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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 554: I’m Motivated By Loot! Bahasa Indonesia


A huge dust cloud rose into the sky from the place where the bandit’s hideout caved in.

Grey and Void were already at a safe location and seeing the men rushing out of the place, they exchanged looks before attacking them viciously.

Swoosh! Bam! Bang! Boom!

The men who were dashing out of the place found it difficult to block the sudden attacks of Void and Grey.

Grey used one of his most powerful wide-range attacks, meteor descent, while Void was changing between the lightning, fire, and darkness element.

In a matter of seconds, the duo had killed no less than ten people.

After their first flurry of attacks, the other bandits were already aware of their attacks and managed to block them. Although, not all of them were able to successfully do so thanks to the cooperation of Grey and Void.

By the time the surviving bandits appeared outside, none of the Peak Overlord Plane bandits were left alive. The remaining two who were on Ellis’ side of the battle had managed to survive under Void’s attacks until now, but they met their unfortunate end thanks to the duo’s viciousness.

When Ellis saw what they were doing, he couldn’t help but shake his head in amazement.

‘They truly are fit to travel together, truly vicious,’ He thought while staring at the bandit leader with regret.

Had he known, he would’ve attacked him when he was escaping as well, this would’ve made killing him easier.

“How can you be so shameless?!” The bandit leader yelled in dejection when he saw what Grey and Void did.

He wasn’t expecting anyone to make any moves until everyone came out of the collapsing hideout, who would’ve thought that Grey and Void were so vicious? It was one thing for an animal to be this vicious, but for a human as well? That was something people rarely see.

“We’re not friends, why would I wait until they come out? I saw my chance, of course I’ll take it,” Grey replied coldly.

Grey disappeared after he finished his words, attacking the unsuspecting bandits who were watching the exchange between him and their leader.


By the time they realized what was happening, one of their comrades had been sent flying, blood spilling from his mouth. Even before the body touched the ground, he was already dead.

“Ah! Kill him! Kill him!” The bandit leader yelled in frustration and rushed towards Grey.


An attack exploded in front of him, pushing him back.

“I’m your opponent, don’t worry, you’ll join your underlings soon enough,” Ellis said with a smirk before attacking once again.

With the bandit leader’s state of mind in disarray, it would be easier to kill him now.

The bandit leader attacked frivolously, however, Ellis had no problems with dealing with a distracted and frustrated opponent.

Swoosh! Boom! Bam!

They continued fighting wildly in the sky with attacks covering some parts of it. Grey and Void were also fighting valiantly on the ground, although pressured by the number of their enemies, they continued fighting.

The duo was built differently when it came to fighting against crowds, it was like the number doesn’t even affect them at all.

A group of almost two hundred bandits when the battle started had reduced to just over eighty plus people, this showed how clinical the duo was. One has to take note that Ellis hadn’t been given the freedom to attack anyone other than the bandit leader, so the killing of over fifty percent of their opponents was solely done by Grey and Void, and the centipede as well. It did take out a few people before its quick death.

The huge canyon walls on the side were destroyed from the battle. Some of the bandits were already making their escape when they saw that victory didn’t seem to favor them today. Especially after seeing their leader sent flying more than once.

Ellis already had the upper hand when the battle started, so he used that momentum, as well as Grey’s present dismantling of the bandits which seems to have destabilized the bandit leader.

Boom! Bang!

Half an hour more went by, and the fighting in the canyon had stopped. Three figures were standing on top of one side of the wall which had been slightly destroyed, staring at the havoc that was on the ground. Multiple corpses were on the ground which had large crevices from the powerful attacks.

Void was perched on Grey’s shoulder like usual, while Ellis looked around with a solemn look, by his side, was a man who looked half beaten to death. It was none other than the bandit’s leader. But, he was almost unrecognizable.

“*Sigh* How did you two do it?” Ellis sighed before turning to Grey and Void.

He just couldn’t believe that two fighters could cause this much chaos on a battlefield. If the duo were thrown into a real battlefield, they are bound to be hated by their opponents.

A mission that seemed like a death sentence was cleared just like.

Grey and Void looked at the ground before replying simultaneously.



Although the duo spoke at the same time, Ellis had no issues differentiating what Grey said and what Void said.

“I tend to thrive under pressure,” Grey added.

“I’m motivated by loot,” Void didn’t want to be left out so he explained as well.

Grey rolled his eyes when he heard Void’s words. He sat down on the ground, winded from the battle. He couldn’t deny it, he truly outdid himself this time.

“I think I’ll need to rest for a while before we can continue,” He said to Ellis.

“Yeah, me too, I’m feeling sleepy already,” Void said.

“It’s okay, you two can rest up, I’ll keep guard. Also, thank you for your help,” Ellis thanked the duo.

If not for them, he wasn’t even fifteen percent sure he would make it back alive.

Grey nodded before closing his eyes, entering a meditation state, while Void appeared on his crossed legs and started to sleep.

“You, what do you want with me?” The bandit’s leader asked Ellis after the duo were out.


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