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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 319: I Take It Back Bahasa Indonesia

“What do you have that is making four empires search for you?” The young lady asked as she was taking Grey to the room he was going to stay in.

“I have no idea,” Grey replied with a shrug.

“Stop playing dumb, I could tell from your expression that you knew why,” The young lady said a little aggressively.

“I’m asking for your father’s help, not yours. Since your father didn’t ask, I see no reason why you’re asking,” Grey replied coldly.

“Hmph! Don’t think I’m scared of your Teacher. I don’t believe my father’s scared as well, he’s only helping because they are friends,” The young lady said.

Grey threw a glance at the young lady and decided against speaking any further.

‘Heh! Friends my foot.’ He thought inside.

He was smarter than that, so he obviously knew there was a catch to Gerald helping him. From the story Gerald told them, he could already figure out he was someone that wouldn’t do something that won’t benefit him, hence he didn’t help his Teacher when the group wanted to fight against him.

Grey knew the only reason Gerald became friends with his Teacher was because of his insane strength. For someone who could kill people who are four stages ahead of him while also fighting against others, it was unimaginable what he could do when he reached the peak of this world.

‘If not for the fact that I really needed his help, I’d be out of here by now.’ thought Grey.

‘Void, come back. Can you spy on that guy in the Late stages of the Overlord Plane?’ He asked.

Void, who was on his way back to the Reiss family compound, instantly halted.

‘What about Alice?’ He asked.

‘I already have a way to get to her. Apparently, old man Gerald decided to help. The thing is, I can’t really say I trust him.’ Grey explained, before telling him the story Gerald told them.

‘It will be a little strenuous, but I can.’ replied Void.

‘Okay, good. Remember how I said you were not allowed to steal the Emperor’s crown previously?’ Grey asked.

‘Yeah,’ Void nodded.

‘I take it back, once I comprehend the space element, we’ll sneak into the castle,’ said Grey.

‘Haha, great! I’ve always wanted that!’ Void exclaimed happily.

Grey had a smirk on his face as he followed behind the young lady.

‘Since the Emperor wants to kill me, then I don’t mind playing with them and going into hiding. Well, that’s all on the premise that I comprehend the space element and breakthrough to the Overlord Plane.’ He thought.

Although he currently hates the Emperor and his family, he wasn’t stupid to just charge towards them while he’s still in the Origin Plane. Doing that was no different from a death wish.

But after comprehending the space element, and breaking through to the Overlord Plane, he was confident in being able to escape.

They soon got to the room, and after the young lady showed him the room, she left immediately. Grey noticed after he ignored her, she wore an angry expression.

Grey wasn’t bothered with her and immediately inspected the room before going in, he had to make sure there were no trapping arrays in it that might trap him after he stepped in.

He only walked in after five minutes. While he was inspecting the room, he noticed the young lady didn’t actually leave but was standing by the side.

Before he walked in, he turned to her before waving and walking inside. He shut the door the moment he walked in and immediately started studying the communication device. There wasn’t much time to study it, so he had to understand it tonight.

Outside the room.

After Grey walked into the room, the young lady who was hiding by the side walked out with a cold expression.

“Hmph! I don’t see why dad decided to entertain such an arrogant person,” She snorted coldly before walking away.

She headed back to the office they were previously in to tell Gerald of how Grey didn’t trust them and inspected the room before going in.

“Well, the truth is, neither does his Teacher,” Gerald shrugged.

“Then why are you helping them?” The young lady asked in confusion.

“The thing is this, we both have things to benefit from each other. Like Grey said the first time, mutual benefit. I don’t need his trust, I only need his help when I want it.” Gerald explained.

“Understand this, child. The reason we are so powerful is not that we have the trust of people, but favors. Of course, most of them trust us, but the really powerful ones know we’re only using each other. As long as what I ask them to do doesn’t go against what they want, they will help.” He continued.

“I understand, father.” The young lady replied with a lowered head.

“Also, I’m really scared of his Teacher. If the Emperor demands me to do something, I can chase him away, but Chris, that’s another story. He is not someone I’d like to offend. The last time I saw him, he was already close to breaking through to the Sage Plane.”

“For someone who can beat people while in the Mid-stages of the Overlord Plane, it’s unimaginable what he could do after breaking through to the Sage Plane. He’ll be unstoppable,” Gerald said, a little fearful.

He couldn’t deny the fact that he was dead scared of Chris.

Void had already made it back to the room before Gerald and his daughter started talking, so he heard everything.

‘Wow, Grey’s Teacher is a bigshot!’ He exclaimed.

He didn’t disturb Grey since he knew he was currently in his engrossed state, so speaking to him now would be a grave mistake.

Void stayed with them for the rest of the night, while Grey focused on trying to understand the array on the communication device.

The next morning.

Grey’s room.

Pieces of papers could be seen across the table that was in the room, different array lines were drawn in all of them. Grey could be seen drawing some lines on a piece of paper in front of him.

“There, luckily, I managed to draw them all out,”


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