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A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke – Chapter 93 Bahasa Indonesia

Updated: Mar 1

“What? I also have something to say.”

Judy tried to open the door again, but Dennis calmly blocked him and continued observing the window.

Noah also happened to notice the luxury wagon at the time. He rushed with a bright smile as Esther appeared before him.

“Are you heading back home?”

“Yeah. With my brothers.”

Esther pointed behind her.

Noah flinched as he noticed the twins’ faces thrusting against the small glass, gazing at the two.

“Shall I greet them?”

“Say hi to my brothers? No! You don’t have to do that!”

Just the thought of poor Noah stumbling across her brothers sent goosebumps throughout her spine.

She solemnly shook her head, fearing the fragile Noah would leave hurt after fighting with her merciless brothers.

“But it’s hard for me to pretend I didn’t see them…”

“No. It’s really okay. More than that…”

She blocked Noah from heading towards the carriage and began speaking cautiously, her expression tense.

“I don’t think I can meet you for a while.”

“What? Why?”

Noah’s previously smiling face hardened in an instant. His heart plummeted to the ground in shock.

“My father said no. I think he’s concerned about me because you’re still prohibited from your position.”

Only after hearing her reason did Noah breathe out with great ease.

“Phew, that’s a relief. I thought I did something wrong. It’s not your choice, but your father’s, right?”

“I’m sorry.”

Noah didn’t care as long as Esther bore no hateful feelings towards him.

Besides, if anything, he could guess why Darwin cautioned Esther to stay away from him.

‘It’s all because I was too careless at the boutique.’

When asked for a meeting to earn the Duke’s support, he seemed to have caught onto Noah’s feelings for Esther.

He should have been more attentive. Although Noah deeply regretted his previous actions, things would gradually resolve after he occupied the seat of the Crown Prince.

“You don’t have to be sorry. Everything is fine as long as it’s not you who doesn’t want to see me.”

Noah chattered tenderly as Esther guiltily avoided eye contact with him.

“Anyway, I’ll solve everything after arriving at the Imperial Palace.”

“It’s finally time for the gathering.”

“Yeah. I’m going to finish my work.”

Esther gazed worriedly at Noah. He constantly presented a strong demeanor, but she knew he was in fact burdened by the whole situation.

“Are you confident in yourself?”

“You’re on my side, right?”

Esther paused in confusion and tilted her head. She nodded.

“Of course?”

“Then I will never lose.”

Noah beamed until his eyes folded into crescent moons and thrust his face before Esther.

Esther, startled by his sudden attack, caught her breath and hiccuped.

She tried to calm down by covering her mouth, but that wasn’t enough to conceal her blushing face.

“Wh-when are you leaving?”

“This evening.”

“You’re not coming back a year later, are you?”

“A whole year? I can’t wait a year. I’ll miss you too much.”

It wasn’t once or twice that Noah spoke such meaningful words so nonchalantly.

However, Esther began to contemplate the meaning of the phrase.

‘You’ll miss me a lot? Why?’

Noah’s words and actions flashed through her mind. Sending her a necklace on the day of the ball, asking to wear matching rings.

It was to be expected that a person who had been imprisoned for countless regressions would be inexperienced and slow with love affairs. Esther suddenly pondered Noah’s feelings.

‘…Does he like me?’

Esther’s lips parted blankly at the thought. She couldn’t process anything as her eyes gazed into space.

Heat rushed to her face, ready to burst when Judy screamed from behind.

“Esther, how long are you gonna continue talking? You’ll stay up all night!”

He couldn’t stand the atmosphere created between the two and slammed the carriage door.

Esther’s heart beat urgently. They will come any second now.

It was also better for her to leave now since she couldn’t face Noah with her red face.

“I should get going. Have a safe trip.”

“Yes. Next time, I’ll personally earn permission from your father to meet you.”

Esther turned and hastened her steps while Noah continued to smile at her small back. She boarded the wagon.

“Hey, why’s your face so red?”

“He’s right. Did you get a fever?”

Her older brothers pointed out the flustered Esther’s red face as they touched her forehead with concern.

“It’s a bit hot outside… I’m alright, so let’s hurry up and head home.”

A light summer breeze passed through Esther’s heart as she tried to rid Noah from her mind.


A few days later.

Those of high status gathered in the Imperial Palace.

It was a critical period in determining the Crown Prince. A pensive mood took place amidst the solemn-looking guests.

