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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 555: Dragon Insignia Bahasa Indonesia

“To complete my mission,” Ellis replied before knocking out the bandit’s leader.

After knocking him out, he removed the spatial ring on his finger.

“*Sigh* This collapse has made us lose a lot of things,” He sighed while looking at where the hideout was previously located.

Thanks to the collapse, there was no way to get in, unless he wanted to destroy the place even more.

He waved his hand, and tentacles made of water sprouted out from the ground just in front of him. The tentacles stretched into the battlefield, removing the rings on the corpses of the dead bandits.

Although Ellis helped the duo after defeating the bandit leader, he still found their strength astonishing.

Later that day.

Grey and Void were back to normal. Seeing that they were awake, Ellis handed all the spatial rings to them.

“What’s this?” Grey asked with a confused expression.

“The loot, this is all the rings I could salvage,” Ellis replied, he separated one of the rings, “This is the one the leader wore, so it should have more items in it,”

Void was about to rush the rings when Grey stopped him, “We did this together, there’s no way we would take all the loot,”

“That’s nice of you, but I don’t need it, you two can share them,” Ellis said, refusing Grey’s offer.

“Destroy them then, since you don’t want a share of them, then there’s no use in keeping it,” Grey said resolutely.

Even though he was slightly interested in the loot since he was already almost out of essence stones, he wouldn’t take all the rewards when Ellis also helped in the battle.

“Fine, sheesh! We’ll share them,” Ellis gave up, before taking the rings.

The best way to share them is by taking out all the items from each storage ring and evaluating their value.

Grey was short on stones, so he needed more of that. Void, well, all he wanted were shiny things. Ellis wasn’t interested in the loot, so he wasn’t really expecting to take anything of importance from them.

He planned to take the less useful things and give rest to the duo.

There was a total of twenty-three rings, and other than the one owned by the bandit’s leader, the rest didn’t have any owners, so it could be easily accessed by anyone.

Ellis brought out all the items from those rings, and there were multiple elemental weapons, techniques, a few books about arrays, thousands of essence stones, some herbs, fruits, and plants. There was even a book on forge mastering.

Ellis, recalling Grey’s love for arrays, handed him the book about arrays, and forge mastering. Void, as he wanted, got first picks on the shiny things. He picked up a shiny bright pearl which seemed to be able to light up even the darkest nights.

Ellis randomly picked up an elemental sword, keeping it in his spatial ring. They continued sharing the loot, with Grey going for the essence stones right after getting the array and forge mastering books. Void like before went for shiny things, but this time, it was an elemental weapon that was in the shape of a star.

They continued in this fashion until they picked up all the items from the storage ring, now, it was time to take out the items that were in the spatial ring of the bandit’s leader.

Grey and Void looked on expectantly, being someone who had robbed a lot of people, the bandit’s leader is bound to have great items stored in his storage ring.

“Come on, open it,” Void urged.

“It’ll take some time since the owner is still alive, it will take some time to alter it,” Ellis explained while closing his eyes, sending his spiritual senses into the ring.

He used his spiritual sense to locate where the bandit’s leader’s consciousness was on the ring, before forcibly destroying it.

Thud! Splat!

The bandit’s leader fell on his knees, before spitting out a mouthful of blood as his face turned paler than it previously was.

“Why didn’t you just tell me to remove it myself?!” He yelled in pain while clutching his aching head.

“If I did that, we wouldn’t be able to see you in this state, now would we?” Ellis asked with a smirk.

The bandit’s leader gritted his teeth angrily, with veins popping up on the side of his head. If looks could kill, then Ellis and the duo would’ve been dead already.

“You’re crazy, all of you! You’ll die young!” The bandit’s leader continued swearing at the trio.

Grey couldn’t help but wish Klaus were here. With Klaus’ vile tongue, he might curse this man to the stage of wanting to commit suicide. Especially since he couldn’t move.

Ellis and Grey didn’t bother to reply to him, as they stared at the items they brought out from the ring. Ellis couldn’t deny it, he was a little tempted by the things he was seeing.

There were high-grade elemental weapons, tonics, rare rocks, beast cores, beast corpses, rare techniques, there was even a space and light element technique in the items, thousands of high-grade essence stones, herbs, fruits with powerful effects, plants.

The things they were all seeing were worth a fortune. Ellis’ eyes were spread wide open because he couldn’t believe how wealthy the bandit’s leader was.

“Who did you rob?” He turned to ask in shock.

Even for someone in a big family like his, he still found it difficult not to feel shocked by the items he was seeing.

“Go f**k yourself!” The bandit’s leader spat on the ground in disgust.

“Fine, since you’re not saying, Void,” Ellis sneered while stepping back.

On hearing his name, Void knew it was his time to shine.

“Hehehe, prepare yourself for a world of pain,” He laughed evilly while walking towards the man and swinging his tail from side to side.

Grey shook his head as he saw Void’s reaction.

‘He just loves torturing people,’ He thought wryly.

The bandit’s leader’s scream soon started to echo in the silent Suyin Canyons.

Grey and Ellis were watching as Void tortured him. It didn’t take long for him to crack before spilling out everything.

“A special carriage?” Ellis asked.

“Yes, it had an insignia in the shape of a dragon,” The bandit leader nodded obediently.

“Crap! When did you rob them?” Ellis asked, evidently worried.

“A few days back,” The bandit’s leader replied.

“We’re leaving, now! ” Ellis roared while picking up the bandit’s leader and running.


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