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‘It’s almost like it teleported.’ thought the expert from the Qilin empire.

The expert from the Qilin empire was a plump lady whose hair was slowly starting to grey. What surprised the lady even more was the fact that Void not only blocked the attack, but he was still alive. Although he was seriously injured, they knew he would survive. Compared to Klaus senses, theirs were far superior.

‘The cat must be a strange magical beast.’ She thought.

She had seen magical beasts that are cats, but almost all the powerful ones were big. Void on the other hand was small, too small to be noticed even. If not for his eye-catching pitch-black fur, people would rarely take note of him.

The plump lady couldn’t sit still anymore when she saw Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior. This group of youths not only had someone who had rare blue flames but there was also a high-grade summoner as well, the empire couldn’t afford to lose them. It was time for her to intervene.

She disappeared from where she was sitting, quickly flashing past the entrance of the camp. Even though she was fat, she had no issues with moving quickly. She appeared mid-air but was confronted by an old man with long white beards who had both hands behind his back.

“Why don’t we leave them to fate? If they can survive this, then they are true geniuses.” The old man stroked his beard as he said.

He was overjoyed just thinking of the talents the Qilin empire was about to lose. Once this was reported back to the empire, he would be rewarded greatly.

“You shameless old man, get out of my way.” The lady said while preparing to attack.

“Haha, I don’t need to fight against you, all I need to do is delay you till they’re killed.” The old man laughed as the two started to struggle mid-air.

They were by no means close to the battlefield on the ground, and they also couldn’t afford to allow their attacks to hit those fighting since it will most likely kill them.

The Overlord Plane experts from the Blue Wind and Stellar empires looked at the duo mid-air, but taking a glance at Void, they were more curious about him. But getting involved in the scuffle between the Qilin empire and the Azure empire wasn’t a good idea, unless, there was something in it for them.


On Grey’s side.

Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior was fighting against the guard in the Sixth stage, and it was surprisingly gaining the advantage. It was in the Fifth stage, but its true strength was in the Sixth stage. Against someone in the Sixth stage, it naturally shouldn’t be able to quickly overpower them, but it seems like this guy’s elemental grade wasn’t that high. His elemental grade was probably orange, hence him being weaker compared to those with purple or blue elemental grades.

Grey quickly joined the battle and teamed up with the Elemental Warrior, he was fuming. He could see that two other guards were making their way here, but he wanted to make sure that before they get here, this guard would either be dead or close to it.

Whenever anyone close to him was hurt, his vengeful side comes out. People might hurt him and he’ll let them go, well, that was on the premise they didn’t show any killing intent. But messing with those close to him means incurring his wrath.

He was currently quickly making two inscriptions mid-air while also preparing a powerful fire spear that he shot straight at the guard who was fighting against the Elemental Warrior.

The guard who just managed to dodge the Elemental Warrior’s attack was faced with an attack that he couldn’t dodge. He braced himself to face the attack head-on.

‘He’s just a Fourth stage brat, does he think because he accidentally managed to survive the leader’s attack he can become cocky.’ The guard thought.

The guard was a Wind Elementalist, so he quickly created a wind screen before him. He was confident it would be able to defend against Grey’s fire spear.

His expression changed when he noticed the fire spear passing through the wind screen like a hot knife through butter.

The power of Grey’s fire element has always been stronger than his stage. One shouldn’t forget that at the time he was in the First stage of the Origin Plane, his blue flame’s power was already stronger than Quinn’s darkness element’s power, and at that time, Quinn was two stages above him. Much less this guy whose elemental grade was orange.


The fire spear first pierced into his thigh before exploding.


The guard’s scream of terror resonated in the entire area.

Everyone was forced to look in that direction, and they all sucked in a cold breath when they saw the guard.

He was currently lying on the ground, using both hands to try to hold onto his right leg. But the thing was, his right leg was gone. From his thigh down to his feet was missing. On the ground, bits of flesh and blood could be seen all around.

“Oh my God!”

Some of the guards from the Azure empire exclaimed and looked at the guard in shock. Not all of them were looking at what was going on there, after all, most of them were currently in a heated battle.

Some guards from the Blue Wind and Stellar empire who witnessed the scene of Grey attacking were dumbfounded.

“How could he be so powerful?” One of them asked.

Most of them still had their mouths wide agape. To say they were shocked was an understatement.

Just like everyone froze when the leader from the Azure empire attacked Grey, the entire battlefield was also currently frozen. They were all in a state of disbelief, none of them moved an inch, they just stared at the wounded guard.

Everyone stopped, except for the vengeful Grey. His eyes were currently bloodshot, and seeing an opportunity like this, he wouldn’t miss it. He could tell the reason why everyone hadn’t reacted was because of the surprise, being warriors, they would quickly get over it, that was why he had to strike now.

He wasn’t the only one moving, unlike people, the Elemental Warrior had no reason to be surprised. It had only one mission, and that was to kill his opponent, nothing else mattered.

“Die!” Grey muttered through gritted teeth as a large hand made of earth came out from the ground where the guard was lying.

Grey closed his hand, and the earthen hand closed as well.

“Stop him!” The guard in the Seventh stage who was originally coming in Grey’s direction attacked.

But Reynolds was quick to react as he sent the Elemental Warrior to block the attack.

“No…” The guard who was held by the hand screamed in fear when he sensed the hand closing.

He was already too weak from the pain he was feeling in his leg, he still hadn’t realized his leg was gone. The pain he was feeling made it too hard for him to previously think properly, but now, the fear of death woke him up.

His scream soon came to an end as his body was crushed by the large earth hand. Blood was slowly dripping out from the hand that crushed him before it crumbled to the ground.

Grey’s bloodshot eyes turned to the other guard who was held up by the Elemental Warrior.

The guards from the two empires which were watching the battle all gasped when they saw his eyes. Those were the eyes of a killer. What left them astounded was that it hadn’t even been up to fifteen seconds since Grey joined the battle, yet, he had already killed one person. This was the first kill in the battle, and the one who did the killing was the one whom everyone thought would be the first to die.

The leader from the Qilin empire was filled with joy, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Since Grey could kill that guard at the Sixth stage, it meant he had a chance against the other one who was in the Seventh stage.

The leader from the Azure empire on the other hand couldn’t believe what just happened.

“How could he be so strong?” He asked in shock.

Now he understood why Grey’s firewall was able to stop his water snake for some time, it was overpowered!

The leader from the Qilin empire attacked more fervently, compared to before, he was more motivated now.


In the sky.

The two experts who were previously fighting stopped and looked at each other, they were slightly taken aback on seeing that Grey was actually able to almost one-shot someone who was two stages above him. Had the spear been aimed at the guard’s head, then Grey would have killed him in one strike.

“Hmph! He won’t survive past today.” The old man snorted coldly.

“Haha, watch as he kills your guards.” The plump lady’s cheek vibrated as she laughed.

If Grey and the Elemental Warrior could kill another guard, then the result of the battle was fixed.


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