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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 54 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 54: The Wizard’s Way of Survival (5)

The battlefield was organized. The wall was restored to its original structure using shape memory magic, and the medical team quickly recovered the injured with the help of students. It was not without fatalities. The same classmates grieved quietly over their friend’s deaths, but they maintained composure. After the outbreak of the gate phenomenon that had broken the peace of this world long ago, those inside the wall became accustomed to death in everyday life.

Kang Min-hyuk felt fortunate to have been involved in the battle. Compared to the size of the gate, the casualties were few, and the damage was repairable. In the meantime, a CCTV video was being spread. It showed the situation in the C-1 area, and it had been vividly recorded.

“Is that…Klinssman?!”


“How is this possible? He’s not wearing a golem suit, but he’s flying around like Superman, destroying monsters!”

The students couldn’t believe their eyes. Not only was an inferior student showing tremendous ability, but it was also unheard of in this world for a wizard to fight class-A monsters with their bare hands, unsupported by magic. The sight of Klinssman standing against so many Werewolves as they swarmed toward him altered their ideas of him completely. Previously, he came across as a guy who didn’t care about anything at all, but the Klinssman they saw in the video had a giant’s backbone.

There was someone who fanned the flames of the rumors about Klinssman, and it was Harry Wilson – the student who had been assisted by Kang Min-hyuk.

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