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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 92 Bahasa Indonesia

Updated: Feb 26

The infection was difficult to identify, but one thing was for sure. This person was on the verge of death.

If a few more days had passed, she would have already lost her life. Esther was glad she arrived at the right time.

She did not delay any further and immediately utilized her flow of energy to heal the child’s mother.

The young boy fidgeted restlessly before widening his eyes in shock. As the light continued to increase in size, his eyes bulged, ready to pop out.

Herubbed his eyes in astonishment as he mumbled in awe. “Sister… is she an angel from heaven?”

To him, a person who had been neglected after all this time, Esther seemed like an angel as she emitted a subtle glow from her palms.

Judy burst into laughter at such words. He nodded proudly and ruffled the child’s hair.

“Yes, that’s right.”


The little boy clasped his hands together and prayed earnestly for Esther to save his mother.

After a while, the woman’s pale complexion returned to its original hue. Her peaceful appearance significantly differed from just a moment ago.

Esther smiled and beckoned the child to come closer.

“It’s going to be okay now. She will have a good night’s sleep and wake up after.”

“Mama isn’t sick anymore?”

Tears formed in the child’s eyes as soon as he received reassurance. Thick drops fell to the ground. It was a heartbreaking sight.

“Th-thank you. Thank you, sister. Hic. I only have my mama… I was so scared that my mama was going to die too… Ugh.”

How hard it must have been for him. Dennis squeezed the child’s shoulder to console him.

Amidst his crying, the child’s stomach growled. Esther searched the house to find there was no nourishment before asking, “When was the last time you ate?”

“The day before yesterday… A little bit of potatoes.”

Esther couldn’t hold back a sigh as she witnessed the child nonchalantly talk about this familiar situation.

“Isn’t Papa here?”

“Yes. Papa ran away when I was young because he said he hated me.”

Judy couldn’t stand the whole situation and grimaced in displeasure.

Stories such as this were common for street children, but the whole thing was an immense shock for Judy, a flower raised in a greenhouse.

“Dammit, if I knew this would happen, I would’ve brought food. I can’t with this. I’ll get him something to eat.”

They didn’t bring anything as the outing was decided on a whim.

Judy’s sorrow for the child probed him to help.

Esther turned the startled child’s eyes back to her.

“Child, what’s your name?”

“It’s Jerome.”

“Yes, Jerome. Can you hold out your palm for a moment?”

Jerome looked into Esther’s friendly eyes and spread both his hands wide open. Rough calluses covered his palms throughout.

Esther’s eyes slightly teared. Seeing Jerome reminded her of her older self.

‘I was in desperate need of someone to help me. I eventually gave up.’

Esther’s world was submerged in despair before Darwin held out his hand.

The reason why she was able to live like this now was because of that very hand Darwin held out.

She couldn’t be more fortunate to be able to reach out her hand to this young child now.

Esther pondered for a while before reaching to take a diamond from her pocket.

“Do you know what this is?”


Jerome faltered before the unusual glow of the object.

“That’s right. It’s a diamond. With this, you can move with your mama and settle down somewhere nice.”


Jerome’s jaw dropped. He gazed at the diamond in front of him in disbelief.

“My condition for giving you this is that you mustn’t be seen with the diamond, so no one can steal it… Can you do that for me?”

This was the reason she hesitated in handing the diamond to Jerome. A diamond may be able to change one’s life, but it must be supervised appropriately.

Knowing that, she presented Jerome with a direct choice and responsibility.

“…I can do it.”

It seemed a little scary, but Jerome looked back at his lying mother before strengthening his gaze and accepting the diamond bravely.

Jerome appeared to be clever, and his mother would wake up soon, so she wasn’t too worried.

Still, there was a possibility of the child being swindled while exchanging the money, so she decided to let him in on a reliable shop.

“There is a jewelry store called Olred located on the main street. I’ll introduce you in advance, so you can go anytime. Just say Esther. Head there when mama wakes up, okay?”

Jerome, who listened with his ears pricked, hesitated before carefully asking.

“…But is sister rich?”


“I can’t take diamonds from sister who worked hard for them.”

Esther was surprised by Jerome’s unexpected words. She blinked several times.

Even in this situation, he was being considerate of others rather than unconditionally receiving the given help. She was proud.

“You’re very nice.”

Esther placed her hand on Jerome’s head unconsciously, just like her father and brothers did when praising her.

“I’m rich. So don’t feel pressured and use it as much as you want.”

Jerome puffed in delight and jumped from his seat, gazing at the diamond.

