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Why Did I Have to Enroll – Chapter 11 Bahasa Indonesia

Lesson 3. This is your pet – 3

Why were there over a hundred Goblins in the dungeon Boss Room? It wasn’t because this dungeon relied on a mass of grunts to defend itself, but because there was an entity with the special ability to command Goblins in the Boss Room.

His name was Hobgoblin. In fact, the Hobgoblin, in British folklore, wasn’t a Goblin-like wicked creature but rather a household faerie who helped with chores. It could be a modified or minor version of a Brownie from Scottish folktales. But various media (particularly games) that Ban Yu-won had encountered described the Hobgoblin as the brain of the Goblins, a reinforced version of your standard Goblin. That was closer to this version before him now.

“You’re all garbage!”

“It’s you who uses your comrades as a shield who’s garbage.”

Awakening the concept of Wild Shooting, the Goblin Club swept the Goblins from the Boss Room. The Hobgoblin’s commands fell on deafened ears, and it was only after more than half of them had fallen did the Hobgoblin come out to attack Ban Yu-won, using the other Goblins as a shield…

“As expected, from a technical standpoint, the Goblin Warrior is better. Is it because you’re different types?”

“How dare you compare me with those inferiors!”

“You are different, but you’re just as strong as a Goblin.”


Ban Yu-won, who had robbed the dead Goblins of all their concepts, was ready for the Hobgoblin’s assault. His abilities had grown a lot since then, but his opponent was inferior to that Goblin Warrior boss, except for his enormous strength, so it would be weird if he lost.


Ban Yu-won deflected the sword the Hobgoblin was holding, then rushed forward and swung. The Magic Sword pierced the side of his neck and began spreading the Blood Poison.


“Was it shallow?”


The Hobgoblin’s skin was too tough to cleave directly through. But as Ban Yu-won prepared to stab him again, the Hobgoblin dropped his sword and clutched at his neck.

“Kyek, keeeeeeeek…!”



He hacked up purple blood. Only now did Ban Yu-won start looking at his surroundings and notice that all of the Goblins in the Boss Room were dead. The Goblin Club approached him and moved like it was waving and hoping for praise.

Ban Yu-wan laughed.

“Yeah, now it’s only you…and you’re gone too.”

The Hobgoblin collapsed on the floor, his face going purple. He’d killed all the other Goblins too quickly to get a sense of how Blood Poison worked, but it wasn’t something to take lightly.

“We’re finished. You worked hard, Club!”

Ban Yu-won patted the Goblin Club and rejoiced. It felt a bit dangerous initially, but clearing this dungeon proceeded quickly and smoothly. This was mostly because of the Goblin Club’s proper support ability and strong firepower, but it was also thanks to Ban Yu-won’s awareness and use of his abilities.

Above all, Ban Yu-won felt the pleasure in growth and the desire for more rather than fear of clearing the dungeon. It was as if he had proved that he could adapt to the academy.

“Whew, I should collect the loot since I’m done.”

He had collected quite a bit of the Goblins’ concepts during the battle, but there were still about 50 left he needed to extract. He collected them, then turned to the Hobgoblin, the most important loot.

“Let’s see.”

This guy had looked down on the Goblins as inferior species, so he must have something greater. With that thought in mind, he pulled out a character string from his corpse.

[You stole 5 Life, 3 Magic, 5 Wicked Spirit, 3 Physique, 2 Soul, 1 Leadership, 1.7 Murder, 0.05 Family from the Hobgoblin.]

It really was a lot of stuff!

‘No, wait. Life and Physique are what all monsters have, so I guess…but Wicked Spirit instead of Devil? I got Magic separately. What is the difference between them?’

Of course, he didn’t know. But the important thing was that all of these figures were absurdly high! Goblins deserved to be looked down on as inferiors. It was more than twice that of the Blind Goblin Warrior, who had a pretty awesome presence! But more importantly, this was the first time he directly absorbed the concept of the Soul.

Ban Yu-won thought that this might be an indicator of the level of a monster and absorbed the rest.

‘The Leadership is just as it says…it’s a mediocre level. Let me have this for now. But what about Family? What is this?’

After absorbing the concept of the word, it turned out that it meant the original form of a Hobgoblin, the helpful house creature. Given it was otherwise fairly distant from that idea, the number was pretty low…was it there because he knew about their folktales?

‘It means I must study hard to properly get the concepts out of the monsters. Haah, then that’s my situation. Even if I don’t go to college, I’ll have to study….’

He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned his head to see the Goblin Club spinning intricately in the air as if to say something to him.

“What’s wrong?”

It pointed to the golden string getting sucked into Ban Yu-won’s body.

“Oh, do you want it?”

When Ban Yu-won asked, the Goblin Club turned around in an affirmation. Although it was weak, it had an ego growing with its concepts.

“Of course, I should. Wait a minute. I’m going to take the Spirit now.”

But its request wasn’t so simple. The club transformed itself into a pen in front of Ban Yu-won and started writing on the floor.

