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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 219: Vengeful Grey II Bahasa Indonesia

Grey’s current appearance was something that neither of his friends had ever seen, even he didn’t know he had such a side to himself.

Alice, Klaus, and Reynolds stared at the somewhat lonely figure that was standing before them. It was like this was the first time they were seeing Grey, he was currently releasing a horrifying killing intent, it was almost visible.

The killing intent wasn’t directed at them, yet they felt pressured by it. Alice and Klaus who weren’t involved in the battle looked at each other, but other than the pressure from Grey’s killing intent, they felt angry. Alice was originally aggressive, it didn’t take long before she decided to join in on the battle. She also wanted to fight alongside her friends.

Klaus was boiling inside but because he had to take care of Void, he couldn’t join in as well.

“Shit! I should be fighting, not catsitting.” He said angrily.

Grey was just about to attack the guard who was in the Seventh stage. While fighting against the Elemental Warrior, the guard had a slight advantage. But as soon as Grey’s attacks joined in, his life was placed in danger.

Things went from bad to worse when Alice joined in. Luckily, the second guard in the Sixth stage came over just after Alice joined the battle, so he was able to relieve him of the pressure.

It hadn’t been up to one minute, so Grey hadn’t been able to complete any of the inscriptions. They had to fight against the guards using their normal attacks.

Alice was using her lightning element which is her fort, Grey was using his fire and earth element for attacking and defending, while the Elemental Warrior was originally made of lightning, so it used only the lightning element.

After the group consumed the Great Earth Essence Liquid, the power of their elements each saw a boost, which also goes for the Elemental Warrior as well. Now compared to before, it was more overpowered.

“Kill that brat first!”

The leader’s order could be heard even on the chaotic battlefield. To him Grey was the greatest threat, so he had to be eliminated first.

The two guards fighting against Grey, Alice, and the Elemental Warrior weren’t having an easy time, so there’s no way to carry out the order. The Elemental Warrior was facing off against the guard in the Sixth stage, while Alice and Grey were fighting against the guard in the Seventh stage.

Had it been any two youths at the Fourth and Third stage fighting against this guard in the Seventh stage, they would probably have been dead. But he was unfortunate to have encountered these two.

At first, he mostly focused on Grey’s attacks and neglected Alice. But when he was hit by Alice’s lightning whip, he almost cursed at his stupidity.

‘What are they?’ He asked himself.

He didn’t even know if to classify Grey and his friends as humans. He had seen human geniuses before, but none like them. They were all too overpowered, currently, Alice’s attack power was almost at the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane and she was only in the Third stage.

The reason she was defeated by the trio previously in the trial land was because of the numbers, had they been only two, she wouldn’t have had any problems with beating them up.

Just as the guard was starting to fight back, Grey’s inscriptions lit up mid-air.

Buzz! Boom!

A lightning bolt shot down quickly at the heads of the two guards that were fighting against them.

The guard at the Seventh stage was fast enough to sense the attack and quickly tried dodging it. On the other hand, the guard on the Sixth was too focused on the Elemental Warrior to sense the attack. Before he realized it, the lightning bolt was already above him.


For the second time in the battle, another scream of terror resonated in the area.

The guard in the Sixth stage was currently burnt all over his body, it was shocking that he managed to survive the attack even after literally taking it head-on. While he was shouting in pain, the Elemental Warrior drove its lightning sword into his head.

The scream seized abruptly before the guard dropped dead.

The guard in the Seventh stage who just managed to escape from the lightning bolt didn’t have time to steady himself before Grey and Alice assaulted him with attacks.

Grey sent out a barrage of fireballs, while Alice sent a lightning blade towards him.

Bam! Boom!


Another scream rang out in quick succession after the first one, but this time, it didn’t stop.

The guard in the Seventh stage was currently missing an entire arm. His left arm had been detached from his body by a lightning blade.