He looked at it lovingly. At the same time, Judy entered with a whole pack of bread cradled in his arms.

“There was no grocery store nearby, so I bought some bread instead.”

“There’s no bakery here. The nearest bakery is over the hill. Where did you get it?”

Jerome smacked his lips with longing as he gazed at the bread. He tilted his head bewilderedly.

“I bought it from over the hill.”

“Huh? I can never go there this quickly…”

It was possible for Judy since he always circled the mansion to improve his stamina.

“Look at that body. It’s quite probable.”

Dennis unraveled Jerome’s curiosity as he pinched Judy’s leg muscles. Judy handed him the bread from his arms.

“Just eat. Your stomach is growling again.”

However, Jerome swallowed his saliva and glanced back at his mother.

“…Do you have some for mama too?”

“Yeah. Everything in here is bread.”

All the paper boxes squeezed between his arms were filled with bread. Jerome’s face brightened as Judy proved his words.

“Thank you for the food!”

He was so hungry that a fairly sizable loaf of bread disappeared in an instant.

As the hungry child choked, Judy assured him that there was a lot left just for him.

“Can I have just one more?”

“Eat it all. I bought it for you.”

After obtaining Judy’s permission, Jerome took two loaves in each hand and diligently munched on each of them. He seemed happy, like he had the whole world.

“I always thought there was no God.”

Jerome’s cheeks puffed as he talked while eating.

“But after seeing my brothers and sister today, I guess there was a God. Mama’s okay now too.”

Esther’s eyes drooped sadly as she listened to Jerome’s pure words.

“No. There is no God.”

When Esther, a Saint, firmly opposed the holy existence, both Judy and Dennis’s eyes widened.

“There are only people who will ever be there for you. Miracles only happen due to others.”

That ‘God’ never responded to Esther’s prayers.

It was Darwin, not ‘God’, who led Esther from her dark abyss.

“So don’t believe in God and just trust yourself. With mama.”

“Then I’ll trust you, too.”

Jerome’s eyes glistened as he gazed at her. His mouth was covered with bread crumbs.

Esther felt suffocated as she looked into his innocent, pure eyes.

In the end, this holy power of hers was also gifted by God. Esther didn’t know how to respond when the young child claimed to trust her.

When Dennis sensed Esther’s darkened expression, he swiftly widened his distance from Jerome and glanced at his watch.

“We have to head back.”

There was nothing more they required in the place, so it was time to return.

They each hugged Jerome and left the house.

“Can we see each other again?”

However, Jerome followed them outside, a downcast expression on his face as he held onto Esther’s clothes.

She was worried false hopes would be instilled in the child if they agreed, but Judy jumped in and replied cheerfully.

“Yeah, I’ll come back next week.”

Dennis frowned and glared at Judy, but it was already too late for him to retract the words that had already been spoken.

“Really!? You promised. You have to!”

Jerome was so thrilled that he excitedly waved until the three disappeared from sight.

After they moved a distance far from Jerome, Dennis sighed deeply and rebuked Judy.

“How could you make such a promise?”

“We can come and see him for a bit. We couldn’t even look around the village properly today. Let’s help the others next time.”

Esther hurriedly intervened to stop Judy and Dennis from fighting.

“I can come alone.”

“I’ll go with you. Let’s bring a toy for Jerome.”

Judy still continued to glance back. He seemed to have taken a liking to Jerome quite a bit.

“…Haa, that’s enough. Since we’re going, I might as well bring a book.”

Judy and Dennis were the same in this way, cold externally but infinitely warm internally.

“But aren’t you proud of me?”

“Proud of what?”

“I bought him bread!”

They bickered most of the time, but Esther smiled brightly. What great brothers they were.

During the time they almost reached the mansion.


A familiar figure caught Esther’s eye as the carriage continued advancing. She unconsciously called for the wagon to stop.

“What’s going on?”

“Who’s there?”

The twins followed Esther’s gaze and looked out the window. Judy automatically recognized the person.

“Huh? That’s the 7th Prince, right?”

“I think so.”

Esther flusteredly looked at her older brothers. This was because of the conversation they had during mealtime.

‘What do I do.’

Noah must have been on his way to meet her since this road led to the Grand Duke’s mansion.

Esther thought of explaining what happened to Noah truthfully as she tried to leave the wagon.

“I’ll be back after facing him head on.”

Judy hurried to jump outside, rather glad they happened to meet him.

He resented the Prince since the last time he witnessed the bastard with his sister.

“No! I’ll get off.”

Esther hurriedly grabbed Judy’s arm and pulled him back, then quickly left and closed the carriage door.


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