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Chapter 617 – Risky Choice

Grey and his friends hurried back in the direction of the town. He had tried to locate whatever they used in tracking Instructor Blake and Delia after their last encounter, but it was unsuccessful.

The duo tried themselves, but they were unsuccessful as well. Even Void, Klaus, Reynolds, and Alice also tried to see if they could find it, but none of them succeeded.

Grey took out the communication device to try and see if the Principal had escaped from the three Sage Plane puppets he was fighting against.

‘It hasn’t even been up to five minutes since you left, they’ve not given me the chance yet. But, I’m no longer within the town’s premises…’ The Principal told him his current whereabouts after Grey told him about their speculation and what they just encountered.

‘Sir, I think the best thing to do now is to alert the troops fighting. If you want to, you can make a big attack that will surely attract the attention of those in the camp,’ Grey said.

Their current situation is bad, if there were to be other Sage Plane corpses, then they were toast. Even someone as powerful as the Principal can’t go against five corpses on his own, let alone more than five.

‘It has not gotten to that yet, we still haven’t verified if they have more. But either way, ending up with the empire wouldn’t be good for any of us,’ The Principal said.

‘We have the space element as a last resort to escape, and none of them know about Void’s abilities, giving us two escape cards. But just as you said, we’ll wait to see if they have more Sage Plane corpses,’ Grey responded.

After ending the conversation with the Principal, he told the others of what they spoke about, and his plans to alert the empire if things went wrong.

“With Void’s help, we should be able to escape from the empire since they don’t know about the space element. Our options are risky, hopefully, we’re lucky and they don’t have any more Sage Plane corpses,” Klaus said.

They couldn’t escape on their own, especially given what they just encountered. Void couldn’t continuously help them since the pressure on him would be too much.

However, if they happen to be caught by the empire, Void could easily come in and sneak them out of the place.

Any way they look at it, the latter plan seemed safer. Well, if they weren’t killed immediately, that is.

They rushed towards the area the Principal was fighting, but they didn’t get too close, keeping a good distance.

Boom! Bang!

They could hear the sounds of the explosions from the Principal’s attacks.

They hid somewhere safe, with Void keeping track of what was happening in the area. Grey also made a quick array around where they were hiding to make sure if anything came into that area, he would be alerted.

It didn’t take long before his expression changed.

‘Something’s coming,’ Void messaged him telepathically.

‘Yeah, I’ve sensed it,’ Grey replied.

His expression already told the others of their current situation, and they all prepared themselves for what was coming. If it’s in the Overlord Plane, then they still had a chance, but anything in the Sage Plane, then they would turn around and run.

Grey placed some trap arrays that would at least slow down whatever it was. He also held the communication device in his hand so that he could tell the Principal to find a way to alert the empire of their current location.

A loud eerie screech came from outside the building they were hiding, indicating it was time to leave.

‘Sir, a Sage Plane corpse is here, alert the empire,’ Grey said as they ran for it.

They all came out of the building, rushing into the sky. Their direction, where the troops from the Qilin Empire were camped.

The war was still ongoing, and it had gotten to the point where the strongest fighters from all sides were coming out.

If Grey and his friends were to suddenly appear in any of the camps, it would cause an uproar, throwing the battle in a different direction. Every single empire will rush towards them, trying to capture them.


A loud colorful explosion rang out behind them as they quickly escaped. It was from the traps Grey set up.

After getting the hang of the chaos orb, he used an array formation to contain it in a trap array. This way, once triggered, it would release the pent-up energy it had been storing.

Unlike the previous ones, this chaos orb was made from seven different elements, so the strength was unimaginable.

Even the Principal who was a good distance away was dumbstruck by it.

“What’s the use of me even trying to alert the empire when he already can?” The Principal asked himself in disbelief.

The strength of that explosion was insane. He couldn’t believe it was made by someone who was still in the Fifth stage of the Overlord Plane. It could very well rival an attack from a Peak Overlord Plane Elementalist, and not any Peak Overlord Plane Elementalist but a genius.


At the borders of the Qilin and Blue Wind Empire.

The light from Grey’s attack caught the attention of the people on the battlefield and those in the Qilin Empire camp that was at the back.

Seeing that it was coming from the Qilin Empire’s side, the guards at the camp hurried to inform their superiors who were inside the tent.

“An explosion from our side?” A young handsome youth asked.

Looking closely, it was a face Blake, Delia, and the Principal was familiar with. It was none other than the Crowned Prince of the Qilin Empire, Jason Gale.

“Yes, Your Highness,” The guard bowed as he reported.

“Come, let’s go check it out,” Jason walked out of the tent, accompanied by two old men.

After coming out, they took to flight, rushing in the direction of the light.


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