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Chapter 619 – Reunion Of Two Friends

Boom! Bang!

Instructor Blake crashed into a tree, but before the corpse could get to him, Grey and Void appeared in front of it and attacked, forcing it to block their attacks.

“How long do you think we can hold out?” Instructor Blake couldn’t help but ask.

“I have no idea, but it shouldn’t be for long,” Grey replied.

For the first time in Instructor Blake’s life, he was actually praying he got captured by an enemy. At least being held captive by the empire meant that he would still be alive, from how this thing was attacking, it looked like it wanted to kill him.

Instructor Blake couldn’t help but sigh as he got up from the tree, after dusting himself clean, he rushed into battle once again.

By the time he joined them, Grey had already been sent flying by the corpse, while Void disappeared, appearing in another location to dodge the attack of the corpse.

‘I really need to work on how fast I can teleport,’ Grey thought while joining the battle once again.

Since the time of the explosion, it has been almost five minutes, but it felt like a lifetime already since the corpse was well above them in terms of strength. They hadn’t even been able to put a scratch on its body, while Grey and Instructor Blake had injuries all over their bodies.

Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior didn’t even last up to a minute before it was extinguished. Since Reynolds wasn’t the one who called it back, it was impossible to summon it in such a short time. It will take around a day or so before he could summon it again.

The only reason it was this early was that he was a high-grade summoner.

Swoosh! Bam!

Grey’s inscription was destroyed by the corpse in the most overbearing way possible. It literally stretched out its hand, and when it closed its palm, the inscription shattered.

This was the first time Grey’s inscriptions were destroyed in such a fashion, and he didn’t know if he should be impressed or worried by the strength of the corpse.

‘A Sage Plane Elementalist is truly on a league of their own compared to Overlord Plane Elementalists,’ Grey thought with a shake of his head as he made another inscription.

Instructor Blake tried engaging in close combat with the corpse, and it didn’t take up to two moves before he was sent flying.

Even with Void’s superior abilities with the space element, just like Grey, he had been sent flying on multiple occasions by the corpse.

The group could literally be said to be fighting a losing battle. Their only hope was that the empire’s troops arrived before they were killed.

They had tried retreating while the battle was on. Well, it’s not on purpose since it was the corpse sending them flying in that direction, but it was still something.

With them going closer to the borders and the troops coming in their direction, it was only a matter of time.

Grey estimated it would take an Overlord Plane Elementalist at most eight minutes for them to cross the distance from the border to where they were located if they flew at top speed.


Not too far from where Grey and Instructor Blake were fighting.

While Grey, Void, and Instructor Blake were busy fighting against a single Sage Plane corpse, things weren’t any better with the Principal.

The three corpses didn’t feel pain like humans, and nor do they get exhausted. He had been fighting them for over ten minutes now, and he had expended a lot of energy and effort, yet, he still hadn’t been able to take one of them out.

Whenever he gets close to taking one out of the picture, another one will come over, helping it. The synergy between the corpses was on another level. The Principal felt only a few groups of people would be able to perform with the same level of cooperation.

Boom! Bang!

The Principal was pushed back by a combined attack from all three corpses.

Just when he was about to attack, he turned to look in the direction of the borders, where the war was taking place.

“Finally,” He heaved a sigh of relief.

Staying close to the borders turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He thought it might’ve been very dangerous staying in this place since it was so close to the borders. But who would’ve thought that the same people they were running away from would turn out to be their helpers later on?


On Grey’s side of the battle.

Instructor Blake and Void were the first to take note of the people from the borders. It didn’t take long before Grey and the others noticed them as well.

“Oh finally!” Grey almost collapsed on the ground when he noticed them.

He even almost stopped fighting right there and then.

Within a few seconds, three figures appeared in front of them. Delia and Blake noticed the one standing in the middle.

“Jason, good thing you’re here, go and fight,” Blake said before dashing in Jason’s direction.

Jason and the Sage Plane experts by his side were dumbfounded by what they were seeing.

They could see that they were fighting against a Sage Plane Elementalist, but what surprised them was that the person they were fighting against didn’t seem to be alive.

“Blake, what’s going on?” Jason asked with a curious expression.

“We’ll explain later, kill that thing first, well, if you can,” Blake said.

“Take it down,” Jason ordered the two men by his side.

The two men paused, looking at Grey and Blake suspiciously.

“Don’t worry, they won’t do anything to me,” Jason assured.

He wasn’t a weak person, and he definitely had a trump card that he could use to fend off an attack from Blake.


They nodded before rushing towards the corpse.

With two people fighting against the corpse, it wouldn’t take long before they would take it down.

“So, you’re the one who crippled my siblings?” Jason looked at Grey curiously.

Void was already out of sight, hiding inside Grey’s storage ring.


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