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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 317: Scared! Bahasa Indonesia

“If you wanted to, I won’t be sitting here,” Grey replied.

He felt fearful when he heard all four empires were looking for him, but he could tell Gerald didn’t plan on handing him over.

“You’re calmer than I expected, but you’re not wrong. If I wanted to hand you over, then I’d have done that after finding out about you,” Gerald chuckled, impressed by Grey’s cool-headedness.

Others would freak out if they found out that not one, but four empires sees them as a threat.

“Is there a reason for that?” Grey asked curiously.

Gerald’s decision of not handing him over showed him there was some hope in creating ties with him, he could also sense he didn’t have any malicious intentions towards him.

“Do you really want to know?” Gerald asked with a straight expression.

Grey nodded.

‘If I don’t want to know, then why would I bother asking?’ He thought to himself but refrained from speaking it out.

“I’m scared,” Gerald shook his head with a wry smile.


Grey and the two ladies in the room looked at Gerald in surprise.

“This wasn’t the answer you expected, right?” Gerald asked before standing up from his chair, walking towards the window.

“Let me tell you a story, fifty-five years ago…” He started speaking while looking out the window with both hands behind his back.

On one of his journeys, he encountered a man at an old ruin. They clicked so they were together through most of the exploration. There were others there as well, and all of them were Overlord Plane Elementalists, all eighteen people there. The person with the lowest stage among them turned out to be the man, he was also the youngest.

After exploring the place, the man was the one who found the treasure in the ruin, it was a book about arrays. Since he was the one with the lowest stage among them still being in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane, the others saw it fit to oppress him to collect the book from him.

The man refused to hand the book over since he nearly died in a trap while trying to obtain the book. A scuffle broke out between the man and the other sixteen people. Gerald didn’t fight against him nor did he assist him, rather, he walked to the side. According to him, that was the best choice to make.

But when the fight started, he got the greatest scare of his life. The man who was in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane went toe-to-toe against sixteen people. Each of these sixteen people was at least a stage above, yet he went toe-to-toe with them.

That was the first time Gerald saw a Light Elementalist. The man in his story was none other than Grey’s Teacher, Chris.

Chris not only fought against them being in a lower stage, but he also defeated them, killing all of his opponents. Among the sixteen people, there was one in the Eighth stage of the Overlord Plane, but he didn’t stand a chance against the rampaging Chris.

Gerald watched in terror as Chris killed every single one of his opponents. When he was done fighting, he looked in his direction, and he stumbled in fright when he saw his eyes.

Chris approached him, and he immediately started explaining his reason for not helping out. To his surprise, Chris didn’t even bother with him and went to sit by the side to recover. After that exploration, he managed to create ties with Chris.

Since then, he had been the one giving Chris most of the information he needed, especially for his explorations.

“Now you see why I said I’m scared? If Chris were to find out I handed his precious student to the Emperor, I’d most likely be the first one he kills. I don’t think even the organization can stop him from killing me.” Gerald said after telling them the story.

“Dad, he might be strong, but I don’t believe he can go against the organization,” The young lady who was sitting on the couch with Grey stood up and said.

“Hehe, you do not know him, child. I’ve seen him almost wipe out one of the oldest families in the Qilin empire because of a piece of roasted rabbit. Apparently, one the heir of the family smacked the rabbit out of his hand into the water,” Gerald shook in terror as he recalled the bloody scene.

‘Damn! Thank God Teacher’s temper is better now.’ Grey said to himself with his back soaking in sweat when he recalled the day he stole Chris’ roasted rabbit.

“He almost wiped out an entire family all because of a rabbit?” The young lady asked, not wanting to believe what her father was saying.

“A very small piece, his temper is very unpredictable. The Emperor sent people after him, but he killed them as well. After killing a few high-ranked individuals in the empire, the Emperor decided to let the matter slide after he apologized.” Gerald stroked his beard as he said.

“Isn’t that a bit too excessive, also, how come I don’t know of this?” The young lady asked.

“Simple, the Emperor kept it under wraps. Of course, Chris was punished, he also had to compensate the rest of the family,” Gerald shook his head in pity.

The status the family enjoyed was reduced all due to the arrogant nature of a young lady. Chris’ temper also had a role to play, but the family actually tried killing Chris after he killed the youth, hence his retaliation.

“Although Chris has a fiery temper, I’ve never seen him actually start a fight. All the killings he had done were all due to retaliation.” Gerald explained to the trio in the office.

Grey who was hearing about his Teacher’s deeds almost left his mouth wide open because of shock. This was the first time he was hearing about his Teacher’s past, Chris never told him anything about himself, even after staying with him in the valley for most of the time.


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