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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 318: Two Requests Bahasa Indonesia

“Does this mean you’ll help me?” Grey asked hopefully.

When he first came here, he came with the confidence that things would go according to his plan. It was only after meeting up with Gerald did he know things weren’t as they seem.

‘Looks like even till now I still need to depend on Teacher. It’s nice having such an amazing Teacher though,’ He thought to himself while awaiting Gerald’s response.

“Yes and no,” Gerald replied.

Grey gave Gerald a questioning look when he heard his reply. The reply wasn’t as straightforward as he wanted.

“Even though the Emperor doesn’t want to offend us, it doesn’t mean that I can actively go against him in his own empire. Doing that would incite rage among the other empires.”

“All I can promise you is this, I can help you with information, as well as protect you while you’re in Frost City, but that’s it,” Gerald explained.

“That’s already more than I expected, thank you,” Grey was elated when he heard this and instantly showed his gratitude.

At least with Gerald behind him, he could walk freely in Frost City. He didn’t really plan on staying in Frost City anyway, as soon as he finds Alice, he would immediately leave this place.

Now his focus is handing the devices to his friends, once he’s done with that, then he would focus on increasing his strength as he searches for his parents.

When the thought of his parents came into his mind, he suddenly had an idea. With the vast resources the Lenz organization has, they could help him with that. The fact that Gerald was able to quickly get information about him within the short space of half an hour showed this. Since he could do that, then he might be able to help him locate his parents while he’s still here in Frost City.

“Sir Gerald, I have two requests. Firstly, given your status, you should be able to send for the family head of the Reiss family. According to what I’ve gathered, when the Emperor’s people came, he told them Alice was not in Frost City, with his help I should be able to find her quickly.” Grey explained.

“Oh, I see you’ve been busy. Such devotion towards a friend is quite admirable. I’ll send for him, he’ll come first thing in the morning.” Gerald replied casually.

Seeing that Gerald agreed so easily surprised Grey. He thought he might brood over the matter, but he agreed so quickly.

“What’s your second request?” Gerald asked when he noticed Grey wasn’t saying anything.

“I need your help with locating my parents,” Grey said with a serious expression.

“Hmm, I’m sorry kid, but that I can’t help with. Remember when I said I did thorough research on anyone who wants to see me, that included your parents as well.”

“You see, from what I’ve gathered, your parents only appeared in Red City some months before you were born. No one knows where they came from, it was like they appeared out of nowhere.”

“Some years after your birth, your father disappeared. Your mother disappeared after you joined the Lunar Academy, there are no records of them anywhere else. The only reason I agreed to see someone like you who had a mysterious background is because Chris is your Teacher.” Gerald took his time to explain to Grey.

Grey sat quietly as Gerald explained, his expression changed a few times on hearing that there were no records of his parents anywhere.

‘Then where did they come from?’ He asked himself. He recalled he had a similar answer when he went to see Klaus’ father the last time as well.

“Sorry if I’m asking too much, but can you tell me how you were able to gather so much within such a short time. The only you can get to know so much is if you communicated with someone in Red City, as well as Lunar City. Given the distance, it’s impossible, unless…” Grey’s eyes widened when he thought of a possibility.

“A communication device,”

Grey and Gerald said at the same time.

“Oh, you’ve heard about them as well?” Gerald asked curiously.

This was something that was made not too long ago, they were able to acquire it due to their influence. The one they had was a better version when compared to the one the group from the Azure empire used when Grey and his friends visited Zivia City.

“No, actually, I’ve been planning to make something like this. I just haven’t been able to figure out the necessary arrays.” Grey shook his head as he explained.

“Chris truly is your Teacher, the fact that you can think of this is quite fascinating. Here, you can take a look,” Gerald fished out a plaque-like item before throwing it Grey’s way.

Grey caught the item before curiously inspecting it. What happened next came as a surprise to Gerald and the two ladies.

For almost twenty minutes straight, Grey actually focused his full attention on the item. He would occasionally nod his head, and at times, he would frown in confusion.

The previous impression the young lady had of him died totally when she saw him in this state. It was like she was looking at an obsessed student who wouldn’t stop learning until he found out the reason for something.

Another ten minutes almost passed before Grey managed to come back to himself. He looked around, confused by the stares he was receiving from the trio. It was only after a few seconds did he recall what happened.

“I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve been bothered with making this for a while now, so seeing this intrigued me.” He explained as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

“It’s okay. You’ll stay in the villa until you leave the city.” Gerald replied with a smile.

“Thank you,” Grey bowed to Gerald to show his gratitude once again.

This was more than he hoped for so he was pretty happy.

“Take him to the room on the right-wing,” Gerald said to the young lady before turning to Grey again, “You can study the item for the night,”

He could tell Grey wanted to ask him this.

Grey was all smiles as he left the room. The only thing he didn’t get from this visit was the location of his parents, other than that, he pretty much gained a lot from this.


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