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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 544: I Thought They Were Rare? Bahasa Indonesia

Grey ventured into the ruin, quickly maneuvering through the paths. There were a few places with people gathered, but Void said the treasures were trash and not worth wasting their time, so he didn’t head there.

They headed straight for their target which was the treasure that helps Origin Plane Elementalists in breaking through to the Overlord Plane.

Most of the geniuses here were already waiting there, waiting for when the seal in front of the cave opened.

Grey soon got to the place, and from his rough estimate, there were about thirty people seated here.

The moment Grey appeared there, he sensed something that made him look in a particular direction. His gaze met with that of a young man who had burly muscles, the young man had brown hair, with black eyes while wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed his hand muscles.

Grey suddenly felt uneasy when their gazes met before he looked away.

‘Void, I don’t like that guy,’ He said to Void.

He rarely has these feelings towards people he hasn’t seen before.

‘Which one?’ Void asked.

Grey described the young man to him.

‘Oh that one, avoid him, I have a bad feeling about him,’ Void said.

After hearing Void’s words, Grey confirmed his feelings towards the young man. There was a certain look he gave him when their eyes met.

He picked a spot and sat down, with Void on the lookout. As time went on, more geniuses came to the place, all waiting for the seal to break.

Most of them here knew that they didn’t have a chance in obtaining the treasure, but they all felt that there might be a chance to get something else in this cave.

Grey was busy comprehending his elements, while Void was trying to see if he could find anything that would interest him.

The day soon turned night, and the seal on the cave was weakening as time went on. At this rate, it would break open the next day.


The next day.


“Look! Cracks are appearing on it,” Someone exclaimed while pointing at the seal.

Everyone turned their attention to the seal at the same time, discarding whatever they were doing.

The cracks continued spreading, and before long.


The seal broke to pieces, leaving the cave open for all to go in. The entrance to the cave was small, so everyone had to go in one person at a time.

Grey didn’t go in immediately, waiting for others to walk in before he did. It didn’t take long before everyone walked in, leaving only Grey and the burly youth outside. They exchanged gazes before the young man walked into the cave.

Grey narrowed his eyes, but to be on the safer side, he waited outside for a few more minutes before going in.


Grey’s figure shot out of the cave slamming into the wall on the side of the ruin.

“Why do you have that mark on you? You should speak out now, either that or I can kill you and make you one of them,” The burly youth walked out of the entrance to the cave, two figures walking out from the cave.

“Necromancer,” Grey muttered when he saw the figures.

They were corpses.

‘I thought Sylvia said they were rare? How come I’ve encountered one so soon,’ He couldn’t help but curse at his bad luck.

Necromancers who some people wouldn’t see throughout their lifetime, he had encountered two of them within the short time of two months. How could people call that rare?

“After adding you to their ranks, I can extract the information out of your head,” The burly youth said.

“You can do that?” Grey asked, shocked.

This was the first time he was hearing about something like this, so he found it quite shocking. The means of these necromancers are outrageous, brutal, but outrageous.

“Why is that mark placed on you?” The youth asked.

“I was playing with a friend, and he accidentally placed it on me,” Grey replied.

His words seemed to irritate the youth.

This was a mark that would cost the caster their life, yet Grey was saying a friend accidentally placed it on him, who did he think he was deceiving?!

The young man didn’t speak any further, attacking immediately.

The corpse on the right was the first to attack, a Wind Elementalist in the Second stage of the Overlord Plane. Its strength was well below Lucan’s level, so it wasn’t something that could cause him any trouble.

Grey dodged the wind blade it sent at him, before attacking with the fire element. The second corpse jumped out, blocking the attack with the earth element.

The Wind Elemental corpse attacked once again, trying to use a cyclone to hold onto Grey.

Grey forcefully cut open the cyclone with a fire blade, attacking the young man.

The Earth Elemental corpse stepped in front of the youth, blocking the attack once again. This time, its earth wall was almost broken by the attack.

Grey continued attacking, with the youth blocking and countering at the same time.

“No wonder you were marked, you not only have valuable information, but you’re also a genius,” The youth commented.

Grey didn’t say anything, attacking the corpse while bringing out an inscription. Luckily for him, this necromancer was still in the Origin Plane, so he wasn’t too powerful. If he were like the last one, he would’ve escaped the moment he was attacked.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

Their battle continued, and the necromancer soon started to notice that he made a mistake in attacking Grey. Even with two corpses, he was obviously no match for him, and he could see that Grey didn’t have any plans of letting him escape since all the escape routes had been blocked by inscriptions.


Grey’s attacks broke the earth wall in front of him, sending him flying.

When he landed, he sent his corpses towards him before making a run for it. His target was the entrance to the cave. This was his only hope of escaping.

Grey smiled, easily capturing the two corpses since the young man was no longer in sight.

“I’ll study these two for now, maybe I can get something from it.” He nodded before walking into the cave.


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