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Chapter 618 – With Him, Nothing Is Impossible


Grey and Instructor Blake were sent flying.

Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior was destroyed by a single attack from the Sage Plane corpse.

Alice, Klaus, Reynolds, and Instructor Delia continued flying as Grey and Instructor Blake tried to hold back the corpse.

The trap array Grey set up was already exhausted, but it was unable to do any significant damage to the corpse. Other than slowing it down for a few seconds, it didn’t amount to much.

This goes to show the strength difference between an Overlord Plane Elementalist and a Sage Plane Elementalist. Even though the corpse wasn’t at the original strength of the person while alive, it was still too much for the group who were still in the Overlord Plane.

“Get back, I’ll try to stop it. You are its target,” Instructor Blake pushed Grey back after standing up from where they crashed.

“You don’t need to take the risk alone. My previous attack should be enough to alert the troops of the empire at the border. Hopefully, they get here soon,” Grey refused to leave.

Void appeared on his shoulder, sending out an attack toward the corpse.

The corpse punched out, destroying Void’s attack. Snow soon started to fall around the area where they were standing. Before long, the snow started to take the shape of humans, just like a snowman.

The strength of each snowman was around the Early stages of the Overlord Plane, but there were over twenty that appeared.


Lightning danced across Grey and Instructor Blake’s body. On Grey’s body, there was red lightning, while Instructor Blake had the regular silver-colored lightning.

Surprise appeared on Instructor Blake’s face, as well as that of Grey’s friends since they all knew he previously had regular silver lightning.

Grey and Instructor Blake charged into the group of snowmen, quickly destroying them with their power lightning attacks.

Grey made three inscriptions as well, using them to help Void distract the corpse that was trying to get close to them.

Grey had been impressed with Void’s performance so far against the Sage Plane corpse. Even though he didn’t have the upper hand, he had been dodging most of its attacks, while making sure to pester it. The inscriptions made it almost impossible for the corpse to free itself from the disturbance.

The corpse raised its hand, and ice shards appeared in the sky, covering a range of around five hundred meters radius. Luckily, Instructor Delia and the others were not in this area.

Grey turned to look at Instructor Blake, and the lightning around their bodies flared up.

Buzz! Bang! Boom!

They started attacking wildly, especially Grey as soon as the ice shards started to fall in their direction.

Given the large number of the ice shards, it was impossible for Instructor Blake to dodge them. Grey was a little lucky thanks to his space element. Since they’ve managed to leave the area where the spatial lockdown was done, he had free access to the space element now.

Nevertheless, the duo was still hit by a few of the ice shards. Void was the only one in the area that wasn’t affected by the ice shards.

Whenever the ice shards went close to him, they would vanish, before appearing behind the corpse, attacking it.

When he was in the trial land with Grey, he used the skill as well. According to what he told Grey, it was an innate skill that would transport any attack directed at him in another direction.

He rarely used this skill since it took some effort to use. It was just like when using a domain, it might be flashy and cool, but the consumption was insane.

The corpse wasn’t affected by the ice shards that were striking it. Since they were its attacks, all it did was to dissolve them before they even touched him. He still had complete control and connection with each ice shard.

Outside the battleground, where Klaus and the others were standing.

“Damn! Since when did Grey have red lightning?” Klaus asked.

“Red lightning, man I’m jealous!” Reynolds exclaimed.

Unknown to him, Grey acquired the ability to use red lightning during their expedition to the Chimera Forest when he wanted the lightning tree.

“Wasn’t his lightning silver?” Alice asked dumbstruck.

“Well, he had been using silver lightning all these while, guess he had been hiding it,” Klaus said.

“Wait, isn’t it only possible to have just one color of lightning?” Instructor Delia couldn’t hold herself back from asking.

“Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be, but with him, nothing is impossible,” Klaus remarked.

Reynolds and Alice nodded in agreement to Klaus’ words. They knew all too well what he meant. Others might not know, but they knew of his freakish abilities.

As if having a second color of lightning was something major compared to being able to comprehend another element, or even upgrading the elemental grade?

So long Grey doesn’t die young, then he will surely become the most powerful individual alive, and it wasn’t even a contest with anyone.

They held Grey in high regard, and to be honest, they didn’t feel anything other than joy in being friends with someone who is as freakish as he was. They all knew that it was all thanks to the pressure they felt from being left behind that pushed them to grow this fast.

Instructor Delia stared at the friends, almost wishing she had someone like Grey as a friend. Not just that, but the friendship between the four of them was something she rarely saw. If it were others, they would feel envy when one of them was performing so well compared to the others, but in their case, they felt nothing but joy for their friend.

She could also tell that they all believed in each other unconditionally. If Grey, Klaus, Alice, or even Reynolds told the group to follow him into hell, the others wouldn’t even ask the reason and would follow him.

‘This is what true friendship is,’ She thought.


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