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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 91 Bahasa Indonesia

Updated: Feb 24

Since she had been practicing just a while ago, Esther’s eyes glimmered a bright golden and the back of her hand began to shine.

“Why are you crying? It isn’t suitable for a person your size. Your muscles will be disappointed. The cat isn’t dead yet. You are being negative for no reason.”

“Who said I was crying? Sniff. And what do my muscles have to do with it?”

Judy, a person particularly weak towards animals, sniffled. It wasn’t long after his eyes twinkled before Esther’s appearance.

“I thought this last time, but Esther’s eyes are so pretty.”

“Pretty isn’t enough to describe it.”

The two watched Esther’s treatment breathlessly and whispered in hushed voices so as to not disturb her.

‘Kitten, don’t fall ill.’

With Esther’s heartfelt prayer, her sacred energy slowly permeated the kitten’s wounds.

The wound healed so rapidly that it was no longer visible, and before long, any signs of injury vanished without trace.

“Is the kitty okay now?”

Esther confirmed the animal’s condition and raised her palms satisfactorily.

After observing the kitten for a moment, their eyes opened and they stood in a slouched manner.

The pain suddenly disappeared, so it wasn’t weird for the small animal to be startled. The kitten stared at Esther.

“Huh? They opened their eyes! I guess they’re alive!”

Judy clapped like a seal upon the kitten’s improved condition. Dennis also seemed relieved. He picked the book he had thrown and shook the grass from it.

“Hi, kitten.”

Esther reached her small hand to the kitten ruffling their body.

The kitten agonized for a while before raising their tail to Esther’s face, permitting their trust.

I couldn’t help but admire the soft texture of their fur, which completely differed from the smooth Shur.

Esther gently rubbed the cat’s chin and neck. The kitten’s eyes slit horizontally as she purred. Their jaw quivered in pleasure.

“Me too… Just once…”

Judy observed the cute appearance before quietly reaching over Esther’s shoulder in an attempt to caress the animal.

However, Dennis slapped the back of Judy’s hand and stroked Esther’s hair lovingly.

“Well done. You saved a life.”

The grumpy Judy quickly followed Dennis and patted Esther while sulking.

“I wish I could be like Esther. Then all the animals would follow me, right? I would be able to play with them as much as I want.”

Esther smiled shyly at the unfamiliar praise she was receiving from using her sacred powers.

She felt the same joy and pride when healing Hans’s leg in the past as she did now.

Esther glanced down at her palm that saved a life before choosing her next words cautiously.

“How about helping people with this ability?”

“The Temple exists for that purpose.”

Dennis switched on his rational gear and calmly claimed it to be unnecessary.

“The Temple is only open to people with money and high status. Marginalized figures.”

She was not interested in those who were ‘worthy’ enough to receive aid from the Temple.

What Esther desired was to assist those who were turned away from the Temple and abandoned by the Goddess. Like her.

After her conversation with Noah, the relief organization she had been envisioning was troubling her mind.

“Isn’t Esther strong now?”

Judy crossed his legs, his expression dissatisfied.

“Her ability has improved since Saint Cespia’s death. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Esther grinned broadly and spread her palms. Like now, whenever she wished for it, her energy flow would wrap around her palms.

Judy gazed at her palms before applauding delightedly.

“Why don’t we go out to the village together now?”

“Now? Together?”

As Esther’s voice grew in surprise, the wary cat gazed at Judy.

“Yeah. Of course we have to go together. It’s too dangerous for you to be alone.”

Esther planned to move at a certain time, but it wouldn’t hurt to be spontaneous. Having Judy by her side was more than enough reliable support for Esther.

Esther hugged the cat preciously and raised herself from the grass.

She glanced at Dennis silently and leaned towards Judy.

“Brother Dennis must have already set a schedule for today, so Brother Judy and I…”

“I will also accompany you.”

Dennis, whom she had expected to object to her idea, unexpectedly volunteered to accompany the two.

“Is it okay for me to do this?”

“It’s alright, as long as it’s for a day or so.”

“Esther and I were going to spend some cozy time together, but he intervened like this.”

Judy grumbled while silently warning him to leave, but Dennis ignored his threat without batting an eye.

“Then let’s go change.”

“What should I do with the kitten…”

“They’re too young to roam outside. It’d be better to keep them inside the mansion.”

The cat comfortably rested in between Esther’s arms, as if it recognized her as their mother.

She decided to leave the kitten with the butler and turned to enter the mansion.

“But Esther… Can’t I touch it just once?”

Judy restlessly circled Esther.

Whenever he reached out, the kittens’ pupils dilated and they screeched, ready to attack him.

Esther chuckled at Judy’s appearance and held out the kitten’s paw gently.

