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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 53 Bahasa Indonesia

The Wizard’s Way of Survival (4)

Kang Min-hyuk’s eyes were everywhere. As he evaded one Werewolf, he was attacking another. As soon as he conceived a maneuver, it became a reality – before the Werewolf’s attack had landed, the aura from his sword slashed through its limbs. He attained a perfect result every time he made a move…rather than the experience being alien, it felt natural.

Klinssman was young and had undergone little physical training. His physical development achieved through mana should, realistically, have been a little slower than normal, contrary to Kang Min-hyuk’s idea. Strangely, however, Klinssman’s body did not fail Kang Min-hyuk’s admittedly high expectations. The mana accumulated through the energy of nature rather than the reinforcement liquid was powerful enough to cut down A-class monsters. Klinss’s own body was capable of the strength and speed that Kang Min-hyuk had always craved. It seemed to respond seamlessly to the slightest thought, like a well-oiled machine. The rapport between body and mind was incredibly smooth.


Blood bubbles frothed onto the blade that tunneled through a Werewolf’s chin; it gnashed and thrashed against the cool metal. It had aimed for Klinssman’s shoulder, but his reflexes were too refined, and he dodged the bite easily. It was the same throughout the entire battle. Amid obscene violence, Klinssman’s body belied his youth and the brief duration of training. It was an ability that increased from moment to moment, like a dry sponge absorbing water. At first, Min-hyuk thought that mana was the single source of talent, but as he spent more time in Klinssman’s body, he realized more depth to his skill.

“You are a really mysterious being.”

He thought, mid-fight. He could not comprehend it. Eventually, he gave up trying and simply accepted the situation as it was. The only reasonable explanation was that Klinssman was a genius. He had been born a warrior, and that’s what he had to be. For the moment, Kang Min-hyuk struggled to suggest a further hypothesis. Klinss’s talent exceeded that of Lee Jun-ho, and he was the strongest swordsman Kang Min-hyuk had ever met. He was greater even than his father, Kang Deok-cheol. His father was strong, yes, very much so, but in direct comparison to Lee Jun-ho, it was clear who would be the victor.

However, Klinssman expressed potential that surpassed even Lee Jun-ho’s. He had mana talent and physical ability: nothing was missing. If the small amount of training Klinssman had undergone so far could produce such astounding results, he would become a monster in the future.

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