadows into her own body to temporarily reinforce her physical abilities. Her eyes glowed bright red, as she used the Dark Magic Spell [Shadow Shaping] and gathered shadows and malice at the tip of her staff, shaping them into a pickaxe and using her Mining Skill, which she just got to Level 10 too!


She was way faster than Titan and me, giving out several consecutive blows at once against the crystal projectiles. We took care of the big ones but she destroyed all the little ones, protecting the rest of the party from their lethal damage!

However, it wasn’t done yet, as we got closer and closer, the enormous tentacles continuously attempted to reach us all the time. It was already hard to evade them! Slicing them with my weapon only delayed the inevitable as they regrew almost instantaneously.


And right after that, spiraling tornadoes of black winds emerged from within the monster, and then, giant meteors made of crystalized shadows, all falling towards us one after the other!

“Damn it this guy has like endless MP or something…!” Rita cried angrily, smashing the blows with your attacks.

“Lily, how much closer do you want us to go?!” Asked Titan.

“Yeah, how long?!” I asked desperately, somehow managing to smash into bits a Shadow Meteor, but fighting physically was getting me very tired as I had to overuse my Satiation.

“A bit more, please… almost there!” Lily said, concentrating her Mana into her hands almost instinctively. “Earth Spirits, just like before, please help me!”

She suddenly reminded of myself when I call upon the spirits, I guess we share a lot of similarities. The Mana flowed into the ground below, suddenly surrounding the entire beast.

However, Lily suddenly got very tired.

“Ugh, not enough MP…”

“Don’t worry.”

I touched her shoulders as I imbued my own MP into her. It didn’t matter anymore at this point, I didn’t really cared if I wasted MP or not! I just wanted this monster to get done for!


“Woah! P-Planta you’ve got so much Mana, and it keeps coming and coming! And this is… Spiritual Essence?!” Lily wondered.

“Yes dear! I am here to lend you all a hand! Come on Planta, don’t be stingy! We’ll find a way when we fight that Jeremias! Just go all out!” The Great Spirit spoke, as her carrot-shaped form suddenly unleashed an enormous aura of Spiritual Essence of the finest quality!

“W-With this power… With this power I can…! I can do it!” Lily said, as she quickly utilized all the power she gained, concentrating it into her skills and magic.


A ray of golden light came from her hands, reaching the ground below. Her eyes shone brightly as she conjured her magic.

“I hope this works…! SINKHOLE!”


The floor below suddenly started trembling constantly, the Aberration confusedly looked around, trying to find what was going on, however, its movements were too slow, and it was about to fall!


The ground crumbled apart, as a gigantic hole, deeper than a hundred meters emerged! Lily quickly depleted all her energies after doing that, falling into my chest.

“Fweaah… That was too much.” Lily sighed.

“Are you alright?” I wondered.

“I’m hungry…” She sighed.

“Eat this magic carrot!” I said, taking out a carrot from my inventory fresh from the farm.

“T-Thanks…” Lily began snacking on the carrot, her MP and Satiation slowly began to recover.

“Amazing, she just… sank the whole beast in there?!” Asked Nieve.

“With this we can beat it, it cannot move around as much as it wants!” Titan celebrated.

“This feels like cheating but let’s abuse this! Thanks Lily!” Acorn said.

“Alright, I’m gonna blast that thing to oblivion!” Rita laughed evilly.

We flew down towards the beast, which tried to lift itself up using its tentacles, but the tentacles failed to lift the enormously heavy body, and its miasma was incapable of melting the hard bedrock. It was stuck there!

“Alright, let’s do it!”

Everyone quickly conjured their strongest blows to finish off the Aberration. We had to attack with the best things we had all at the same time to not let it regenerate in time!

“Take this!”

Titan quickly activated several Skills, combining them with the Beast Spirits he had summoned. His arms stretched into an enormous log in the shape of a stake, where several Beast Spirits of various elements merged into it, and then, he overcharged the log with mana!

The enormous log’s appearance began to change, as it suddenly took the beautiful shape of a totem, depicting various beautiful beasts fearfully glaring at their foe. A converged aura of elements emerged.

“This is my newest Skill… Totem Magic: [Five Elemental Beast Totem Stake]!”


The enormous totem moved by its own will, falling downwards towards the beast! All the magic the monster conjured to destroy the totem was easily deflected. The totem’s sharp end easily reached the abomination, piercing through its slimy body and getting all the way down!



The totem quickly unleashed an explosion of elemental power, beginning to weaken the abomination as its HP quickly started to go down, reaching below 70%!

But that was not yet enough, everyone else quickly unleashed their abilities!


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