“Just a little bit, so they aren’t surprised.”


Judy, moved by Esther’s generosity, carefully grabbed the kitten’s hand, and the apparently disinterested Dennis slipped his hand to stroke their small paw.

The three changed into comfortable outerwear and gathered again.

Since the three were heading to the village, they each selected plain clothing, but the twins just couldn’t help but stand out.

‘As expected of my brothers.’

Esther gazed at her brothers in admiration. Their resemblance to Darwin couldn’t be concealed in any way.

“Victor, can I ask for you to escort me from a farther distance today?”

“Of course.”

Victor smiled brightly at Esther’s request.

It was clear that him existing beside her amidst a large crowd would hinder her freedom of movement.

Today, he would fulfill only the minimal escort and discreetly follow behind while maintaining the proper distance.

They entered the carriage and headed to the southern outskirts of the village, rather than the main street.

Dennis suggested the location as it was the most alienated place in Tersia.

They departed the wagon and walked slowly.

There was no boundary line, but strangely enough, the atmosphere of the village altered significantly as soon as they left the main street.

There appeared to be no life in the falling buildings and desolate streets. Beggars sprawled against the streets.

“There was a place like this in Tersia.”

“Yes, this is my first time seeing it in person, but the place is worse than I heard of.”

This scene came as a shock to the twins, who had only ever been to the main area of the land.

Under these circumstances, Judy and Dennis stood on edge and made sure to keep Esther safe at all times.

They wrapped themselves tightly around her like her guardians and constantly glanced around.

However, Esther was busy observing the people she encountered on her way.

Their nutrition levels and physical condition were so poor and feeble that their bones appeared visible.

‘It would be meaningless to give this.’

She brought a good amount of diamonds before leaving the house, but it was obvious a fight would break out had they witnessed them.

Esther recalled her long lost childhood. Before she was sold to the temple, the young Esther begged on the streets every passing day. However, she’d only receive little food for the money she handed to the chief.

“Brother Dennis, is there any way to help these people?”

“Well, even if we try, they would need the will to leave. These are faces that seemed to have given up on everything.”

“I have stored a lot of diamonds in the warehouse. If I hand them all at once…”

As Esther contemplated seriously, Judy flusteredly shouted.

“Why would you use it here? Father gave it for your personal needs.”

“I know. But if you have a diamond mine, wouldn’t you feel better to share it with several people than alone?”

“No? If it were me, I would not pile them up but waste everything diligently every day. There are so many things to buy! That’s too bad, really. If father gave me a mine, I would scour it till the end.”

“That’s why he gave it to Esther and not you. Dummy.”

She grinned as Judy was defeated by Dennis like usual, when a young boy dressed in ragged clothes rushed their way. He looked 7, at best.

“Help me. Please help me.”

Judy tried to block the child who rushed Esther’s way, but Esther embraced the boy and assured him it was alright. She lowered herself to meet his eye level.

“What do you need? Money? Or food?”

“No… Mama is very sick.”

Esther tried to bring out the money she brought before pausing at the little boy’s pleas.

“If she’s sick, you should take her to the Temple or a doctor, not just stay still.”

Judy, a precious child who grew up without knowledge for the real world, spat out harsh words but with pure intention.

“The temple? I went there several times to ask for help, but they all kicked me out of the entrance.”

Despair was evident in the child’s eyes.

“And I don’t have any money. I have to pay to get treatment…”

The tears that he had been holding back burst, but no sound left his mouth. It was pitiful to see the child bite his lips to hold himself back.

Esther held the small child’s hand with a bitter smile. She knew the reality of the Temple better than anyone else.

“Where is your home? Let’s go. I will help you.”

The child’s mouth parted, as if in denial of her offer to help.

“Really? It’s over there!”

In fear that she would change her mind, the child quickly wiped off his tears and guided Esther’s party to his home.

The place they reached was a shanty house that was embarrassing to even consider as a shelter. It was shabby and insignificant, hardly able to keep the powerful gusts at bay.

The child’s mother lay lifeless on the bare floor, with only a thin blanket covering her.

“There’s Mama. She hasn’t said anything for days already…”

There existed evident traces of the child’s efforts to save his mother.

Esther sighed as she witnessed a pile of miscellaneous food scraps piled up beside her. She blamed herself for sitting idly while such misfortunes were occurring.

“You really live here? What does the Temple do, not aiding people like this?”

Judy looked around the wretched house and fumed at the conditions of the place.

“I agree. I know Father hands relief funds to the Central Temple of Tersia every year.”

Even Dennis lost his composure. His voice sank low.

“The temple does nothing to those in need.”

This was nothing new to Esther. She calmly strode to the woman’s side and checked her condition.


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