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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 73: Jeong Pan-soo and Jeong Pan-ho (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 73-Jeong Pan-soo and Jeong Pan-ho (3)

When magic was first developed, people prophecized that the era of healing would come to the fortified civilization. It turned out to be a fantasy. Magic required more complex knowledge than expected, and reanimation was an unknown world that could not be reached.

The act of restoring the body with mana should be a natural, simple thing. Its implementation, however, was not so.

[‘The magical civilization succeeded in developing recovery magic, then created a new system called ‘medical magic.’]

The memory was vivid.

[…Heal, the early model of recovery magic, was a spell with many problems. Instead of recovering the wounded area using a low circle, an effect occurred in which life was also consumed as mana was shared. The life-span of the wizard transmitting mana dropped significantly. In essence, the life left was distributed between both bodies. That was the beginning of medical magic.]

The magic had developed since then. People avoided a type of magic in the early days, but magical civilization always found the right answer.

[The final form of ‘Heal’ has become the exclusive property of Wizards of Circle four or higher. It is not a simple skill but an area that requires considerable control and an accurate understanding of mana. The birth of medical magic gave humans new life.]

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