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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 71: Jeong Pan-soo and Jeong Pan-ho Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 71: Jeong Pan-soo and Jeong Pan-ho

The Death Knight before them had transcended the limits allocated to monsters born without natural Epic status. It was beyond A-class and extraordinarily strong. They didn’t have the power of command over large forces like an Epic monster, but both Epic and transcendental monsters had limitless potential. The monsters that exceeded the limits of class A generated real fear.

“Insignificant humans,” uttered the transcendental Death Knight as he broke through the darkness. Then, with the skills of a highly trained warrior, his dark sword flashed and split the space.


Jeong Pan-ho hit the ground. The attack of the Transcendental Death Knight was perfectly aimed at the disciples of the Guardian Gate. The attack was impossible to counter. The guardian gate’s elite troops could defeat A-class monsters, but the ethereal effect was two or three levels above that. Powerful mana swung inside Jeong Pan-ho.



The clash created wasn’t between a sword and a sword. There was a huge explosion, and Jeong Pan-ho’s body was pushed back in tremendous shock. Jeong Pan-ho’s expression was distorted by the disgusting energy coming from inside, but he had no time to control his internal reaction. The moment Jeong Pan-ho hurriedly looked up and looked ahead, the transcendental Death Knight had already reached him.

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