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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 545: A Single Punch Bahasa Indonesia

Void was currently nowhere to be seen, he followed the young man as he escaped. Grey might’ve not been able to finish him off when they were fighting, but it didn’t mean he would let him escape. There’s a good chance that there might be another way out of the cave once he is in, this was something he didn’t want.

Necromancers are interesting but vile people, he wants to make sure he eliminates anyone he finds. If he could learn a few things from them and remove that stupid mark from his back, then he would be grateful to whoever showed him before killing them.

The entrance of the cave extended for over two hundred meters before it slowly started opening up. As he got to this part, he understood why no one came out while he was fighting with the young man.

‘Void, which way?’ He transmitted his voice over to Void.

There are currently six paths in front of him, and he didn’t want to go on a wild goose chase. Void’s ability to locate treasure was something that could help, so why waste it?

‘Take the second path on your right, the treasure is at the end of that path. Also, be careful, there are traps, poisons, and other deadly things on the path,’ Void reported back quickly.

‘Alright, how’s your victim doing? Any luck yet?’ Grey asked while walking towards the second path on the right.

‘He has still refused to say anything, but so long he doesn’t commit suicide, he still has a will to live. I’ll see how things go,’ Void replied.

Grey didn’t speak any further before going into the path. Void’s mission is to obtain the method of removing the mark from the young man and then killing him. If he refused to say anything, then he would still kill him nonetheless. Keeping such people alive is too risky, especially for an organization that has few people. It might actually cause more harm than good.

From the connection Grey had with Void, he sensed that they were on the first path from your left. Seems the young man didn’t even think of a target before running in, all he cared about was staying alive.

After walking into the path, Grey felt a slight tingling sensation on his leg, but it soon stopped.

‘Huh? Strange,’ He thought to himself.

He sent his spiritual sense into his body to check if anything was wrong, but he couldn’t sense anything. It was only after he walked a few meters forward did he know what was happening.

“Poison?” He muttered while staring at the corpse of a youth that had black lines running across their body.

For some reason, he seemed to be immune to all forms of poison, which is somewhat unexpected. He still hasn’t been able to find out the cause, but he felt it had to do with the orb.

He continued walking further into the path, seeing two more corpses, and a youth that was already on the verge of dying from the poison. When the young man saw Grey, he started pleading with what little strength he had left, tears running down his face.

Grey stared at him for a while before shaking his head. Using the healing tonic on someone he didn’t know might put him in danger. People tend to act on their greed more than anything else, this was a chance he wasn’t willing to test.

He continued walking, and after leaving the poison-filled side, he soon started facing trap arrays, elemental attacks, and a few traps that were physical attacks.

He dodged every single one of these attacks without breaking a sweat, as he continued heading further.

After twenty minutes of walking, he entered an open field. In these twenty minutes, Void had reunited with him after killing the necromancer. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get any information from him. Grey decided to study the corpse before discarding them after leaving this place. And moving around with a corpse felt strange and weird to him.

Six people were already standing on the end of the path, staring at the glowing fruit that was on an eleven meters tall tree. On the tree was a single fruit.

All six individuals were exchanging glances between each other. When they heard footsteps, they turned to look at the person who just arrived.

“Gentlemen, lady, as you all know, I’m the person ranked first in the Origin Plane in this region, there’s no way any of you can defeat me,” A youth dressed in red stepped forward.

The four young men and the single lady squinted their gazes when they heard this. The young man in front of them was right, he was the present genius ranked first in the Polaris region for those in the Origin Plane, so defeating him was something none of them could do alone, especially while they were just around the Seventh and Eighth stage of the Origin Plane.

When they sensed Grey was also at the Peak of the Origin Plane, they planned to use him to fight against the young man ranked first, before beating him. They simultaneously turned to look at Grey.

“Whatever plans you have, dump it, I’m a far bigger threat than he is,” Grey walked forward, heading towards the young man ranked first.

“You all can either watch from the side or leave this place. If any of you dare to think of stealing the fruit while we’re fighting, then prepare for your death,” The young man in red said coldly to the five people who stared at the duo.

“Who are you?” He asked when Grey stood in front of him.

“No one important, all I want is the fruit,” Grey replied casually.

“I like your guts, fine since you’re confident enough to say that even after knowing who I am, I’ll entertain you for a while,” The young man in red said.

Grey smiled, before vanishing from his location.


The sound of flesh hitting flesh reverberated out before the figure of the young man in red was sent flying.


He slammed heavily into the tree, rocking it.

The five youths who were watching from the side had their mouths wide open than an entire egg could perfectly fit into it. They looked at the young man who was lying below the tree, then back at Grey who had his right hand outstretched, in a punching position.


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