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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 52 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 52: The Wizard’s Way of Survival (3)

Guardian Swordsmanship wasn’t just about ‘how to use the sword’; the characteristics of mana-infused Guardian Swordsmanship can be said to be the true face of a warrior.

Mana waves raged around Kang Min-hyuk. He used the guardian door’s deep method, and the flow of mana resulting from it was emitted from the sword. Mana rose gently. Not the energy of a burning river, but the energy of oil flowing softly covered Kang Min-hyuk’s whole body.



Werewolves crossed the wall, but their reaction was different from before. Eyes fluttering with hostility were fixed on Kang Min-hyuk rather than the guards right in front of the Werewolf’s nose.

‘Come on!’

Multiple Werewolves ascended and rushed to Kang Min-hyuk. They were charged, hit by magic during the rush, and dozens of arrows were lodged in their flesh, but their gaze did not deviate from Kang Min-hyuk. This was the effect of Guardian Swordsmanship. The aura creates a strange wave, which causes the monsters to elicit strong hostility.

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