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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 546: You Don’t Have A Choice Bahasa Indonesia

“Wow! Did he just defeat him with a single punch?” The young lady in the group asked while pointing at the young man in red.

“Seems like it, and he didn’t even use any elemental attacks,” A young man in the group said.

“That’s incredible!” The young lady and the others exclaimed.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, at this moment, they recalled when Grey said he was more dangerous than the youth in red.

“Are you sure he’s still in the Origin Plane?” One of the young men asked, just to be sure.

“Yes, he is,” The same young man who answered the young lady’s question nodded.

The rest couldn’t help but sigh in frustration. They turned around, not even daring to get near the tree.

Grey smiled softly before walking towards the tree. His strength was increasing almost daily, and his physical strength was already close to the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane. It was very easy for him to defeat someone at the Peak of the Origin Plane, even if that person is a genius such as the youth in red.

Of course, surprise played an important role in this attack.

Grey walked towards the tree before gently plucking it from the tree. The fruit gave off a warmth that made him feel relaxed.

“Good stuff!” He exclaimed before keeping it in his storage ring.

He used the water element to wake up the youth in red, before turning to leave.

“What happened?” The youth in red asked.

“Nothing, you lost,” Grey shrugged.

Just before he walked to the passage, he noticed the tree glowing, before a passage appeared on it.

“Oh, a quicker way to go out,” He said softly before turning around.

The youth in red stood still when he heard Grey’s words. He couldn’t believe he actually lost to a single attack. What was worse was that he was even knocked out!

He followed behind Grey, just like the five others who also saw the passage.


Outside the ruin.

Just like Grey, the other youths who entered the place were coming out thanks to the passage that opened up after Grey plucked the fruit.

On getting out, they all looked around, trying to find out who took the fruit.

Grey and the group who entered the same path as he did soon came out of the ruin, standing casually.

He looked around casually, before heading towards the forest. There was nothing here for him to do.

Just as he was about to step into the woods.

“Grey Dawson, why the hurry?” A voice came from the side, it wasn’t loud, but everyone around heard it perfectly.

When they heard the name, they all looked around curiously, they had heard of a certain Grey Dawson that was going around challenging people. They couldn’t believe the figure came to the ruin.

Grey, who paused, continued walking. He pretended as if he wasn’t the one the person was talking to.


An explosion occurred in front of Grey, forcing him to stop.

Everyone turned to look in the direction, and seeing the youth standing there with a mask on, they all guessed he was the one they were searching for.

Grey’s expression turned sour, this was one of the reasons he hated fame. He could swear he had not heard this voice before, yet why was the person trying so hard to get his attention.

He turned around, to look at who was the one who tried to attack him.

Looking up, he saw a youth standing gently mid-air. The young man looked to be his age, with white long sleeves and trousers, and a white short hair to match, his eyes were blue.

“Who are you?” Grey asked coldly.

‘Be careful, you’re no match for him,’ Void warned.

‘I know,’ Grey replied with a frustrated expression

“Someone you’ll know in the future, where’s Sylvia? I thought she was with you,” The young man asked while looking around.

His sharp eyes easily picked up everyone that were here, and there was no sight of Sylvia.

‘Sylvia? Could he be from that Faction she spoke of?’ Grey’s brain went into overdrive when he heard this.

He never thought someone would come after him because he associated himself with Sylvia.

“She’s gone,” He replied.

He didn’t like Sylvia that much because she forced him into challenging those geniuses, but it didn’t mean he would tell this guy her location. What if he wanted to kill her? He could tell that those beside the young man weren’t people Sylvia could defeat.

“Oh, a shame, and I wanted her to watch how I defeat one of her candidates,” The young man said with a shake of his head.

When Grey heard this, he knew full well that he was in trouble.

“I’m not interested in participating in that competition,” Grey said straightforwardly.

This was the truth, he might go there, but he was not going to participate in it. It had nothing to do with him.

“Huh? Sylvia wouldn’t waste her time on you if you were not going to participate. Forget it, I’m already here, since that’s the case, I’ll leave you alone,” The young man said.

Grey was about to heave a sigh of relief before he heard the rest of the youth’s statement.

“If you can survive a single attack,” The young man added.

Grey narrowed his eyes to look at the young man, “Not interested, like I said, I will not take part in the competition,”

“The thing here is this, you don’t have a choice,” The young man said with an evil grin.

Buzz! Swoosh!

As soon as he finished his statement, he attacked. He was a Lightning Elementalist.

The lightning bolt moved so fast that Grey was unable to keep up with the movement. Without even thinking, he used the space element to teleport to another location.

“Oh, you managed to survive,” The young man said with a smile on his face.

Grey stood in another position, on his chest, a small two inches hole could be seen. People could literally see the other side through the hole. Blood soon started to gush out of it, staining Grey’s blue shirt, down to his trouser.

On the side of his mouth, blood was dripping from both sides.

Even with his quick reaction, he was still unable to dodge the attack, luckily, he moved quickly so it missed his heart.


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