“Huh? What, why…?”

Ban Yu-won was speechless as the pen wrote Life on the ground. This was by no means a coincidence, and maybe he read the history of the code that Ban Yu-won absorbed!

“How did you know?”

The Goblin Club, without hesitation, raised the nib and pointed at him. Was he able to read it thanks to his ability? They were connected from the moment he was born, so it was understandable that he was affected by his master’s abilities.

“Okay, Life. I never thought of doing this before, so how much can I give you?”

The Goblin Club, waving the nib back and forth to tell him to wait for a while, drew the number one next to Life. Even so, it was cute to see him shaking the nib as if afraid of Ban Yu-won’s response.

“I can give that much to you. I can give you more, actually.”


Fortunately, that seemed to be enough. The club, relieved by Ban Yu-won’s affirmation, continued to move. Soul 1, and Wicked and Spirit. He could understand why he asked for Soul since it felt like it was of the same set as Life, but what was curious was that he’d asked for Wicked and Spirit. He could take it whole, but it must have a meaning to mark them separately.

“First, Life and Soul.”

Of the codes he just collected from the Hobgoblin, he gave the Club 1 Life and 1 Soul each. Ban Yu-won didn’t do so lightly, but the results were more devastating than he expected. The moment he finished, a dazzling golden light burst from the Goblin Club!

[This artifact gained new and infinite possibilities and will continue to grow in the future. This is a miracle made possible by the perfect harmony of the synthesized concepts! This enlightenment will increase your ability to use the Babylonian Code.]

Even the Babylonian Code marked it as important, so how could he not be grateful? They couldn’t know because it was now separated from the academy’s management system, but the Professors would be impressed if they saw the current Goblin Club.

“Whew, fine. After that, I just have to give you Wicked and Spirit, right?”

The Goblin Club reacted fiercely as it floated closer.

Separating the 5 Wicked Spirit yielded a depth of 2.5 each. First, adding all the Spirit he’d obtained, his Spirit Gun broke through 10 at once and grew to 15. But it was Wicked that produced the more important change.

[Wicked 2.5 and Beast 4 were automatically synthesized. Due to the perfect compatibility, a transcendental synthesis was achieved, and Wicked Beast 10 was completed. As a perfect concept, it is inseparable now.]


Right. The concept of Wild Beast was separated earlier to make Wild Gun, and the concept of a Beast was left in the Goblin Club! Ban Yu-won, stunned, watched in awe as the Goblin Club changed in appearance.

A Wicked Beast. It referred to animals that reached the realm of mystery, and now, the Goblin Club was transforming into a living beast by borrowing the power of the concepts of Transformation, Life, and Soul!

‘This can change to a Magic Gun or a shield later, right…?’

The Goblin Club, ignoring Ban Yu-won’s thoughts, breathed for the first time.


Ban Yu-won, worried about the form of the monster that would pop out because he was a Wicked Beast, was relieved to see a snake appear. He was a beautiful snake with fine white scales. His eyes flashed blue light, emanating the Wicked and Magic Spirit inside.

“Can you make yourself transparent?”


Flicking his tongue, his body became transparent. Then, he morphed into a club, then a gun, and finally a shield. Changing back into a snake, he swam through the air and wrapped around Ban Yu-won’s arm.

“Shhh, shhhh.”

“Good. Hmm…from now on, your name will be Eve.”


It couldn’t be called the Goblin Club forever, and it was better to give it a name sooner rather than later. He was happy with the unexpected name and tightened around Ban Yu-won’s arm.

How did he come up with the name Eve? The snake’s white scales made him think of the story of Satan turning into a serpent and giving the fruit of knowledge to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

“Let’s break the core and leave. It’ll be lunchtime soon, so I should go back to school…no.”

It was a little late for lunch, and he wasn’t sure if the cafeteria was still open. If so, how about looking around for that city Yoo Mina mentioned?

‘If I pay attention to the geography, I can navigate my way back to the school.’

Determined, Ban Yu-won first destroyed the dungeon core and organized all the concepts. After pushing those he didn’t need right away into the Code Core and giving himself the concepts he needed…

[Life: 45.1

Physique: 32

Soul: 324.5

Magic Power: 38.7

Swordsmanship: 14.2

Leadership: 1 ― The ability to lead a group.

Complete Sight: 105

Complete Hearing: 100

Complete Speaking: 100]

The concept of his body had grown incomparably to how he was this morning.

“So, do you think I’m at the same level as my classmates?”


When Ban Yu-won, who was happy to see the change in his body code, asked the question, Eve shook his head apologetically. Ban Yu-won knew that already, but the firm denial left him bitter taste in his mouth.

‘What about it? Isn’t it the speed of growth that matters?’

The entrance ceremony was held on Monday, and the day he would enter the tower was Friday. By then, Ban Yu-won decided to show his ability by growing to a level where he wouldn’t hold back his classmates. With that settled, he stepped outside the dungeon.


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