Alice smirked when she saw this and continued attacking. Grey hadn’t stopped attacking, so why would she?

“Stop! Stop! I don’t want to fight anymore!” The guard in the Seventh stage yelled in horror.

Not everyone is brave enough to face death. Seeing Alice and Grey’s incoming attack, the guard knew in his current injured condition, he couldn’t fight against them properly.

‘They’re youngsters, they wouldn’t kill me if I give up.’ thought the guard.

But to his surprise, neither of them stopped. He could understand that since Grey was a man, and he was the one who was sneak attacked, he naturally had the right to be angry. However, what he couldn’t comprehend was why Alice who looked so young and tender had such a bloodthirsty nature. She didn’t even blink when he told them to stop!

“I give up, stop! I’m only following orders.” He said again, trying to get them to stop attacking.

Grey and Alice didn’t even bother and attacked ruthlessly. The already injured and scared guard couldn’t fight against the bloodthirsty duo, he could only blame his leader for what was happening. He died with eyes wide open as if trying to tell the world that he died wrongly.

While Grey and Alice were fighting against the guard in the Seventh stage, the Elemental Warrior had located another opponent.

Reynolds could keep the Elemental Warrior up for at least seven minutes, so he still had almost four minutes before it would exceed the time.

In a battle that had two Overlord Plane experts, two Ninth stage Origin Plane experts, it was unbelievable that the ones making the impact were three youths. One was in the Fourth stage, while the other two were in the Third stage.

In contrast to the intense battle ongoing, Klaus was surprisingly the most eye-catching person, even though he wasn’t even fighting. The reason for this was because he was cheering on his friends from the sidelines in a very distracting way. Some of the guards fighting had been distracted by it.

He made what looked like a mini volcano, but out of ice. Whenever Grey, Alice, or the Elemental Warrior’s attack struck anyone, the volcano would explode, shooting out snow into the air. He became his friends’ unofficial cheerleader.

The people from the Blue Wind and Stellar empires camp would occasionally take a glance at him. They couldn’t help but wonder how such a weirdo had so amazing friends? There were even times when he would say catchy phrases!

In the space of within four minutes, they’ve been kept amused by Klaus even when an intense battle was ongoing.

Grey and Alice quickly went over to join the Elemental Warrior who was being ganged up on. One more guard teamed up with the one it was previously fighting against, making it two.

While Grey was slowly going into the battlefield, he was searching for the leader of the guards from the Azure empire. That was the person who caused all this, he was the one who hurt Void, so naturally, he should die.

Another two minutes went by, and one more guard from the Azure empire was killed by the trio.

More guards from the Azure empire couldn’t attack them because they were all occupied. They couldn’t try to turn and attack Grey and his friends because they were currently facing off against the guards from the Qilin empire. Yet, they couldn’t fight against the guards from the Qilin empire fully because of the fear of being attacked by Grey and his friends.

It was just like the lady from the Qilin empire said, once Grey and the Elemental warrior manages to kill one more guard, then the result of the battle was fixed.

Each empire had to send in the same number of guards here, with the removal of two from the Azure empire, it placed them in a very unfavorable position. Although they had some guards who could fight against two people, the Qilin empire also had guards like that as well.

The old man from the Azure empire realized things were no longer going in their favor, and if he allows this to continue, then most of their guards would die.

“Order you guards to stop, if this continues, you should know not only my guards will die. We can’t allow the other two to gain the upper hand.” The old man tried persuading the lady from the Qilin empire.

The lady knew he was right, even though Grey and his friends had surprisingly managed to kill three guards, she could also see that some of her guards were also injured.


Another guard’s scream of fear spread on the battlefield. Grey, Alice, and the Elemental Warrior had killed yet another guard, increasing the tally to four.

‘Another one? Are these really kids?’ The old man thought frightened.

Grey’s ruthlessness was not something youngsters should have, although they could sense that he was incensed, they still couldn’t believe he was killing people this easily.


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