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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 72: Jeong Pan-soo and Jeong Phan-ho (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 72- Jeong Pan-soo and Jeong Phan-ho (2)

When the first engraved magic was developed, the magical society was enamored with new possibilities. If a fifth circle wizard could engrave seventh circle magic, wouldn’t that heighten their skill-set to the seventh level? The development of civilization begins with curiosity.

Since engraving means that the magic circle replaces all the processes necessary for magic, it seemed theoretically possible. So, the experiment proceeded. Wizards aspired to the seventh circle volunteered, and soon, the national project attracted an international audience’s attention.

All applicants died in the process.

The result was shocking. The circle could not handle the power of the seventh level and was destroyed. The sorcerers suffered and died due to the backflow phenomenon. Some wizards received lethal burns during the engraving, and society concluded that ‘transcendence imprinting’ was impossible and highly dangerous. Thus, it was forbidden from that day on.

Klinssman set foot in that very same realm. The ‘transcendence imprint’ grafted onto Kang Min-hyuk’s body was a secure form, unlike the past’s repeated failures. But there were prerequisites for the imprinting process. Mental prowess and a solid circle that can handle the upper levels were essential. Kang Min-hyuk had all of the necessary conditions.

The remnants of Klinssman’s memory gave Kang Min-hyuk conviction.

“Ahhhhhh!” The disciple of Suhomun screamed as the Death Knight’s attack severed his arm. When his sword fell to the floor, still clutched in the grip of his disembodied fist, he had no way to block the enemy. His hopeless gaze was fixed on the Death Knight running at him, as a powerful flame broke out, and the monster was engulfed.

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