The delegation, amounting to a total of 20, were not only diversified with aristocrats, but also representatives from the Temple.

Due to the great power of the Temple, the faculty amounted to as many as 9 votes. There was a reason Damon entered and left the Central Temple until his feet were torn.

“How are you feeling today?”

“I’m in such a delighted mood that I couldn’t feel better.”

Damon strode towards the conference room with the company of countless priests. He maintained a smile throughout.

By the compilation of today’s meeting, he would finally earn the title he had long yearned for.

‘I’m glad Noah disappeared.’

Damon’s younger brother, the 7th Prince Noah, was the closest figure in obtaining the title of Crown Prince.

While Damon was yet to gain consciousness of himself and instead immersed in entertainment as a child, the Emperor’s mind had already leaned towards Noah.

That decision changed three years ago when the cursed Noah was vetoed out. He didn’t believe how fortunate he was.

Now, there existed no opponent against Damon. In addition, having the Temple’s majority carry out its role meant that position was now as good as his.

Damon hummed while leisurely taking his steps. He was pleased with his reflection against the window glass.

The suit he had ordered especially for today perfectly suited his hair.

It was a flawless day, without doubt.

His speed accelerated as he closed the distance to the conference room. He imagined the splendid life ahead of him.

By the time he nearly reached the door, Damon spotted Marquis Joshua all while ascending the spiral staircase.

Since he was worth as much as one vote, Damon approached the Marquis first with a false smile.

“It’s been a while. How have you been?”

“Hello, Prince.”

Joshua grew bristled as he noticed Damon’s aloof atmosphere.

‘I guess you have yet to know.’

Had he known Noah was appearing as a candidate, Damon wouldn’t have the time to be immersed in himself like this.

Joshua hurriedly rushed to the conference room to avoid Damon, fearing that he might cause a complication with his loose mouth.

“What’s wrong with him?”

He felt something strange from Joshua’s attitude. It made him feel uncomfortable.

Damon’s face crumpled like a piece of paper, his eyes cold. His intimidating atmosphere froze the air in an instant.


This was because he noticed Noah, who resembled himself, but should never stand in this place.

He stood in front of the conference room and greeted the nobles very naturally.

Damon rubbed his eyes like a fool for a moment, doubting his eyes.

However, Noah did not disappear, and now he was even walking towards himself.

‘Am I seeing him now?’

“What is happening? Is that the 7th Prince?”

While Damon was trying to make out the incredible situation, Noah also spotted Damon.

He curled his lips upward and approached Damon.


Damon firmly bit his lips as he recited with a vexed glare.

“It’s been a while.”

Noah stood before him and smiled with ease as he greeted the priests surrounding Damon.

The exasperated Damon quickly examined Noah. During his disappearance, the previously young child’s atmosphere changed, and he grew taller. He didn’t seem much different from Damon now.

“Why are you here? Is there any place for an exiled person?”

“You haven’t heard yet, have you? My father allowed me back to the succession.”


Damon snorted. He was angry that he had schemed with his father without his knowledge.

“Does it make sense? The procedure has gone raw.”

“That is right. We didn’t hear anything from the Temple.”

The priests beside him also protested raspingly.

They recoiled at how a cursed and expelled prince dared to appear before them.

“We may converse on the matter later. Let’s enter for now.”

However, Noah did not bat an eye at their presumptuous behavior.

After concluding his words, Noah turned around and entered the conference room.

‘…He’s changed.’

It was absurd how such a soft and weak persona could mature in such a manner, but it seemed that people were capable of changing in a blink of an eye.

Damon couldn’t hold back his wrenchful heart and kicked the wall.

However, he couldn’t afford to clash with Noah a minute before the meeting, so he suppressed his anxiety and entered the lounge.

Rabienne was also to make an appearance at today’s meeting.

Although Rabienne had yet to become a saint, she was qualified as an agent.

Rabienne returned after dolling herself up. She was shocked upon seeing Noah’s appearance.


Rabienne was as thunderstruck as Damon. She, who had been scouring the continent for him.

Noah, on the other hand, turned his head indifferently when he noticed Rabienne. She was given the cold shoulder.

Rabienne clenched the hem of her clothes and relaxed her mind.

She held the urge to hold Noah and demand what happened back then. Now was not the right time or place.

Upon the start of the meeting, she calmly headed to her seat and sat down.

However, her father, the Duke of Brions, was too embarrassed to even move.


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