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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 556: The Vaergahl Family Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh, Grey, destroy the corpses,” Ellis’ voice came from afar.

Grey sent out a wide-range fire attack that quickly burned the corpses to ashes before running after Ellis. He didn’t know why Ellis reacted the way he did, but he was certain that this family with the dragon insignia wasn’t anything good.

The next morning.

A group of over thirty people arrived, two old men with white and black hair respectively, a few middle-aged men and some young men and girls in their teens. Looking at the destruction in the area, they knew a battle occurred not too long ago, and seeing how there was no one here, the bandits were most likely wiped out.

“Do you know who might’ve done this?” The old man with black hair asked.

“No, but I believe if the bandits were wiped out, we’ll hear of it soon enough,” A middle-aged man replied.

“Okay, send scouts to the towns, villages, and cities nearby, we must get back that vial of blood,” The old man said with clenched fists before disappearing.

The other one with white hair disappeared as well.

“How could you be so careless, didn’t you tell them the name of our family?” The middle-aged man turned to one of the young men in the group.

It was a boy who looked to be around fifteen to seventeen years old. He had the same features as the middle-aged man who was scolding him, only younger looking.

“I told them, father, but they threatened to kill us, while also saying that we were lying,” The young man said apologetically.

“*Sigh* Whoever defeated them shouldn’t be too far away. If my guess is correct, this battle took place at least two days ago. Spread out, we must recover the item,” The middle-aged man said, turning to look at everyone present.

“Yes, My Lord!” Everyone answered in unison before going in different directions, leaving only five people left in the canyon.

The middle-aged man, two middle-aged ladies, the young man who was his son, and another youth who was older than the young man.

“We should search this place, maybe they might mistake it for something meaningless and leave it in their hideout,” The middle-aged man said.

With a snap of his hand, all the destroyed rocks flew into the air, floating in the sky as if held by a powerful force.

The group walked into the destroyed hideout, combing through every part of it.


While all these were happening, Ellis and Grey were already at the gate of the Mostar City.

“Finally, we’re back,” Ellis breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw the gates of the city.

“Can you try to at least tell me why we’re running?” Grey asked.

They’ve been running since the previous night, well, he was the one who did the running, Ellis could fly so he wasn’t too bothered.

“Oh right, the Vaergahl family. They believe they’re a family related to dragons, weird right?” Ellis explained as they walked into the city.

Ellis was from a well known family, and being someone who is regarded as one of the most talented individuals to ever grace the city, he had quite a high status here, even amongst his peers.

The guards at the city gates welcomed him with smiles, while occasionally waving at him. They didn’t even ask who the man on his shoulder was, it was none of their business.

Grey continued to listen to Ellis’ explanation about the Vaergahl family. According to him, the family was said to have come after a human and a Dragon that was able to turn human got together. The child they gave birth to was said to be the greatest genius of his time. But the Dragons didn’t want their bloodline to be contaminated by humans, so they forcibly took the child, but the parents managed to escape later on and start up a family once again.

But the purity of the second child’s bloodline wasn’t as strong as the first, and since they were in hiding, the Dragons were unable to locate them. They managed to grow to a powerful extent before finally coming out after hundreds of years in hiding. It didn’t take long before they laid a stronghold for themselves.

Some people didn’t believe the story, but because they didn’t want to make the mistake of offending people related to Dragons, they let them be. One thing was also certain though, they were powerful in their own rights as well, and even the biggest families in the continent wouldn’t want to go head to head against them.


When Ellis made mention of the Vaergahl family name, the bandit leader who he was carrying on his shoulder started to shake uncontrollably from fear. He knew this name, but when the youths told him about it, he thought they were only using it as a means of protection and didn’t think much of it, only now did he understand the severity of his crimes.

Now, he was actually grateful that Ellis and Grey defeated them, if not, he would’ve seen far worse things at the hands of the Vaergahl family.

“Hmm, well, it has nothing to do with us, it’s not like we were the ones who robbed them,” Grey said.

Although the story was quite intriguing, he didn’t want to think much about it for now. The main thing is to get to the O’Brien family compound and see if he could help out Ellis’ father.

“As long as we’re in my family compound, they can’t do anything to us,” Ellis led the group further into the city.

They headed towards the eastern part of the city.

Given the size of the city, it took them almost one hour before they got to their destination. It was a luxurious-looking mansion that gave off an ancient aura. This goes to show just how old the building was.

This was the O’Brien family, one of the oldest and most powerful families in Mostar City and the entire Southern Continent.


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