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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 217: Curious Experts Bahasa Indonesia

Grey couldn’t even sense the battle that was currently ongoing, the only thing in his eyes was Void who was on his hands.

He had tried communicating with Void via their mind link, but he didn’t get a reply. He was almost on the verge of going crazy, tears were already slowly flowing down his eyes. He couldn’t think properly, it was like nothing else existed.

“Void, wake up.” He called with his already croaked voice while lightly shaking Void.

He suddenly recalled what he promised himself while in the trial land, he said he would become the strongest so that no one close to him would face any danger. Now, he hadn’t even properly left the trial land yet Void’s life was already in danger. He didn’t even know if he was still alive or not. His mind was a mess.

Klaus and the others soon got to where he was and Alice seeing the bloodied Void almost started crying. She liked Void, even though they hadn’t spent much time together.

Klaus and Reynolds on the other hand were calmer, when they saw Grey’s current state, they could tell he was hurting because of Void’s current condition.

“Move aside, give him to me.” Klaus hurriedly took Void from Grey’s hand.

He could tell Grey currently wasn’t in his right mind. He couldn’t blame him since he had spent the last four months or so with Void. Although he didn’t know why Grey was this emotional over the cat, he could tell there was already a close bond between them.

“He blocked the attack.” Grey said while staring at Void.

He currently felt like killing someone, but since Void’s state wasn’t confirmed yet, he was holding himself back. As it stands, he didn’t even mind using the Fusion State.

“Hmm, he’s still alive, although, barely.” said Klaus.

He had been too angry and sad when he saw Void’s condition and also when he didn’t get any response from him that he didn’t try to check. Even if he checked, given his state, he wouldn’t know if he was still alive or not.

“Don’t you have that healing tonic we extracted from those B…b… Those snakes?” Klaus asked.

He wanted to call the name of the snakes, but he had completely forgotten about them, all he recalled was the sweet tonic as well as the use of it.

“Oh! That, I forgot about it.” Grey was about to take out the healing tonic when Klaus stopped him.

“Not here, people are watching, if they see you suddenly making something magically appear from nowhere, then you’d be in bigger trouble.” Klaus explained.

In their current situation, he was the only one who could think properly, there was also Reynolds, but he was currently trying to stop the guard who had gotten close to them.

The guard was in the Sixth stage, so Reynolds couldn’t really stop him.

After blocking two attacks, he quickly summoned his Elemental Warrior. He knew doing this would put them in more danger, but if he didn’t do it, then they might probably die. What’s the use of hiding his strength when death was looming around them.

“Hmm, keep him close to you.” Grey’s eyes which were already red turned even redder.

He wanted to fight, this was the only way he could release the pain and anger he was currently feeling.


On the other side of the battle.

The leader from the Qilin empire was in a heated battle with the leader from the Azure empire.

When he saw Reynolds fighting against the first guard that got close to them, he panicked and tried to go over. But there was no way his opponent would allow that.

“Haha, watch as we kill all of them.” The leader from the Azure empire laughed happily.

Presently, he wasn’t even trying to go over anymore, he felt as long as he could keep the leader from the Qilin empire at bay, his men would take care of the rest.

The leader from the Qilin empire pushed himself harder, but he still couldn’t break away from his opponent.

Despair soon appeared on his face, he felt like the stupidest person alive. How could he allow Klaus and the others who he had already brought to his side to go over? What was worse was that neither he nor his guards followed after them, they all stood dumbstruck when they thought Grey was dead.

His despair increased when Reynolds summoned his Elemental Warrior. He should’ve been happy seeing this since it meant that they could survive a little more, but he felt more depressed. The reason was that he realized Grey wasn’t the only outstanding person among his friends.

With the current situation of things, he didn’t think they would last long enough before he and his guards would manage to get to the other side.

He could already see that two other guards from the Azure empire were already edging over to Grey and his friends. One of the two was even in the Seventh stage of the Origin Plane. There was no way Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior could fight against them alone.

“Hmph! To think there’s another threat amongst them. Haha, they will all die.” The leader from the Azure empire snorted coldly when he saw Reynolds summoning an Elemental Warrior.

‘These people must die, they can’t be left alive.’ He thought.


In the Qilin empire’s camp, the Overlord Plane expert had been watching everything that was happening since Grey was attacked till now, but it hadn’t made a move yet. The thing that he was currently more curious about wasn’t Grey or Reynolds who had an Elemental Warrior, rather, it was the pitch-black cat that was on Klaus’ hands.

The others didn’t notice it, but it couldn’t escape the senses of an Overlord Plane expert, they all saw Void taking the strike for Grey. The thing that made all the Overlord Plane experts more curious was that even with their powerful senses, they couldn’t figure out how Void moved from Grey’s shoulder to his front and blocked the attack.

‘It’s almost like it teleported.’


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